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Do you have a team-building activity planned this year, but you wanna go beyond limits this year? Or are you planning a family gathering at some other location this time? No matter what your travel requirements are, if you are traveling with ten or more people, plan American Airlines group travel. We will offer you the best options for flying together.

Well, if ten or more people are traveling together in a group, you can opt for AA group travel and enjoy the next level vacays this time. Besides, when traveling to a similar destination, why waste your money by booking separately? And also that you can’t even probably sit together, right?

All About American Airlines Group Travel!

Do you wish to make a group booking American airlines and travel together to your next vacation destination? In that case, you first need to be aware of their group travel policies. 

American Airlines has amazing travel benefits for all the passengers, and one such advantage is their group booking policy. Here, you can plan a complete vacation with your group of over ten and enjoy your time as you like.

Besides, there are separate groups and thus different options for you to book. And if you wish to know more, you can read on and find it out.

How does American Airlines Group Travel Works?

There are several conditions to travel as a group on American airlines booking. Hence, each passenger needs to comply with them before booking their group travel. Read more to determine the conditions that apply to travel in a group.

  • Group travel is only possible for people traveling in the quantity of ten or more passengers.
    You can book a group flight at most eleven months prior to the flight’s departure. And it will be possible for at least 48 hours before the departure.


  • Suppose you make a mistake while entering the name of the passenger and you wish to change it. In that case, you have got 48 hours before the flight to change the name of at least one person absolutely free of cost.


  • Furthermore, if you are traveling for business, a company meeting, conference, simple excursion, or study trips, no worries. Since you can get discounted flights for each of them.


  • Suppose there is an emergency or any flight service is unavailable, and flying can not be feasible. In that case, the airline has the right to cancel your booking.

Henceforth, you can comply with all the above-mentioned conditions to make American airlines group booking. And if you face any issues, you are free to dial our group travel phone number for help.

How do American Airlines groups work?

Well, the group travel on American Airlines is simple, and there are different types of groups that one can book with them. However, this depends on the kind of excursion you plan to have. And to know more about the types of group bookings, keep reading until the end of this page.

Same Destination and Departure place

Suppose you all are traveling to the same location together from the same departure location. In that case, you can make an American airlines group travel booking as long as there are at least ten members in the group. 

Furthermore, the passengers can book a group fare block at most 11 months prior to their flight’s departure to at least 48 hours earlier. And also, you are allowed to change one passenger’s name on each ticket without a fee. Further, there isn’t any minimum stay time for your hotel+flights booking.

Same Destination but Different Departure location

Suppose you all are traveling to the same destination, but your departure locations are different. In that case, you can plan American Airlines group travel with at least ten members. Furthermore, these group bookings are also refundable.

American Airlines offers Zone Fares for such passengers. But they must be traveling from Canada and the US to The Pacific, North America, Europe, etc. Besides, you can visit the American Airlines official website to request the group quote and more information.

Traveling for Conference or Meetings on AA

Suppose you wish to get extra discounts on travel, and you have travel requirements for business meetings or conferences. Besides, the minimum requirement for this travel is 40 people on the same booking. Resultantly, they will receive a conference deal on AA.

How Do I Book American Airlines Group Travel?

To book American Airlines Group Travel, you have multiple options. One of them is to call the live assistance number of American Airlines at 800-433-7300 or 1-860-318-2831 to secure your seats.

Otherwise, follow these steps to secure seats for a large group online:

  • Firstly, visit the official website and learn about the Group Booking Of American Airlines service.
  • Proceed ahead with the booking. The process is similar to regular tickets. However, you will find that all the prices are the same and you can select one travel class for everyone.
  • Enter details like the number of people, fare class, trip type, and the ID of the one booking these tickets.
  • After that, you have to mention the payment details.
  • Here, you can pay a limited amount per person to secure the booking and make the final payment later.
  • However, it must not exceed 30 days before the flight’s departure.

Lastly, verify the details, make payment as per American Airlines’ Group Booking Service, and secure seats for a larger group. AA tries its best to seat all of you together.

Terms & Conditions To American Airlines Group Booking

When you book a flight on American Airlines in a group, make sure you follow these terms & conditions for a smooth journey with AA and avoid disappointments.

  • Firstly, this service is applicable when more than 10 people are flying together.
  • Also, you cannot book a Group traveling with American Airlines for more than 11 months before the flight’s departure.
  • You have to book it a minimum of 48 hours before departure.
  • Name correction is free for only one group member until 48 hours before the flight’s scheduled take-off.
  • American Airlines Group Travel is available at discounts for professionals attending any conference or business meeting.
  • Note that AA secures the right to cancel reservations anytime due to non-availability of flights or in case of any emergency.

We suggest you call the AA live assistance phone number 800-433-7300 to enquire about availability and discounts on American Airlines Group Travel tickets.

What Does Group 4 Priority Mean On American Airlines?

American airlines have 9 groups of travelers according to boarding priority. Hence, 1-4 group travelers get priority over 5-9 group travelers. Prioritizing boarding saves you time as you board the plane early. Also, you can easily access the overhead bin to store your bags. 

If you’ve opted for Group travel with American Airlines, you can pay extra initially to secure priority boarding for everyone in the reservation. Here is how you can also get a group 4 boarding in AA:

  • Book Premium Cabins: If you can, avoid booking the basic economy tickets and book the main cabin or above tickets to get a group 4 boarding.
  • Get Elite Status in AAdvantage/ JetBlue: You can become an elite status member by booking flights frequently with American Airlines/ JetBlue. All such members get unlimited group 4 access.
  • Ruby OneWorld Membership: If you are a Ruby member from the OneWorld alliance, you can secure group 4 priority in group travel tickets on American Airlines and other privileges.
  • Corporate Travelers: AA provides some corporate travelers a chance to be on group 4 priority for free on a lucky draw basis.
  • Military Personnel: Military personnel with active ID can freely access the group 4 boarding.

You can also buy Priority Boarding group 4 access through the official website during or after your ticket booking with the airline. 

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Frequently Asked Questions For Group Travel At AA

Once you’ve booked a ticket with American Airlines, they put you in the highest group for which you qualify. For instance, basic economy flyers get the last group (group 9). Also, the gold elite members get an automatic upgrade to group 4 boarding. AA travelers in a group get priority boarding.

Yes, indeed. AA gives heavy discounts to groups traveling for meetings, conferences, or trade shows in another city. Confirm availability with executives online and get flexible dates to book your tickets.

The airline will allow you to make more miles with group bookings if you have earned miles with regular travel. Also, you can upgrade bookings to one class above and get complimentary discounts on baggage and seat selection.

AA allows benefits of group travel when you are securing seats for more than 10 people at once. Make sure you add a reference to a conference/ meeting that you will attend (if any). 

Dial the American Airlines group travel contact number 800-433-1790 or +1-860-318-2831 to secure a quote from the air carrier. You can lock a deal for 11 months and pay at the time of the final transaction with AA. Hence, group travel with AA is a flexible and convenient deal for those traveling in a group.

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