American Airlines Seat Selection: Choose Preferred Seats

American airlines seat selection

Planning a trip to your favorite destination and not getting your desired seat can be disappointing. So, why let your time and efforts of booking air tickets go in vain when you can choose your seats in advance. If you are flying with American Airlines, you can save your efforts and fly comfortably. The American airlines seat selection process lets you choose your preferred seat on board without a hassle. You just need to select one of the available seats and pay its price, resulting in an even better air journey. 

When making your flight reservations, you see a seat map. This seat map will provide you all the available seating information, and you can choose the empty seats. American Airlines is a leading name in the airline industry, and thus you can never be disappointed with any of their services. Below is a clear description of how your American airlines booking allows you to select your favorite seats onboard.

How Do I Check American Airlines Onboard Seat Availability?

If you have a clear idea of the seat selection process, you can look forward to an exciting flight. But, you need to pay the American airlines seat selection fee before moving on with the boarding pass retrieval. If you face any difficulties, get immediate help from the airline executives. You can check the availability of seats on board as follows:

  • Navigate the web to find the official American Airlines website and log in with the right credentials.
  • Now, choose your cabin class and enter the seat map section to select a seat.
  • Here you can see the available seats to sit in the main cabin seating options and see the green, blue, orange, and white-colored seat options.
  • Each color presents the available or unavailable seats for selection and assignments.
  • The green color is for priority cabin level; Orange is for the main cabin, blue shows the available seats, whereas white is for unavailable seats.
  • Once you select the seating options, enter the name and contact number as per your flight booking details. Also, check the information about your flight during the ending process.

Most people wish to travel conveniently, and that’s why they use the American Airlines Seat Selection process for getting desired seats on the plane. You can also check the seat availability for your flight booking using the above method.

How to Select Seats on American Airlines?

After you know the seats are available, you can simply put answers to: “how to select seats on American airlines” question. Here’s how you can reserve the desired seat on board.

  • Enter the official website of American Airlines and find their My Trips tab.
  • Submit the required details like the ticketed passenger’s first and last name with the booking reference number in the appropriate fields.
  • Click on the Find my booking button to enter the manage booking tab.
  • Now choose the desired seating option and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the American Airlines Seat Selection process.

According to American Airlines policies, one can select these seats during check-in and also while making the flight booking. But if there is a flight cancellation due to some unavoidable reasons, the payment might be forfeited. Keep in mind to check American airlines refund policy before you opt for a refund on canceling the flights. Also, consult the airline experts about getting your seat selection charges back.

How Much Fees For American Airlines Seat Selection?

American Airlines seat selection fee starts at $9. The charges vary on your seat, distance, and connecting flights. Avoid getting stuck in the middle seat. 

To pick a seat in the basic economy section of American Airlines, you can do so by paying the seat assignment fee while booking your ticket. Note this before you book seats:

  • Passengers can book their preferred middle seat by paying $9- $10. 
  • Also, you may have to pay a little more to reserve a window/ aisle seat.
  • Furthermore, seats at the end of the plane are costly to book, and front-end seats are relatively cheaper to reserve.
  • You may have to pay more for each seat if it is a connecting flight.

You may want to try your luck with Main Cabin Extra Seats, which are a costlier fare option. They have 3-4 inches of more legroom. Passengers have to pay ~$40 each way to secure their favorite seat in this seating section. 

Trick: If you aren’t picky, skip the American Airlines Seat Selection process and wait for the economy seats to fill. AA will assign you an extra main cabin seat for free without paying a fee when all the seats are full. 

What are The Preferred Seats on American Airlines?

When you pick a seat in the American Airlines economy category, there are three options to choose from: Standard Seats, Preferred Seats, and Main Cabin Extra Seats. The difference among these options is due to the type of aircraft and perks they come with.

Under the preferred seating option, passengers must pay a minimum American Airlines seat selection cost of $25. It may vary depending upon your choice of seat and preference. 

These seats offer the following benefits that you can’t ignore:

  • Firstly, these types of chairs have more features than the standard seats.
  • You can book them online via the American Airlines account or through a phone call.
  • Also, preferred seats are closer to the front part of the plane. 
  • Hence, such passengers get priority boarding in the group 5 category. 
  • Furthermore, you will get early access to the overhead bin. 

Lastly, when you choose an aisle seat or window seat with your preference, you fly a more comfortable journey.

How Can I Select an American Airlines Economy Preferred Seat? 

One can select their preference of seat anytime before the check-in window closes. Talk to American Airlines staff members to change the chair after boarding.

  • Firstly, you can Choose Seat on American Airlines in the preferred category when you purchase the ticket online.
  • Also, passengers can select them online until the check-in period is over.
  • Besides, if you are already at the airport, head to the client assistance kiosk to know your options.
  • The check-in window opens 24 hours before departure. When the time is short, you can also dial the American Airlines phone number 800-433-7300 to secure a seat via call.

Lastly, we advise you to check back soon if you currently don’t find available seats from the seat map.

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American Airlines Seat Selection FAQs

Any passenger can choose a seat as theirs for the journey by paying a sum to the world’s largest carrier. For this, they must go to the My trips/ check-in option and select a seat from the seat map. 

Firstly, go to the My trips/ check-in option and enter details like your name and American Airlines booking number. If seats are unavailable, you can come back later again while checking in. 

You can pick seats at least seven days before the date of departure of AA. Whether you want an aisle seat or a window seat, you must pay between $12-$13 for your preferred seat at AA. However, the typical seat selection starts at $9. 

No refund is available for any voluntary change of seating at AA. Under the American Airlines Seat Selection policy, you will get the return of your money for the preferred seat if you have canceled your flight entirely.

Yes. You can dial 800-433-7300 to talk to a 24/7 live AA travel agent and discuss your questions about seat selection costs for your flight. The price depends upon destination and departure timings.

Basic economy seats are the cheapest flying alternative at AA. However, changes and cancellations at basic fare fees are not allowed. But with main cabin seats, you can freely do so at a nominal fee or without a cost. 

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