Does Delta Airlines Have A Lost And Found Policy?

Have you lost your valuables while flying on a Delta flight? Worry not, as Delta airlines lost and found policy has your back. The Airline’s staff is cooperative and provides immediate assistance to those who are looking for their unfound items. 

If you know details of the policy of recovering missed items at Delta, you can get hold of your precious items. 

So, learn more by reading the sub-topics below!

How To Get The Delta Airlines Lost And Found Baggage Claim Form? 

Sometimes, when you fly with Delta Airlines bookings, your baggage may arrive delayed/ or may not arrive at all. In such situations, it is necessary to know the procedure of getting a claim.

  • Firstly, submit the Delta Airlines reimbursement form for lost baggage/ mishandled baggage.
  • After that, the delta airline lost and found department will provide you with a file reference number. 
  • They will provide this number from the baggage service center of the airport. 
  • Also, the staff will provide you with other supporting documents that you can use for filing the claim of lost baggage.
  • If you don’t receive your missing/ delayed articles by 12 hours from the scheduled time, you get eligible to receive the Delta Airlines baggage fee rebate. 

What If I Leave Something On The Delta Plane? 

Usually, passengers board the plane with valuables like smartphones, wallets, laptops, jewelry, etc. These assets hold a lot of value, and losing them can put you in personal and financial trouble. Here are the things you can do if you have left something on your delta airlines booking:

  1. If you have just exited the plane, reach out to the delta airline assistance desk immediately.
  2. Also, go back to the exit gate and look for crew members or pilots of the plane. Staff would not hesitate to help you out under such circumstances.
  3. One may go back to the plane to look for your item. If the staff finds it upon a quick check, it will return it to you.
  4. If they are unable to locate it, don’t lose hope. All planes go through deep cleaning every night. Hence, file a lost and found compliant with the description. It helps to get your goods as soon as possible.
  5. To file this complaint, visit the lost and found delta airlines or call the office.

How To Get Delta Airline Lost And Found Rebate Fee For Delayed Bags? 

One should note that you will get a lost and found delta airlines refund for your delayed bag only if you follow certain conditions. These requirements are:

  • Only when the flier has passed 12 hours from the reported delay can you ask for a rebate.
  • The flier must have paid the checked baggage fee before claiming the Delta Airlines rebate.
  • Passengers must submit the lost and found delayed baggage form to get a refund. 
  • Travelers will only get an e-travel voucher for the baggage fee they previously paid.
  • You will receive the baggage rebate only through the email ID you submitted earlier. The flier can redeem this voucher for future travel.

What If I Leave My Articles At Security Checkpoints? 

If you suspect you’ve left items at the security checkpoint, don’t hesitate to contact the TSA Lost and Found department.

  • Delta airlines lost and found JFK airport: You can contact the airport website or check out the TSA security lost and found form. The staff will update you on all the details right away.
  • Delta airlines lost and found LAX: You must fill out an online form to contact TSA security. If they don’t see a record of your lost item, don’t worry. Verify it with the Los Angeles International Airport’s lost and found department.
  • Delta airlines lost and found Detroit: Here also, TSA lost and found has provided a form to ask for any lost item near the security checkpoint. Submit this form and let the TSA department help you out.

What Is The Delta Airlines Lost And Found Phone Number? 

 You can contact a live expert at 800-325-8224 to resolve your lost and found query. Follow this process and get your problems fixed by a customer agent:

  1. Firstly, dial the delta airlines lost and found the phone number mentioned above. 
  2. Once they pick up the call, you must follow the IVR options. 
  3. Now, choose the language that you are comfortable with.
  4. Dial 1 for lost items and two if you have found someone’s lost object.
  5. Also, dial 3 in case your item is lost at the airport. If you want to talk to a live agent, dial #.

Can’t reach the Airline directly? Dial Delta airlines lost and found phone number 800-325-8224 to get guidance from live agents and your valuables back.


 Delta Airlines Lost And Found FAQs


How do I report a lost item to Delta?

If you have lost an item during your journey, immediately report the delta airlines customer service lost and found customer service desk. Also, call delta airlines lost and found phone number 800-325-8224 or 404-209-3043 if the contents of checked bags are missing. 

How long does Delta hold lost and found?

Delta Airline lost and found has a strict rule of holding lost items for 45 days. After that, if they do not receive a response from its owner, they will not keep the object with them. Some airlines have a shorter time limit for holding lost items.

What happens to lost property at airports?

After your flight with Delta Airlines, the TSA will retain your articles for 30 days if you’ve lost your items at the airport. After the period, TSA will destroy the unclaimed item, sell it, or give it to the state agencies.

How Does The Delta Lost and Found work?

You can fill out the delta airlines lost and found item form after you have tried your best to look for your unrecovered valuables. If they receive anything similar to the description you have provided, they will contact you through the details you’ve provided in the form.

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