American Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy

Do you wonder how your minor child will fly alone if you can’t accompany them during their air journey? Since the worry is genuine, American Airlines unaccompanied minor policy has many provisions that secure a child during solo travel. 

The AA minor solo travel program allows children over five years to fly alone in a direct flight. For a connecting flight, the child must be older than eight. However, these are only a few rules of the policy.

Read the subtopics and learn many important details of this program.

What Is The American Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy?

The UNMR service of American Airlines allows unaccompanied minors (5-14 yrs) to fly alone without an adult under some restrictions. For children more than 15 years of age, unaccompanied minor service from AA isn’t mandatory. 

Upon paying the American airlines unaccompanied minor fee, kids get early boarding, access to kids-only lounges, and airport escort help. The kids are always under the watch of airline staff to ensure the safety of the kids. Furthermore, the kids are escorted to the authorized adult for pick up.

Age Restrictions For Children Traveling Alone At American Airlines.

To ensure smooth and safe air travel, the unaccompanied child has to fly under certain restrictions set by the airline. Parents must learn about these conditions to avoid confusion fromPolicy of American airline unaccompanied minor

  • 0-4 Yrs Old: Flyers of this age cannot travel alone. Adults must accompany them. 
  • 5-7 Yrs Old: These kids can fly on non-stop flights only after filling out the unaccompanied minor form. Also, gate escort and guardian contact are necessary, and the service is compulsory.
  • 8-14 Yrs Old: Unaccompanied children of this age can board limited connecting flights. However, gate escort and guardian contact are necessary, and the service is compulsory.
  • 15-17 Yrs Old: They can fly like a regular adult unless they opt for the service. All rules of this program would apply to them.

Note:  Connecting flights are only available for limited airports. Examples: CLT, DCA, DFW, JFK, LGA, LAX, MIA, ORD, PHL, and PHX.  

Flight Terms & Conditions For Minors Flying Alone:

 American airlines unaccompanied minor have set some flight restrictions for solo traveling kids. Before booking flights for your child, make sure you read the T&C’s below: 

  • Firstly, you can’t book any codeshare/ Oneworld partner flights.
  • Also, kids can’t fly on overnight connecting flights.
  • Co-terminal and ground connections include flights for which the child has to be transferred from a local airport to another local airport.
  • Lastly, the solo kids can’t fly in the last flight/ connection of the day unless it’s the only flight. 

Hence, parents must book tickets keeping in mind these guidelines. 

How to Book Unaccompanied Minor Flights on American Airlines? 

The only way to book solo travel services for minors is by dialling the AA reservations phone number and talking to a live travel agent. Before that, make sure you have booked the ticket for your child under all the flight restrictions mentioned above. 

If you have failed to follow American Airlines unaccompanied minor conditions while booking a ticket for your child, you will not be able to board them for the flight. After you book a flight and declare the minor’s age, call the executives from the official number and pay the unaccompanied minor service fee. 

They will book the service and send you details through the official contact number.

How Much Do American Airlines Charge For Unaccompanied Minors? 

The unaccompanied minor service fee for one trip is $150 plus tax. You will be charged $300, tax, and ticket fare for a round trip. 

The service fee can be applied for up to 3 kids if they all are siblings. They will together be charged $150 plus tax and individual ticket prices. 

What are The Necessary Documents For Minor’s Check-In at AA? 

Parents must provide the following documents during the fly day to receive a gate pass and unaccompanied minor form.

  • Passport/ birth certificate to prove the child’s age.
  • Also, the phone numbers of the guardians at departure and arrival airports.
  • Government-issued photo ID proofs and the current address of both adults assigned to drop off and pick up the child.
  • Name, address, and other details of both adult parties.

 Keep multiple copies of these documents and the original ones for the check-in window. 

Guidelines For Parents/ Guardians of Unaccompanied Minors:

 AA has set rules and regulations regarding arrival, check-in, drop off, and pick up of unaccompanied children. Your child may face difficulty during their journey if these guidelines are not followed:  

  • Adults must point out team uniforms and guide their kids to take help only from these uniformed staff members.
  • Also, they need to attach the ID and contact details of the kid to their carry-on bags.
  • Furthermore, they must arrive 2 hours before departure timing and talk to a counter agent because online/ kiosk check-in is not applicable.
  • Fill out the unaccompanied minor form and submit the above documents to receive a gate pass from the ticket agent. It is necessary to drop off your kid at the gate.
  • Inform the gate agent of American Airlines about unaccompanied minor in advance so that they introduce the kids to the staff crew.
  • Adults have to stay at the gate until the flight takes off.
  • The assigned adult at arrival must be there 2 hours before the plane arrives to get a gate pass and meet the child at the gate.

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American Airlines Minor Travel FAQs

Yes, indeed. Minors above five years of age can fly alone with the AA minor travel policy. However, this service is optional if your child is between 15 and 18. Upon requesting the service, you have to pay a charge.

A flat fee of $150 applies on top of the ticket amount as American Airlines unaccompanied minor fee. For a round trip, this amount will double. Also, one fee charge can accommodate other siblings on the same flight. 

Minors have to carry any government-issued ID that declares their correct age. Also, they must present their ID cards to the boarding staff to verify their age. Usually, minor kids board early. 

Yes. Minors between 5-8 years can fly on direct flights. Children aged above eight can opt for connecting flights. Also, this service isn’t available for codeshare/ one-world partners of American Airlines.

Parents or guardians of 5-14 yr olds must talk to a 24/7 live AA agent at 800-433-7300 to book this service for their minor child. The phone number is available for all hours and is open every day of the week.  

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