Emirates Seat Selection Policy

Do you have a reservation for your desired flight, but want to upgrade your travel experience? You would surely be interested in knowing the emirates seat selection charge and policy details to enhance your in-flight journey. Emirates offers luxury seat assignment options at a price affordable for every class of travel.

One can access seat assignments online and offline for free 48 hours before their flight’s departure. The facility is available for both economy and business class flights on Emirates.

Let’s explore all the rules, terms, and fee policies for seat selection at Emirates.

What is Emirates Seat Selection Policy?

With the Emirates seat selection map, you can explore the 3D layout and reserve a seat before traveling. You can select a seat to enhance your travel experience or stay close to family/ friends/ group. 

One can go to the Manage Your Booking option and change seats until the emirates online check-in window closes. The facility to select your seats is available for both economy and business-class travelers.

How can I choose my seat on Emirates?

Passengers can seek assistance from Emirates customer service or visit the manage booking option to select their seats online. You can pick a chair during these times:

  • Firstly, at the time of booking a reservation.
  • Otherwise, after purchasing a ticket by going to Emirates manage booking option.
  • Also, during check-in for your flight.

When the website isn’t working, and customer service isn’t available, you can also book your seat with the official Emirates App.

Use Emirates Customer Service

  • Firstly, dial the Emirates Contact Number 1 (800) 777-3999 to speak to a live representative.
  • Further, wait for the IVR to respond.
  • Dial the respective number for seat selection service.
  • Once you are connected to a real person at the airline, inform your desire to choose/ change your seat.
  • After that, provide the rest of the booking-related details.

Alternatively, dial . to skip long waiting times and receive immediate assistance regarding seat assignments before check-in time ends or read here “How do I talk to Emirates?.

Via Manage Booking Online

  • Firstly, check out the emirates seat map online on the official website.
  • Further, through the interactive 3D map, choose your desired place to sit during the journey.
  • Once you pick your choice, the map will show you the Manage Your Booking button. 
  • Click the button to retrieve your booking by entering your last name and booking reference.
  • Otherwise, you can log in to view your trip and again choose the seat of your preference.

Finally, you will get the respective Emirates flight seat selection with/ without a fee, depending on your flight type, check-in time, and journey details. 

What Are The Different Types Of Emirates Seat Selection Economy Classes?

As per your budget preference and plane type, there are 5 types of Emirates airlines seat selections for economy-class travelers. Find the right fit after looking for all these options:

  • Regular seat: Passengers can reserve a window, middle, or aisle seat from one of many standard seats made with a comfortable design.
  • Preferred seat: Preferred seats let you deboard the plane first and save time. You can sit at the front of the aircraft or upper deck in A380 planes.
  • Twin seat: In some A380 and all Boeing 777 aircraft, you can sit in a row with two chairs. These aisle and window seats offer more leg space and room.
  • Extra Legroom: Travelers on these seats enjoy extra legroom as these chairs are located on the exit row. However, the chairs are also allocated as per safety precautions.
  • Premium: Premium chairs are the most luxurious seat assignment in economy class. Get leather seats, adjustable headrests, more reclining, cushioned leg rests, and spacious dining tables. However, you must pay for additional services.

You can make emirates seat bookings for first and business-class seats on a complimentary basis via customer service or the official website.

What Are Preferred Seats On Emirates Economy?

Preferred seats are chairs on the front of the A380 aircraft and the plane’s lower deck. Passengers pick emirates seat assignment as it offers these benefits:

  • Easy and fast deboarding as seats are on the front part of the plane.
  • Less noisy as the passenger sits forward to the engines.
  • You can also pick from the aisle, window, or middle seats.

These are one of the most affordable seat assignment options for Economy class travelers.

How much fees does Emirates charge for seat selection?

Except for economy class flyers, seat selection is free for every traveler on Emirates. As per your seat preference, you must pay the following amount to secure a chair:

Seat Type

Seat Assignment Charges

Regular Chairs

From $15- $40

Preferred Seats

Between $25 to $100

Twin Chairs

From $35- $135

Extra Legroom

Between $55 to $250

Children (2- 12 yrs old) Traveling With Adults On regular and preferred seats.

50% off on regular and preferred seats

Under some circumstances, even economy-class travelers can secure regular/ preferred seats for free or at a lower price than the amount mentioned above. You can ask for a seat upgrade during the last moments of the check-in period to get such seats for free.

When Can I Get Emirates Seat Selection Free?

One can opt for free advance seat selection online and offline during the Emirates check-in window or via a superior class of travel. Under the following cases, you can get free seats:

  • First-class travelers
  • Business class saver/ advance 
  • Travelers with Flex/ Flex Plus fares
  • Premium economy passengers

Business Special Fare travelers get complimentary seat assignments 48 hours before the flight’s take-off. Also, Skywards platinum members can opt for seat selection anytime before the flight’s departure.

Advance Emirates Seat Selection Terms & Conditions

Travelers can make use of the Seat Selection Service of Emirates anytime. However, there are some rules to take advantage of this facility:

  • One may not get the desired seat as the chairs are subject to availability when the passenger makes the request.
  • Some seats are not offered despite eligibility due to safety and operational reasons.
  • Passengers cannot endorse or transfer their seat assignment to anybody else.
  • All seats have different baggage conditions.
  • Advance seat selection cost is valid per passenger for each segment.
  • If you change your seat and the new chair is less costly, the difference in fare/ charges won’t get refunded.
  • Usually, travelers get their reserved seats. However, the airline may have to seat you in another chair for security/ operational reasons. You will get a refund for an involuntary seat change.
  • Kindly check in 90 minutes before departure to secure your seat.
  • Your purchase slip mentions the advance seat selection amount, type, and date.
  • In the case of buying extra legroom seats, it has additional safety requirements that passengers must follow.

Lastly, the purchase is still valid if you change your flight’s date/ itinerary. However, you must pay the fare difference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Passengers can sit wherever they wish by advance seat selection. They can pick an aisle, window, or exit row seat through the Emirates app/ website/ customer assistance. Also, visit the manage your booking option and choose a chair through an interactive 3D flight seat map.

Bulkhead seats are your best bet in economy class if you want luxury and comfort. You can look for 41, 80, 67, and 52 number rows as they offer much more legroom than standard seats. You can also pick from twin and premium seats for advanced seat selection.

Advance seat selection is free for first class, business class saver, flex, flex plus fare, and premium economy tickets. Sometimes, economy seats might be available for free during last-minute deals. Also, you can ask for a free seat assignment in the special business fare when check-in opens 48 hours before the flight’s departure. last-minute

You don’t need to choose seats at all. Emirates automatically assigns a seat during check-in, and you can safely travel. However, you can secure a desired seat for free in a business/ first class ticket or flex fare purchases. Economy class flyers must pay for an advance seat assignment.

Visit the manage your booking option online and view the 3D seat map for advanced seat selection. Otherwise, you can book your seats while buying the ticket for your flight with Emirates. Also, you can talk to a live representative and let them know if you wish to secure seats on a new reservation or an existing ticket.

You must pay between $15- $250 to secure a seat assignment online. For a regular choice between aisle/ middle/ window seats, you must pay anywhere between $15- $40. For preferred seats in economy class, you must pay between $25- $100. Exit twin seats cost more.

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