How do I talk to a live person at Copa Airlines?

Want to enjoy the comfort of travel with the help of a Copa Airlines Agent? Are you wondering How do I talk to a live person at Copa Airlines?  To connect to a Copa Airlines live person, dial 1 800 FLY COPA (359 2672) or 1-860-318-2831, and talk to live to live representative with ease. The airline experts will serve you from 5 AM to 11 PM EST every week.

Copa Airlines is a major name in the aviation industry, offering you possible solutions for all the answers you seek. Besides, You can ask anything you want at any point in time and receive instant answers.

So, would you like to contact someone and talk to a live person at Copa airlines? You can keep reading and find out various aspects to connect with an airline supervisor for help. They will be available at your beck and call regardless of the time. 

How do I talk to a live person at Copa Airlines customer service?

Speak to a live person or (someone) at Copa Airlines customer service dial 1 800 FLY COPA (359 2672) or 1-860-318-2831 and talk to a live representative easily.

Find the table below for more contact options:

Hours (Monday to Sunday)


0800 800 2672

7 AM to 1 AM


1 800 FLY COPA (359 2672)

6 AM to 10 PM


1 800 389 0772

7 AM to 11 PM


1 800 744 2359

6 AM to 12 AM


800 10 COPA (2672)

6 AM to 12 AM


1 800 FLY COPA (359 2672)

4 AM to 10 PM

Brazil (Sao Paulo)

All cities

55 11 4933 2399

0800 886 2672

6 AM to 12 AM



1 647 493 5022

5 AM to 11 PM


(562) 2573 9318 o (562) 2840 2641

6 AM to 12 AM

Colombia (Bogota)

All Cities

57 601 3209090

01 8000 112600

5 AM to 11 PM


(53) 7 204 1111

6 AM to 12 AM

Costa Rica

(506) 4000 0478

4 AM to 10 PM


1 800 744 3672

6 AM to 10 PM

Dominican Republic

(1829) 946 0136

6 AM to 12 AM

El Salvador

(503) 2113 0369

4 AM to 10 PM

Ecuador (All Cities)


(593) 4375 2672

(593) 2342 2672

5 AM to 11 PM


(502) 2307-6400

4 AM to 10 PM


(855) 654 0566

6 AM to 12 PM

Haiti (Port-au-Prince)

All cities

868 669 5189

1 800 271 COPA (2672)


(504) 2516 COPA (2672)

(504) 2240 COPA (2672)

4 AM to 10 PM


1 800 234 COPA (2672)

6 Am to 12 AM


(5255) 1516 3319

5 AM to 11 PM


002 507 2172672

009 800 542 0074

6 Am to 12 AM


217 COPA (2672)

5 AM to 11 PM


(511) 700 9098

5 AM to 11 PM

Puerto Rico

1 787 296 9824

6 AM to 12 AM

St. Maarten

(1 877) 389 3606

5 AM to 11 PM

Trinidad and Tobago

1 800 271 COPA (2672)

6 AM to 12 AM

United States

1 800 FLY COPA (359 2672)

5 AM to 11 PM


(598) 2626 1000

(002) 507 2172672

7 AM to 1 AM


(58) 212 720 1450

6 AM to 12 AM

How Can I Talk With COPA Airlines Customer Service Agent?

Do you wish to receive answers for your troubles from a Copa Airlines professional immediately? You should dial 1 800 FLY COPA (359 2672) and get the answers you desire from the airline experts. This number firstly connects you to an automated voice prompt, and then you can solve your query in detail.

However, there are a variety of methods that allow you to connect with an airline supervisor at Copa Airlines customer service. Therefore, you can choose one method or the other as per your convenience and receive your answers.

Steps to Connect with Copa Airlines Over the Phone

  • Firstly, you need to open the Copa Airlines official website on your favorite device and browser.
  • After that, locate the airline’s reservation contact information on the homepage.
  • Once you find the “Contact reservations department” option, you can obtain a list of phone numbers available for you to call.
  • Noe, pick up your phone and make a call on the given phone number.
  • You can easily dial  1 800 FLY COPA (359 2672).
  • First, this number will take you to an automated voice prompt that guides you to your customer service options.
  • Now, you should choose a query related to your booking and continue.
  • The line will now connect you to a Copa Airlines customer service live person.
  • You can ask any questions, and they will be obliged to answer. For more, you can always check the airline’s official website.

Besides, you just need to dial the given Copa Airlines customer service number in order to get through the airline’s expert.

