Air Canada Seat Selection Policy

Do you wish to sit on your favorite seat while you fly high in the sky? Not many air carriers let you choose a seat while flying, but Air Canada Seat Selection enables you to have a chair of your choice. Sometimes, you don’t even have to pay for it. 

Book Air Canada seats in advance by paying for preferred seats such as front-row seats and window/ aisle chairs. Charges start at just $10. However, the business class gets it for free. 

Read and learn more about your options before making a reservation with Air Canada. 

What Is The Air Canada Seat Selection Process? 

You can pick seats on Air Canada flights during or after your ticket booking or when you check in for your flight. At check-in, a seat assignment is free. 

Take a look at different methods of reserving a seat and enjoying the journey with Air Canada.

Method 1: New Fight Booking Of Air Canada

  • Firstly, visit the official Air Canada Airlines homepage to make your purchase.
  • After that, enter the necessary details to choose your desired flight.
  • Next, type in your personal information to secure the booking.
  • Lastly, it will take you to the payment page and ask if you wish to see Air Canada Seat Selection Chart and reserve a chair in advance.
  • Click yes and complete the booking as per your preferred option. 

Method 2: After Booking The Flight 

How do I choose my seat after booking a Delta flight?

After making a reservation with Air Canada, flyers can pay up to 2 hours before the flight’s departure to use the advance Air Canada Seat Assignment option. 

  • Firstly, check out the online homepage and scroll down.
  • After that, click my bookings button from tabs such as flights, vacations, and passes.
  • Further, fill in details such as your booking reference/ ticket number and the passenger’s last name. 
  • To access the Air Canada Seat Selection Policy facilities, the traveler can also sign in to their account.
  • After your desired booking details are visible, tap the option of seat change on Air Canada flight option and pick your favorite chair.

Finally, pay any applicable charges and fix the seat as per Air Canada change seat policy.  

Method 3: At Check-In, 

Travelers can choose from the standard seats online at no additional cost when the check-in window opens 24 hours before the Air Canada flight’s departure.

  • Firstly, use the mobile app or desktop browser to click the check-in option from Air Canada’s homepage.
  • After that, upon check-in, the passengers will see a prompt of Air Canada’s change my seat option.
  • Next, it will let you choose from standard seats for free. However, you will have to pay charges for Air Canada Seat Selection for preferred seats.

When printing the boarding pass from online check-in, you will also get the seat number.

What Are The Different Chairs Available At Air Canada Seat Selection Online?

During reservations with Air Canada, you can choose from 4 types of seats. These are economy, preferred seats, premium economy, and signature/ business class.

Economy Seat Features:

  • Cheapest option with standard services from Air Canada.
  • Free entertainment is available on the 22.6-inch screen.
  • Audio jack headsets and power for the laptop are provided upon demand. 

Preferred Seat Features: 

  • A special section of economy seats where you get more legroom and other features on a budget.
  • Additional legroom of 10 cm/ 4 inches.
  • Given these exit seats, passengers can onboard the plane faster than anyone.

Premium Economy Features: 

  • 2nd affordable option for air journeys with Air Canada.
  • Extra legroom with seats reclining to 17.8 cm/ 7 inches.
  • Upto 28 cm inches of personal touch entertainment screen available on Air Canada’s Premium Economy seat selection.  

Business/ Signature Features: 

  • These are the costliest seats with luxurious amenities from the airlines.
  • Most spacious chairs with full recline and best delicacies on board. 
  • Air Canada Seat Selection Fee is waived. 

How Much Is The Air Canada Seat Selection Fee?

The fees for choosing a seat at Air Canada depend upon your route, distance, and fare types. Air Canada Preferred seat charges start at $19. However, passengers can pay a minimum of $10 for standard fare seat assignments on Canada/ USA flights.

Fare Type


Seat selection cost

Basic Fare

Within Canada 

Canada- USA

Caribbean and Mexico

International Flights

$20 – $100

From $20 – $100

$20 – $100 CAD/USD

$30 – $100 CAD/USD

Standard fare

Within Canada 

Canada- USA

International Destinations

Other itineraries

$10 – $50

From $10 – $50

$20 – $50


Business Class fare

Premium Economy fare

Latitude fare

Comfort fare

Flex fare

All Routes


Air Canada Preferred seats booking starts at $19 for the economy fare. The seat assignment cost will depend upon route and flight type.

Air Canada Seat Selection Terms & Conditions

Before you Reserve Your Air Canada Seat in advance, read all the guidelines and conditions. You would be aware if anything changes regarding seat assignment. 

  • Firstly, the charges to secure a seat on Air Canada are applicable per passenger on a booking.
  • Also, payment for a seat Air Canada is applicable for one flight segment. For round trips, the passenger has to pay for it again.
  • Besides, the Air Canada Seat Selection option is open for passengers during check-in. Those who can’t wait for it can choose it in advance.

The flight number determines one flight segment in Air Canada. If this number changes, it indicates that a new part has started. The fee will apply per segment per passenger and is inclusive of taxes.

How To Get a Refund from Air Canada Against The Seat Selection Fee?  

Travelers can seek a refund from Air Canada by calling reservations at 1 (888) 247-2262. Air Canada refund policy gives back seat selection fees in exceptions.

Understand when you are eligible to ask for an Air Canada refund: 

  • Firstly, when the traveler was moved involuntarily due to a change in the flight’s schedule.
  • When passengers pay the entire Air Canada seat selection cost for a flight that the airline canceled, they can ask for a refund.
  • If you cancel the Air Canada flight ticket, the airline will retain the seat selection charges. When you apply for flights in the future, you can use this amount for a new seat selection.

Hence, even when you have a non-refundable Air Canada flight ticket, ensure that you travel to utilize the seat selection experience fully.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As per the Air Canada Seat Finder, you will find that the exit row seats provide maximum legroom and comfort. Passengers must choose the row of seats that has a full recline available. Kindly don’t pick the first row seats as they have limited recline.

The seat selection process on Air Canada assigns random chairs to anyone if passengers don’t pick any in advance. Also, flyers can pick up paid or free seating options for their long and short journeys.

Not always. As per the Air Canada advance seat reservation policy, you will need to pay a sum of a minimum of $10 to secure a seat. However, one can pick their seat free from available ones when the check-in window opens. In some fare categories, this option comes complementary.

Choose Seats on Air Canada Flights when the check-in window opens 24 hours before the flight’s departure. Otherwise, the self-service kiosks at the airport open 12 hours before the departure.

The Air Canada Economy seat selection cost starts at $10. For preferred seating, however, you might have to pay a minimum of $19. The cost to pick a chair of your choice can reach a maximum of $100 USD/ CAD.

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