How Do I Select My Seat on Delta Airlines?

Know More best way to Choose your Select Seat 

Wanna sit in the aisle, or do you love peeking through the windows but don’t know and want to know How do I select my seat on Delta Airlines? To choose where you want to sit on the plane, use the Delta Airlines Seats Selection process. The My trips section on Delta lets you review your trip details and make possible changes to your tickets.

No matter if you have already booked your tickets, or you are just starting the booking steps, you can select a seat online without a hassle. And to help you sort out the information, we have included, each detail about the seat assignment process on Delta Airlines.

Take a look at the detailed information below!

Delta Seat Selection Policy

  • When you wish to make delta airline seat selection, there are Seat Maps. These seat maps let you choose the seats that are currently available. However, there’s a catch. 
  • It so happens that the seats that were available at the time you started the seat booking process, get assigned to another customer while you are in the process of selection. This is before you have paid for the seats. 
  • Suppose that the seats aren’t available on the seat map, you will get a seat while checking in for flights.
  • Delta Airlines has set the seating options for customers who have certain types of disabilities. 
  • This pre-set situation may result in the need to change a pre-assigned seat of another individual on occasions. Especially if the passenger’s book bulkhead seats, there can be a maximum chance of Delta Airlines seat selection reassignment. 

Delta Airlines Seat Assignment

  • You will not get an assigned seat as long as you do not choose Delta Airlines select your seat service up until check-in time. The airline only assigns you a seat after you have checked in.
  • If the seat number is not displayed in your boarding pass, the airline will assign you a seat at the gate before boarding.

Delta Airlines Main Cabin Seats

  • For passengers who have Main Cabin seats, they can enjoy extra flexibility and freedom when it comes to seat selections.
  • The Delta Airlines seat selection policy lets you choose a seat in advance using the online website for a better air travel experience with the airline.

Medallion Upgrades Passengers 

  • Delta has a hellbent set on providing your seat preferences on Delta Comfort+ individual flights.
    Using the service, the medallion passengers can even select their personalized space options on Delta Comfort+ cabins. 
  • There is also a complimentary seat upgrade service available for such passengers.

Platinum Medallion Status

  • Passengers with a medallion status in platinum can also select the complimentary upgrades under Delta Airlines seating selection service module.
  • The airline allows you to book a seat for a future flight if you already have platinum medallion status.
  • Your seat preferences will be available as complimentary.

Delta One

The Delta one passengers can have an unbelievably good experience on long-haul international Delta flights with their select seat preferences. These benefits are available in selected domestic markets as well, however, your seat configuration solely depends on the aircraft.

How do I chose my Seats on Delta Airlines?

To select a seat with Delta Airlines, you need to visit the Delta Airlines Seat Maps page. Here’s the process to choose your preferred seats on Delta:

  • Go to Delta Airlines’ official website.
  • Log in to the My Trips section with your travel details.
  • Enter ticket confirmation number and last name.
  • Review the flight details you wish to select seats on.
  • open the Delta airlines flights seat selection page.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to choose the seat using the seat map.
  • Confirm your selection and proceed to the payments page.
  • Complete your seat selection process.

After your process is finished, the airline will send you a link from where you can download a boarding pass for the bookings.

What are Delta Airlines seat Selection fees?

Delta Airlines seat selection fee may vary from 15 USD to 45 USD based on the type of seat you selected and the level of demand. You need to clear this seat selection fee before you confirm anything to ensure that you get the seat.

On picking a basic economy flight seat, your fare price varies by the route, and so do the seat selection fees. So, next time you use the Delta Airlines booking service to choose a seat on the plane, you should never forget to check the cost. This way you can make sure that you do not pay extra for a flight that you were dying to get deals on.


As of now, you may have a clear idea of how to select a seat on Delta Airlines planes. But if you still have any doubts or questions in mind, why don’t you try dialing the 

Delta Airlines seat selection phone number 1 (800) 221-1212? The airline agents on call will assist you to select your seats and make sure you get the same one.

You can even make sure your seat is not expensive and such with the help of an airline’s live agent. Suppose you have language barriers, dial the Delta Airlines Español team phone number. This way you can communicate with the experts in Spanish.

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How do I select my seat on Delta Airlines?

Delta Airlines seat Selection FAQs

  • Go to Delta Airlines official website.
  • Log in to the My Trips section with your travel details.
  • Enter ticket confirmation number and last name.
  • Review the flight details you wish to select seats on.
  • Open the Delta airlines flight seat selection section.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to choose the seat using the seat map.
  • Confirm your selection and proceed to the payments page.
  • Complete your seat selection process.

Beginning the seven days before departure, you can simply log in to your booking and pay for seat selections. Generally, selecting seats costs 29 USD for each seat. However, suppose that you get lucky. In that case, wait until the check-in window opens, that is, 24 hours prior to the flight’s departure. And after that, Delta Airlines will allow you to move to any of the seats remaining for free of cost.

Delta has stopped blocking middle seats on its plane for days now. The last US carrier to stop blocking the seats was Delta itself. All the other US airlines where have restored air travel procedures to normal, but Delta has taken a step back. That’s why it has just now relieved many pandemic-era regulations.

Delta Airlines also offer especially low-cost price tickets, where you can not just select the seats. This is on the stated terms & conditions of the airline ticket on purchase. If you have paid more for the next Economy ticket, the seat price will be none, However, you already agreed to these rules when you first bought these tickets.

If you are choosing to upgrade to a premium cabin or choosing a new seat, you can easily check the seat availability. Also, you have the ability to select the seats that are available as per your choice for you and your companion.

If you have an Infant flying with you on a seat on a domestic flight, you need to buy a ticket for them and then select seats as well. There will be an applicable fare which you need to pay for the seat booking for infants.

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