What Are The Cheapest Days To Fly On American Airlines?

Do you want the most affordable deal for your week-long break from work? You must be curious about what are the cheapest days to fly on American airlines. Finding the right deals and discounts can reduce your air travel expenses by more than half.

For example, by booking your flights during the low season and avoiding the peak days, you can easily confirm a reservation on AA. Also, tickets for luxury travel class are relatively affordable during the low season.

Let’s know when is the right time to buy an air ticket to save money.

What Day Of The Week Is American Airline Tickets The Cheapest?

Cheapest Days To Fly American: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are usually the cheapest to purchase an AA booking. For international flights, choose the days in the middle of the week, as they typically offer the least expensive AA tickets.

  • Avoid the festive season as they don’t offer American Airlines last minute deals.
  • Don’t book tickets on weekend days: Saturday/ Sunday.
  • When using the travel assistance phone number, call them during off-peak hours to get better deals.
  • Red-eye flights are another affordable option besides the AA basic economy tickets.

Apart from that, you can also use off-peak timings of the day to get an affordable ticket to your destination. These are the most effective ways of getting an air ticket on a budget.

How Can I Get Cheap American Airlines Tickets?

Apart from choosing the cheapest days to fly on American Airlines, here are some other alternatives where you can get lower-priced bookings of AA:

  • Flyers must use the low fare calendar to get American airlines 49 dollar flights.
  • Passengers downloading the Airlines app for the first time get discounts on in-flight services.
  • Join the AAdvantage membership program for free to earn discounted deals with your miles. 
  • Buy basic economy and red-eye flights for guaranteed low prices.
  • Compare prices on Airfare websites to get the ideal deal.

Also, you can get your hands on American airlines last minute deals by talking to someone in customer service at AA. However, avoid going to the airport to buy tickets as these are the most expensive bookings.

When Is The Best Time To Buy An American Airlines Booking?

We all know that the cheapest days for flying with Americans are Tuesday, Thursday, and Wednesday. However, the right time to buy a booking is on Saturday as new deals launch late Monday or early Tuesday. Purchase your tickets at midnight to avoid a peak-hours booking.

How To Save More Money On American Airlines Tickets?

American Airlines flights are better as they can offer maximum comfort at the lowest prices, with cheap deals on travel add-ons. The cheapest days to fly American Airlines are Wednesday, Thursday, and Tuesday. You will get quality deals on such days. For example, the famous AA $49 flights.


  • Basic Economy Flights With Maximum Coverage: Only a few airlines, such as AA, have introduced Basic economy flights. These are bookings with no frills attached. If you are a light traveler, this fare category is ideal as they offer their cheapest booking on many domestic/ international routes.


  • Choose travel dates carefully: The cancellation fee on American Airlines is waived in case of expensive travel classes only. Your entire amount may be forfeited when you’ve bought a basic economy or main cabin flight. Hence, be sure of travel when booking your flight dates.


  • American flights aren’t always the cheapest: American flights aren’t always the most affordable. When you wish to use your AA loyalty points to buy the cheapest ticket, use the airfare search site before purchasing the reservation.

Does American Have A Low Fare Calendar?

American Airlines doesn’t have a monthly low-fare calendar for the entire 4-week period and every date. However, it surely offers discounted deals for limited domestic and international routes time-to-time. 

Hence, we suggest passengers keep checking the website’s homepage and social media pages. You can book AA tickets to your preferred destination via the website or low fare deals available in their newsletter.

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