What Are The Alaska Airlines Lost And Found Policy?

Did you leave items on board, or are you facing delays with your baggage? Domestic airlines have this trouble frequently. Alaska airlines lost and found policy has many rules that suggest solutions to what passengers should do when they lose something during their air journey.

For example, every traveler must include a minute and accurate description of the items they have lost when filling baggage/ lost items claims for easy search.

Read and learn your options if you are also facing such problems.

Does Alaska Airlines Have A Lost And Found? 


Locating lost items is easy thanks to the dedicated department of lost and found items at Alaska Airlines. 

You can report a lost and found item right at the airport to the airlines. Apart from that, this department is responsible for resolving all such queries if you face issues such as damaged, lost, or delayed baggage. 

However, note that there is a limitation of liability, and you will receive a maximum compensation of $3,800 (USD) per person for a checked bag. International flyers can obtain a claim upto $9.07/lb in case of a checked bag and $400 (USD) per passenger for unchecked bags. You can get this lost and found baggage claim only upon filing a complaint first.

How Do I File A Lost Baggage Claim With Alaska Airlines?

Passengers can dial the Alaska airlines customer service phone number to talk to local station agents. They can act only after receiving a lost baggage report.

Hence, you need to immediately report baggage issues so the Alaska airlines lost and found department can process your claim for missing items. Here is the process to file a complaint/ compensation for delayed, lost, or damaged items:

  • Firstly, keep the ticket receipt with you. Also, know in advance that you must keep your baggage claim checks until the file is closed.
  • After that, if you find that your bag is damaged, you need to take quick action and report this to the agent at the cabbage carousel.
  • Furthermore, passengers must report all other complaints within 24 hours of arrival at the baggage service office.
  • Following this, the staff will note down your issue and provide you with a confirmation email and the File ID.
  • Next, keep checking the status of your report. For this, you have to talk to Alaska travel agents available at the airport service baggage office. Otherwise, you can also log into the tracing portal for baggage.

Also, never lose your confirmation mail or file ID for future reference.

How Long Does It Take For Lost Baggage To Be Found in Alaska Airlines?

Usually, Alaska airlines lost and found authority to locate a bag within 48 hours of receiving the report.

Also, the airline delivers recovered bags to the address you’ve provided (hotel/ home). It won’t be the case if you’ve taken another flight for which these bags were tagged.

How Do I Get Back Something I Lost On An Alaska Plane?

Travelers who have missed precious items on the plane can read the Lost and Found Rules of Alaska Airlines. Know what to do before/ after filling out the form.

As per the Seattle-based air carrier, if you leave something in your cabin during the journey, you can get it back (not 100% assurance) with their in-depth lost and found report form. Hence, provide an accurate description of your item to help the airline.

Things to do before you fill the Lost & Found Form: 

  • Firstly, collect all details of your item left on board (make, model, if applicable).
  • After that, add photos of it, if you have any. Provide as much information as possible to speed up the process.
  • Lastly, file your report under 14 days of arrival flight as if you take more time, it makes it hard to recover your goods.

Things to do upon submitting the Lost And Found Form:

  • Once you’ve submitted Alaska lost and found form, you will get a confirmation email stating your lost report ID number.
  • Moreover, you can easily add more information to your lost item report for a quick search within 2 weeks of filling out the form. Add the last name with the report ID to do so.
  • Once 30 days have passed to your complaint, a thorough search is taken place by the lost and found department of Alaska Airlines. The passenger will receive info regarding this process through an email.
  • If the search is successful and the staff gets an item as per the description, they will contact you and arrange delivery. You will still get updates if the search was unsuccessful.

You can quickly get your lost and found items back on Alaska Airlines through the free downloadable tag on their official website. 

What Is The Alaska Airlines Lost And Found Phone Number? 

The systemwide Baggage Support officers can assist you with any Alaska Airlines lost and found queries between 6:00 am and 10:00 pm (PT) on 1-877-815-8253.

The number mentioned above is helpful for all lost and found queries and baggage issues you might face. If you have not received any baggage within the stipulated time, you can call this number and track it here.

Note that this is the generic assistance phone number. Alaska Airlines lost baggage phone number is available for different localities as well. For example:

  • Alaska
  • California
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Hawaii
  • Illinois
  • Kansas
  • Louisiana

And many other USA states. Such contact numbers are available for Canada, Costa Rica, and Mexico.

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