How do I Get a Wheelchair on United Airlines?

Do you or your family members require a wheelchair? Are you looking for wheelchair and mobility assistance on United Airlines? No worries. United Airlines values each passenger equally, and therefore it makes sure no one has any issues while traveling. Furthermore, United Airlines is on a mission to serve everyone with comfort and convenience. 

So, if you or your family member needs wheelchair assistance on the United flight, you can request it. The airline offers you an option to request a wheelchair online or offline and ensure a comfortable flight. 

How can I request Wheelchair assistance on United?

If you need a wheelchair or special service assistance on your United Airlines booking, you can just make a request while booking the flight. As per United Airlines, passengers may request this service as early as possible to avoid future hassle.

Though United Airlines does not mandate you to give detailed information of the disability extent, you must still provide sufficient explanation. This will increase the chances of getting the assistance and proper amount of attention. 

Furthermore, providing enough information to the airline allows them to make everything available as per your needs. And they require you to provide a notice at least 48 hours prior to the flight’s scheduled departure. 

When do you need to visit the airport in Advance?

You must provide an hour extra than the required check-in time at the departure airport to ensure everything is handled properly. This is required in the following conditions:

  • If you wish to travel with an ESA(Emotional Support Animal) in the cabin.
  • Or the passenger traveling on United airlines aircraft requires medical oxygen on board.
  • If you have a group where ten or more people are traveling together, and each of them has disabilities.
  • Or if you wish to transport your electric mobility device(wheelchair) on an airline with less than 60 seats.
  • If you need to assemble or pack your wheelchair along with its battery.
  • When you need to use an FAA-approved ventilator, respirator, CPAP machine, or oxygen concentrator on board.

Besides, if you need special meals onboard, you need to request them at least 24 hours prior to the flight’s scheduled departure.

These are the wheelchair options on United Flights.

Wheelchairs at the Airport

You can add any special service request for your flight with the help of United Airlines manage booking service. However, if you have a disability, you need to use the wheelchairs provided by United Airlines at the airport. The most preferred way to do this is by calling the United Airlines help desk before your scheduled travel date. Further on arriving at the airport you can speak with an airline representative and explain your request. 

Wheelchairs Onboard

All the United Airlines aircraft that have more than 60 seats have wheelchairs onboard. These wheelchairs fit in the aircraft’s aisle, and you can use them when going to the lavatory. Further, if you require assistance with your wheelchair on board, the flight personnel will help you out.

There are plenty of ways to contact United Airlines for special assistance. You can choose any of the methods or visit the official United Airlines manage booking page to make these requests.

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