How Do I Redeem My Spirit Airlines Credit Voucher?

Want to redeem your credits wisely but don’t know how? Relax! We will tell you straight away what exactly is Spirit Airlines Credit Voucher. Also, you will learn how to put this voucher to its best use. 

For those who don’t know, the low-cost carrier issues a credit voucher when you cancel a non-refundable ticket. However, there are many other events when the airline may give these credits to you. These are non-transferable. 

Let’s read the subtopics below to learn more about these future vouchers!

Spirit Airlines Credit Vouchers or Future Travel Vouchers:

Spirit issues the Future Travel Vouchers for single usage. After the guest has used this voucher, it has no remaining value. Here are some terms and conditions regarding this voucher:

  • Non-transferable: It is valid only for the guest for whom Spirit airlines issued the voucher.
  • Covers portion of the fare: You can apply them only at a part of the flight fare after excluding the carrier fees. 
  • Non-cashable: Guests do not have the option to get cash in exchange for the voucher. Hence, you can’t redeem it for money. 
  • Multiple spending options: Even though you can’t cash the future vouchers, you can use them for car rentals, seats & bags, and vacation packages.
  • Expiry date: You can book flights from it only before the voucher’s expiration date. Hence, the booking dates must match the voucher’s expiry date.

Also, you cannot use the voucher for certain classes, during peak travel season, and particular destinations.

How Do I Find My Spirit Airlines Credit Voucher?

There are numerous ways of locating your spirit airlines vouchers and credits. You can use these credits in one go or choose to use them in parts. Read below and learn how you can find out your voucher to redeem on your next flight:

  • You can find the spirit credit voucher in your email inbox. Use this to redeem the cost of the next flight. Open your email inbox and look for the spirit airlines mail with a 17-digit code.
  • If you can’t locate the future voucher on your email id, send a text to the official messaging number along with the 6-digit confirmation code of your flight.
  • Spirit Airlines is active on WhatsApp too. Send the carrier a message on the official WhatsApp number with the 6-digit code we mentioned earlier.

Different Types Of Future Travel Voucher At Spirit:

Depending upon whether you gave up your seat for someone else on the aircraft or canceled the booking on your own, Spirit awards travel vouchers to flyers. Read below to learn under which category your credit falls:

Round Trip Future Vouchers

One can use the reservation’s customer service number to redeem this type of credit. Usually, the spirit offers these credits to flyers of only some fare class. 

Also, their redemption is restricted for some holidays and peak season bookings. Don’t forget to talk to a live agent at Spirit to redeem them within 60 days from the date of their issue.

Future Travel Voucher Given To Volunteer Guests

Passengers who are given credits in this category can redeem the same via the purchase page. Doesn’t matter if you make the purchase online or contact the reservations; you have to apply this voucher at the time of booking to obtain its full value. 

However, it also has certain restrictions:

  • Credit vouchers of this category are valid for one-time use only. They have no value remaining regardless of whether you used the partial or full amount of the credit.
  • Also, this instrument applies to the volunteer or their companion only when the same future reservation is bought for both.
  • Besides, the passenger cannot use them for vacation packages add ones. For example, you cannot spend these credits on car rentals, cruise tickets, and other vacation package elements. 
  • You cannot use the same for carrier fees, optional services, and taxes. 
  • Spirit does not allow cash in exchange for these travel vouchers.
  • Also, the airline’s credit voucher for the future travel category is valid for upto one year from the date of issuance only. Also, they can book tickets for the dates that fall within this time only.

How do I redeem my spirit credit voucher?

 You can freely spend these credits for Spirit Airlines Booking airfare, taxes, seat selection and baggage, and fees. Follow the methods mentioned below to redeem your future travel voucher without hassle.

  • Firstly, look for your 6-digit code from your mail after canceling the Spirit Airlines Booking. 
  • After that, go to the official website of Spirit Airlines and start booking new tickets.
  • When entering the personal data, fill it in as per the info you previously gave in the trip cancellation mail. 
  • You will be redirected to the payments page, where you have to choose a payment method. Here, on the top-left side of the screen, you will see this option: redeem a voucher or credit.
  • Afterward, go to the payment section and enter the six-digit confirmation code in the box. Select go and carry on with the next steps.
  • Also, enter the amount that you wish to spend on this booking. You are free to choose a part of the full amount. For due balance, add a payment method. After that, click APPLY CREDIT.

Once your booking is complete, you will get new flight details in a confirmation mail sent by the airlines. If you haven’t utilized the credits completely, you can use them for future travel.

Note: Chances are that the Spirit Application for mobile may not have a reservation credit bookings option. Hence, visit the official website through a desktop to use your credits.

Want to know when to redeem Spirit Airlines Credit Vouchers? Call 855-728-3555 and talk to live agents directly. Available 24/7, you’ll receive the best advice.

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Spirit Airlines Credit Voucher FAQs

You can redeem your credits by booking another flight with Spirit Airlines. These credits are available via your email ID with the previously canceled ticket. When you book another flight, look at the redeem a credit option to use credits.

Spirit Airlines Booking Vouchers expire within 12 months of their issue. Hence, the travelers have to use the voucher within this period. They are free to redeem in parts, and any guest connected to these reservations can avail the coupon. 

The spirit credit voucher is non-transferable. Hence, only the guests connected to the booking are eligible to use the credits from the future voucher. Kindly use it within 12 months of issuance.

Your credits are valid upto 60 days from the date of their issue. Note that their value is available for one-time use. If you have a $150 travel credit and you use $120 out of it, there will not be any balance of $30.

Passengers can get back their credits as a refund provided they had used the credits 7 days before the flight’s departure and requested a cancellation and refund within 24 hours of booking the ticket with credits from Spirit.

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