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Volaris Change Flight Policy

Do you think flying with low-cost airlines is risky as they don’t offer flexibility in bookings? The Volaris Change Flight Policy is an exception, as it allows you to modify your booking till 4 hours are left before the plane’s departure. Besides, combo packages let you change itineraries as often as you want.

Once you learn how to change volaris flights through flexibility combos, you can modify your itinerary multiple times by paying a nominal flexible combo fee.

Read below to find out more about flight change when traveling with Volaris.

How to Change a Flight on Volaris?

When there is a shift of plans, passengers can use the volaris change flight policy by going to My Trips on the official website and paying the eligible fee. Read below for step-by-step flight change:

  • Firstly, go to the My Trips menu on the official Volaris website’s.
  • Further, enter the reservation code and last name to log in.
  • After that, choose change your flight option.
  • Now select your flight for the change flight volaris facility.
  • Also, choose alternative dates, destinations, and timings. 
  • Choose new flights and pay the necessary fee.
  • Pay the difference in fare, change flight fee, and additional costs.

After paying all the charges, you will get a confirmation and new ticket details. Enjoy the new journey!

How do I Change Flights on Volaris Customer Service?

You can modify your volaris reservation’s date and time via customer service, as it has dedicated phone numbers for different countries. Here is how you can seek assistance from an expert for changing your flight:

  • Dial the Volaris Airlines number +1 855 VOLARIS (8652747) (For USA).
  • Once the IVR response begins, carefully listen to the instructions.
  • Further, press the key to the flight change menu.
  • Also, press the key that connects you to an airline agent.
  • Once connected, place your flight modification query with existing details.
  • Besides, provide alternative information for flight modification.

The executive will inform you of the total volaris change flight cost applicable to your ticket. You can proceed with the payment and receive a reissued reservation for the desired date.

Volaris Change Flight Online & Offline: Terms & Conditions

Passengers can make itinerary changes on Volaris flights anytime till 4 hours are left before the flight’s take-off. Here are certain conditions that apply to flight modifications on your next Volaris ticket:

  • Flight changes apply to all flyers in a reservation when modifying via the website.
  • Also, one can’t change the flight’s origin city when modifying the route.
  • Besides, if an outbound flight has departed, travelers can only change the date and time of their return flight.
  • Lastly, when going through the Volaris flight modification process, remember to make corresponding changes to the other flight if you change the origin/ departure of one flight.

Note: The fare difference and flight change fee applies per head per leg of the journey. Flexible flight combo only waives change fee. 

When Can I Change My Volaris Flight?

Even though the volaris flight change policy is quite flexible, you might not be eligible to modify your flight under some circumstances. Read below to find out when you cannot make changes to your volaris ticket:

  • Passengers can change flights till 4 hours are left before the flight’s departure.
  • Also, you can’t modify a reservation after check-in for that flight.
  • Besides, partial booking payments are not eligible for modifications per volaris change flight policy.

Travelers who can’t change an existing Volaris flight online must contact someone from the reservations by dialing +1 855 VOLARIS (8652747).

How Much Does Volaris Charge To Change Flight Date?

The volaris change flights fee depends upon the time left for departure and the mode of changing flight. You might also need to pay the fare difference and service fee.

Date & Time Left For Departure

Volaris change flight fee

15+ days left for flight’s take-off + Fare Difference 

$850 MXN 

Less than 15 days left for departure + Fare Difference 

$1,100 MXN 

15+ days left for flight’s take-off + Fare Difference (International)

$85 USD 

15+ days left for flight’s take-off + Fare Difference (International)

$110 USD

To find out the fee charged on change flight option, kindly check the monthly payment before paying all the charges. Contact reservations if you feel you are being overcharged.

Volaris Flexibility Combo: Change Your Flight Unlimited Times

Do you want to do modifications in volaris flights without the fee? The flexibility combo from Volaris allows you to modify your booking unlimited times without charging a flight change fee. Details:

  • The flexibility combo allows passengers to change their flight flexibly.
  • Also, passengers can add it to their flight while booking their reservation.
  • Travelers need to pay only the fare difference.
  • Unlimited volaris flight changes are available (dates, timings).
  • Besides, the change applies to everyone on the reservation.

Dial volaris customer service change flight number +1 855 VOLARIS (8652747) to book your flexibility combo tickets and learn about the terms & conditions.

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