What is the Copa Airlines Customer Service Automated Voice Menu?

On calling Copa Airlines phone number  1 800 FLY COPA (359 2672) to talk to a live person at Copa Airlines, the call first connects to an automated voice IVR system. This IVR system will give you some instructions to connect to a live person at Copa Airlines customer service.

  • To get detailed information on Copa Airlines flights, Press 1.
  • Press 2 for connecting to the travel agencies.
  • To get information on Special service requests, and seats, press 3.
  • Press 4 if you already have a Copa Airlines booking made from the website.
  • To obtain details on Copa’s airport office, Press 5.
  • Press 9 to repeat this menu.

Choose one of the options and then follow the corresponding submenu to get through a live person at Copa Airlines at 1 800 FLY COPA. The airline experts will be eager to serve you what’s best.

Alternate Ways to Contact a Copa Airlines Live Person?

Copa Airlines is a major name in the aviation industry. The airline has set a benchmark with its excellent customer service help nonstop throughout the year. However, some of their services have a time limit. Like to make use of their call service, you only have from 8 AM until 5:30, or 6 PM. However, this time is limited to only from 8 AM to noon 12 PM on Saturdays. You can only call Copa Airlines phone number for reasonable services within this time limit.

Therefore, the airline provides some alternatives to the passengers in order to connect to their customer service specialists. You can also choose one of those methods and find answers to all types of concerns. Below are the details:

Copa Airlines Email

Another better way to contact the Copa Airlines customer service help is via email service. You can send an email to the airline at [email protected] and obtain the help that you require in the meantime. The airline has several customer service agents working together to clear your queries. So, you can easily enjoy the necessary services with the help of the airline.

Copa Airlines Social Media Contact

There’s no such thing that you can’t find on social media these days. Many airlines, even Copa, has turned to social media entertainment sites to promote and improve their services to reach even more audience. Therefore, you can send a text to the airline’s social media page and receive the necessary assistance you seek.

However, if you can not reach an airline expert on time, you should call the Copa Airlines customer service phone number and get the answers you require. So, feel free to have your answers as you desire.

Copa Airlines live to chat Bot ANA.

Copa even offers an AI support assistant, ANA, via their Facebook messenger. This chatbot can help you out with anything you seek and solve all types of your queries. Though it can help you out without a hassle, it only provides services in Spanish. This means that if you can not get through to a live agent at the airline, speaking to ANA for a solution can be a solution. However, you need must understand Spanish to get your possible answers.

These are the steps to chat with an airline executive at Copa:

  • Get the official website of Copa Airlines.
  • Now, open the Facebook page link on the bottom.
  • Choose the option to send a message to their Live chatbot Ana.
  • The bot will reply back with answers.
  • If the service is not available by the chatbot, it will connect you to a live person at Copa Airlines.

Hence, you can receive unprecedented services with the help of a Copa Airlines expert. However, if you wish to know more, you can talk with one of our experts this instant through the Copa Airlines customer phone number 1 800 FLY COPA (359 2672) or 1-860-318-2831 . They will indeed guide you to talk to a live person at Copa Airlines without a hassle.

Copa Airlines FAQs

Do you wish to change your Copa airlines flight? You can make a call to the airline’s customer service department and ask for options. 

Then, a Copa Airlines expert will first explain their flight change policy and then make you a new flight offer. You can gladly get the latest flight in the same budget as before with or without penalties. However, the payment details depend on the type of your booking

Delta Airlines will provide you a refund according to the time of booking cancellation. If you purchased your ticket using cash or a cheque, the airline would process the refund within 20 business days of receiving the refund request. You can also call the airline and request a refund from the airline experts for your canceled tickets by giving a proper reason.

If you wish to avoid paying the Copa Airlines flight change fee, you can follow one or the other detail below:

  • Make it within 24 hours
  • Your flight’s departure should not be before 60 days.
  • You can change a flight on the same day
  • Purchase a flexible ticket with the add-on options
  • Explain your troubles to the airline
  • Have Elite status on the airline’s frequent flyer.

Follow one or the other, and you can change your tickets without a fee for the same or a slightly different fare.

Like every airline around the globe, Copa Airlines also gives you 24 hours after the booking time and cancel your flights for free. The airline has this golden period for people who do not wish to spend money on their flight cancelation and rather save this amount for future air travel. So. if you are wondering whether you can cancel flights within this limit, you can easily find answers with the help of a live person at Copa Airlines.

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