How to book JetBlue group travel with ease?

Do you wish to travel within groups that contain more than ten people? Is your most awaited spring break vacation is with your group of friends from College? Whether you wish to travel with friends or colleagues, it doesn’t matter. You can book JetBlue group travel and fly to your favorite destinations for holidays.

Besides, what can be better than traveling in a group? Well, it’s always fun to enjoy a vacation in groups rather than flying alone with no company. And JetBlue is always up for sweet surprises when you plan something like this. 

Hence, if you are planning a JetBlue group travel booking, you can look forward to an exciting getaway. Further, with the most amazing air travel options, you can find superb air travel facilities. So, read more and find out what Jetblue AirwaysGroup Travel offers you.

Learn more about Jetblue Group Travel Booking!

Jetblue Airways allows passengers to book flights for their groups of different sizes. However, not every booking may count as a JetBlue airlines group travel. This is because Jetblue has different standards for booking flights with your group.

So, let’s find out the various types of groups based on the number of people, travel requirements, and more.

Groups or families of less than 8 people

If you wish to make Jetblue Group Travel bookings of 7 people or less, rest assured. The airline offers the option to confirm the booking online by visiting the airline’s official website.

Groups having o 7-8 people

Suppoose, your group, includes 7-8 people, and you wish to book a flight under the Group booking service. In that case, you can contact the airline reservations department to confirm their group booking.

Groups having 8 or more people

For Jetblue group bookings for sports, church, or youth, travelers can confirm the booking by contacting the JetBlue Group Travel Desk. Besides, the airline even offers special rates for groups of 10 or more. 

Find out about the benefits of your group and book your tour or send a request using the form on Jetblue official website. Note that all requests are generally in the order they are received.

Fill out the JetBlue Group Booking Formand confirm your Book Travel

When you search the options for group travel on JetBlue, you will see their available group categories. Furthermore, you may also see the number of benefits they offer to groups. However, the most important one is that they offer you a Group Travel request form to fill out online.

You can book your Leisure, Incentive, or Meeting group using this form. Hence, you can follow the steps mentioned below and book group travel. So, hurry to follow these steps mentioned below and obtain the JetBlue group boarding pass afterward.

Follow these steps to fill out the group request form

  • Firstly, when you are on the page for group travel, you will see the group bookingrequest form below.
  • Start with your contact information aka, Full name, email, phone, and an alternate contact number.
  • After that, provide the group information like the name of the group or the company’s name.
  • Then select the type of your group from the drop-down menu in the next field.
  • Following that, you may select the number of travelers and anything you would like to add in the comments section.
  • Further, begin with the trip details like type of trip and your travel location details as you do for Jetblue Booking. For instance, enter the departure date and city, destination, departure time preference. Also, provide the return information for round trips.
  • Now click on request group travel to receive the group travel quotes.

You can even call the airline experts to know about the Jetblue group travel discount if you get any. However, once you get the group booking quote you can move over to book the flights as a group.

Lastly, if you have any other requests, you can connect with an airline expert at our end. We have a whole team of professionals working 24/7 to offer all the possible benefits you request. And if you miss anything, you can speak to us again for solutions.

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