American Airlines Missed Flight Policy- How to Rebook a AA Missed Flight?

Did you miss your flight on American Airlines? Or were you late because of traffic and couldn’t board the flight? You must understand the  American airlines missed flight policy to know your options if such a thing happens.

Furthermore, time is not always in our hands, and sometimes situations like a longer signal on the road or traffic jam delay us. Resultantly, we miss boarding the flights on time. But it is always hard to take advantage of a rule that hasn’t been properly documented.

Moreover, there are even times when you miss your American Airlines flights due to failure of meeting security systems or getting stuck with security checks. However, American Airlines offers you 15 minutes to rebook your flights in such situations.  Read more to find out about the missed flight rules.

American Airlines Missed Flight Policy

Suppose passengers have missed American airlines flight or failed to board one on time. In that case, they have an option to get a new flight within the next 15 minutes after the departure. Furthermore, the airline even offers them an unpublished benefit of the Late Arrival Standby policy as well.

So, make sure if you don’t want a No-Show on your booking, you can opt for the Late Arrival Standby. This policy allows the passengers who reach the airport within two hours of their initial flight’s departure to get a new flight. AA will accommodate them as standby flyers on the consecutive flight to their destination without any flight change fee or charges. 

However, this only stands if your flight is not the last one departing from the airport on the current day. Moreover, there are conditions that you must adhere to to be eligible for the new flight.

Conditions that allow American Airlines to offer the passengers a new flight

  • If passengers arrive late for check-in but are at the airport within two hours of the flight’s departure.
  • When they have no proper traveling documents and miss to board their flight.
  • If passengers haven’t applied for an ESTA or haven’t yet received one to travel to the USA.
  • Suppose the passengers have a mobile boarding pass, but they entered the wrong airport. 

In all these cases mentioned above or even when one of them stands true, passengers can get on a new flight. You can simply call the airline’s customer service department and tell them that “I missed my American Airlines flight.” In return, the airline agents will help you rebook your flight if they find the situation outside your control.

How to Rebook a Missed Flight on American Airlines?

You can rebook a new flight on AA when missing the initial flight. But how? It is still a question that many doesn’t know the answer to. But our following paragraph may help you out.

I missed my flight American airlines; what are my options?” there are several passengers who ask these questions from AA executives. And we have a solution for you. You can rebook your new flight on AA if you follow the steps mentioned ahead.

Steps to rebook your American Airlines flight

  • Firstly, you must visit the American Airlines official website on your preferred web browser.
  • After that, log in to your account or review the flight bookings by entering the booking reference number and the first and last name of the passenger.
  • Now, visit the home screen tab and review the missed flight under the manage booking section.
  • Further, choose a new flight by entering the correct flight details of your destination and number of travelers.
  • Resultingly you will see the list of flights available right now. Select one flight and check-in to receive a boarding pass.
  • Now it will redirect you to the payments page, where you can make the payment for a new booking if there is any.
  • The American Airlines reservations will be complete by this step.

Finally, you may receive a confirmation email from the airline end at your registered mail address.

What if I missed my AA flight on purpose?

The airline advises you to call their customer service department in advance if you come to know that you may miss the flight. In that case, the airline will cut you some slack and offer a beneficial option to you.

Missed flight rules set by the airline for its passengers:

  • According to the American Airlines missed flight policy, Suppose a passenger has canceled his flight or delayed the boarding. The airline will rebook them on the next flight with seats available. Furthermore, they may reroute your luggage on checking in for the new flight.
  • Suppose a passenger gets late but arrives at the airport within two hours of the flight’s departure. In that case, the airline will adjust them to the next flight as a Standby flyer without any charges.
  • Generally, AA closes departure 45 minutes prior to the departure of your flights. So if you arrive too late for check-in or after the flight has departed, you can still get a new flight.
  • You can not get standby options for baggage check-in unless you get elite status on AAdvantage flights.

Furthermore, the airline allows you to rebook a flight within 15 minutes from the departure if anyone missed the flight. However, if there is a delay of over three hours which hampered your connecting flights, you may get compensation.

Moreover, you can connect with the airline experts anytime you wish with our given contact information. Besides, our airline experts are available 24/7 to guide you with all you need to know.

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