British Airways Seat Selection

Are you a nervous flyer or simply need more leg space? Whatever the case, the British Airways Seat Selection has got you covered. Now, you too can enjoy your flights more than ever, with just a nominal fee!

British Airways offers its passengers the option to choose their seats to enhance the flying experience. But there are details that you shouldn’t avoid if you want to get the best out of your traveling experience.

So, without waiting any more, let’s read the subtopics!

British Airways Seat Selection Terms & Conditions 

For a smooth flying experience, the passengers must take a look at the terms and conditions behind the British Airways online seat selection. Hence, read these points before booking your next flight with the carrier:

  • You can avail yourself of the seat selection policy benefits if you book it through the official website or at the check-in counter. Otherwise, call the British Airways seat selection phone number to book your ticket.
  • Changes within 24 hours of buying the ticket do not attract additional costs.
  • However, making changes during the risk period of the ticket will involve additional charges.
  • If you’ve booked tickets through a travel agent, ask them to help you as British Airways won’t entertain your request.

How to choose seats under the British Airways seat selection policy?

 There are two methods for online British Airways Seat Selection. You can choose your seat at the time of booking or after booking the flight. Follow the step-by-step method to book the desired seats accurately:

  1. Firstly, log into your account with the official website of British Airways.
  2. After that, visit the Manage My Bookings menu.
  3. Also, go to Your booking details option. Here, your current purchase will be listed.
  4. Click the flight number to choose the seating button.
  5. You can choose the best seat after looking at seat maps that British Airways offers for all its flights: business, economy, premium economy, and first class. 
  6. During the process, you will also learn if you are eligible to make changes for free or if you have to pay the British airways seat selection fee. 
  7. Finally, click the Change or view seats on this flight. Follow the on-screen instructions to book your desired seat.

British Airways Seat Selection Policy For Different Travelers:

The British airways seat selection fee can vary on different factors. Your fare, travel class, and personal situations may decide the seat selection charges. Let us understand how these factors impact your bookings.

Hand-Baggage Only: This is one of the basic tickets offered at British Airways. Hence, you have to pay charges for choosing a particular seat.

First Cabin Bookings: Flyers can always book their desired seats right from the time of booking without paying an additional fee. 

Bronze/ OneWorld Ruby Members: Passengers can book their seats for free seven days before the scheduled departure. They can do so for everyone in their booking.

Silver/ OneWorld Sapphire Members: Travelers get free seat selection for everyone in their booking right from the time of booking tickets.

Gold/ OneWorld Emerald Members: Flyers can book seats for free right from the time of booking, including the friends/ family members on different bookings. However, they must be traveling with the flier on the same flight and travel class.

Flexible tickets: If you’ve booked (Plus Flex) fare tickets, you can reserve seats for free from the time of purchase of tickets.

Semi-flexible tickets: When booking (Plus) fare tickets, you can reserve free seats 48 hours before the scheduled departure.


  1. Bronze and silver members can apply for these benefits only if they travel on these bookings. (For Gold members, one of their bookings). These benefits aren’t available on group rate tickets.
  2. Bronze and Silver members can’t avail seat selection facility for exit row seats 24 hours before departure on long-haul flights.
  3. Flexible tickets allow passengers to change flight dates and timings. It includes free seat selection as well.

Final Words!

We tried to answer all possible doubts related to British Airways Seat Selection Policy. Before choosing a seat, the flyers have to consider the seat’s position, fare, membership, and affordability. 

Have doubts? Call British Airways seat selection phone number 0344 493 0787 to resolve seat selection queries. The 24/7 live experts will readily assist you.

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British Airways Seat Selection FAQs

British Airways only charges for seat selection in case of economy class and hand-baggage tickets. Otherwise, you can choose your seat for free after the check-in window opens, i.e., 24 hours before the departure. After that, you can pay to change your seat.

If the hand baggage passengers don’t pay in advance to get seats, the airline allocates seats upon check-in, 24 hours before the scheduled departure. Flyers have the option to pay the British airways seat selection fee during check-in, but their options are limited.

British Airways offers flexible fare options as per the flyer’s affordability. Airways offers four seat options: first class, business, premium economy, and economy. You can choose a seat after looking at British airways online seat selection fares.

Suppose you are an executive club member or OneWorld frequent passenger. In that case, the British Airways seat selection fee is not applicable on your bookings at different stages, depending upon the tier. Gold members can choose seats at the time of booking.

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