How Many Miles Do I Need To Get a Free Delta Flight?

Are you a frequent flyer with Delta Airlines and want to make the best use of your loyalty Skymiles points? Award travel is popular among regular passengers of Delta. Learn how many delta miles one needs for a free flight to get a one-way/ round trip without paying a penny.

With Skymiles from Delta, you can access free flights on 20+ partner airlines. Apart from flights, you can also access free vacation packages and shopping deals worth every Skymiles you earn.

Let’s understand how to get a free flight with Skymiles from Delta.

How Many Delta Skymiles Required For Free Flight?

There isn’t a published Delta SkyMiles exchange program for flyers. The value of these miles to get free tickets depends upon flight type, distance, time left for departure, and many other factors. Here is an estimation of Delta SkyMiles required for a free flight in different categories:

Flight Type


Required Delta Miles For A Free Flight

General (Round Trip)



Business Class (One- Way)

Within USA


First Class 

USA/ International


General (One- Way)

Within USA


General (Round Trip)

USA/ International

12,000 + Cash

Long Haul First Class Flights

USA/ International

7000- 19000

As per rough estimates, by spending a minimum of 25k Delta SkyMiles, you can earn a free trip to the USA. Pre-reserve your vacation package to spend less and save big.

Delta Skymiles Required For Free Flight For Travel Within USA (One-Way)

While using the official website of Delta airlines, passengers have spent the following number of Skymiles for their flights:


Departure City

Arrival City

Delta SkyMiles Required

Los Angeles

Las Vegas


New York City



Los Angeles

New York City


New York City 






Now that you know how much delta SkyMiles required for free flights for one-way travel to popular cities, you can plan for future journeys. Kindly book the main cabin or better class tickets to earn more miles.

How To Earn Delta Skymiles?

Delta Skymiles are easy to earn and redeem. One can earn them while booking flights and spend them on buying flight tickets. However, numerous ways exist to earn and spend Delta miles for a free flight. Let’s explore:

Book Flights

One can earn Delta Skymiles when they buy tickets for the main cabin or above classes. Once your journey is complete, the miles will be credited to your account.

Become An Elite Member
Frequent flyers of Delta Airlines can earn more on the same ticket than those who use Delta’s services less. A silver member would get 7 miles for $1, whereas a diamond member would get 11 miles for every $1 spent. 

Fly WIth Partner Airlines
You can earn Skymiles on 20+ partner airlines, even if you’ve never been on a flight with Delta. These partners have a global network, and you can fly wherever you wish without spending an extra penny.

Earn Through Delta Credit Cards
You can opt for Delta-branded American Express credit cards that earn you bonus points without booking a flight ticket. It offers blue/ gold/ reserve/ and platinum membership cards with different SkyMiles on spending.

Sign up for Delta dining and shopping

Delta SkyMiles program also extends to shopping and dining. Just sign up for dedicated Delta portals for shopping and dining. You can earn 7% cashback on top of all your rewards and miles you earn otherwise.

You can earn more Delta Skymiles and book free flights by purchasing Delta Vacations Packages, referring credit cards to someone, and using services from Delta Tour & Travel Partners.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve earned 10k Delta Skymiles, you can club your exclusive Amex blue/ gold/ platinum/ reserve card and reduce your ticket’s price by $50 for 5k miles. The same goes for $100 off on spending 10k miles. On average, the cheapest one-way flight would cost 6.5k miles.

The conversion of every Delta Skymile with currency value may differ depending upon where the passenger will spend their loyalty points. Usually, one Delta mile equals 1.2 cents when the passenger redeems them for 70k miles. Upto $840 equals 70k miles.

The baseline value of every Delta Skymiles is almost 1.5 cents per point, which is higher than many other airline companies in the USA. Hence, your 50000 Delta miles would be worth $750, and 80,000 Delta miles would be equal to ~$1200.

From the U.S. To Europe In Delta

Delta SkyMiles (reservations before 60+ days to departure)



Premium economy


Business class


Note: These are estimated miles to spend on a round-trip between the USA and Europe. Also, you may have to spend separately for Delta Vacations.

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