How can you make an Alaska Airlines Group Booking?

Planning to fly somewhere great this year? Do you have extra travel preferences and want to take your whole squad with you? Opt for Alaska airlines group booking and hop on the journey of your lifetime.

Well, there are many situations when we need to travel in groups. Whether thinking about a girl’s weekend or a destination wedding you can plan a group travel with Alaska Airlines. The airline additionally offers you three unique options based on your group requirements.

Furthermore, you can look forward to a variety of fun and enjoy your most-awaited group vacations. We don’t get such chances to travel with everyone often, so why don’t you cherish it and hurry to book Alaska Airlines flights?

What are the options for Alaska Airlines Group Booking and Travel?

To help the passengers utilize their vacations better, Alaska Airlines Group Booking allows them different options for traveling. Therefore, passengers can choose the one that meets their needs suitably and enjoy their group excursion.

Here are the three options that Alaska Airlines offers its group passengers.

Travel Together

If a group with 10 or more people travels on the same Alaska Airlines Booking, they can get a discounted travel fare by calling the Alaska Airlines group travel desk. Furthermore, they can freely book flights offline by carefully reading the group travel policy.

What are the benefits?

  • You do not need to make a deposit on booking group travel to fly together.
  • Passengers can see a set fare base, which is guaranteed throughout by a special agreement.
  • You can make a free name change as many times as you wish up to three days before your flight’s departure.
  • Alaska Airlines won’t charge you a ticketing fee and you can enjoy advance seat selection.

Separate Travel

Suppose you are a group of 20 or over and your destination is the same. However, your departure cities are different. In that case, you will get to book them together as a group with Alaska Airlines.

Moreover, the airline also offers discounts on the available lowest fares while making the booking. And to enjoy better discounts you get a discount code by contacting the Alaska Airlines group travel phone number. After that, use this code to make a booking on their own.

What are the benefits?

  • You can book your flights online with a unique code for discount, or you can ask your travel agent for booking.
  • Further, you get an extended travel window allowing you to travel three days prior and three days post your actual event.
  • You can even choose flight time flexibly as per your comfort.
  • And based on the number of tickets you purchase, you may receive tour conductor credits.

Charter a Whole Flight 

Alaska Airlines allows you to book a whole flight and customize your air trip. The charter flight is helpful when you are planning to travel with a large number of people in a group. And all of them are traveling to the same destination. You can also schedule your flights accordingly and adjust the timings as per your wish.

What are the benefits?

  • You get a whole aircraft to yourself and you can travel as per your own schedule.
  • Further, you get to fly out from a standard terminal or a private individual airport.
  • You can get everything included in your itinerary and pre-chose menus, seats and more.

Hence, you can also make a group booking with the airline based on your preferences. So, you can plan your holidays with Alaska Airlines with your choice of people and enjoy.

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