How To Book Turkish Airlines Group Reservations?

Are you flying with over ten people on Turkish Airlines? Do you wish to make a Turkish airlines group reservations for your team? Well, Turkish Airlines does not have such a facility of group booking online on their mobile app. So, if you ever wish to book flight tickets for a group of over 7 or 9 passengers, there is no benefit in searching online.

However, if your group consists of 7 passengers at most, you can easily book a flight online for domestic flights. And you can make bookings together for nine passengers on international flights. However, to book a group larger than these numbers, you must contact the Turkish Airlines travel agencies.

So, if you are wondering how to make Turkish airlines group reservations, you need to know some more about the service. Though your single ticket can not exceed a maximum of 7 or 9 passengers, you can still make it 15 if infants are included. But there is much more to this service. Read more and find it out.

What group is Turkish airlines?

Well, before we move on to group bookings, let’s know about what group Turkish Airlines is! The airline falls under the Star Alliance group, which is the world’s largest community of airlines with 29 members. Established on 14 May 1997, Star Alliance has been a brimming group ever since. 

However, Turkish Airlines has been a part of the group since April 2008 and is the 21st member of the group. But we are not here to discuss just that. Let’s take a clear look at whether Turkish Airlines allows group booking or not.

How does group booking happen for Turkish Airlines flights?

Suppose you wish to make a Turkish airlines group reservations but don’t know the process. In that case, you can contact the online travel agencies affiliated with the airline and know your options.

However, they do not offer direct group bookings. Besides, if you use your award points to make Turkish Airlines Booking, you can book five tickets together simultaneously in one transaction. Henceforth, passengers can book a group ticket with limitations to some amounts. And if you wish to book a group flight, follow the process mentioned ahead.

Step-by-Step Guide to book Turkish Airlines Flights

  • Locate the Turkish Airlines official website and log in or continue as a guest.
  • Now, begin the group flight booking by entering the Book Tickets section.
  • After that, determine the type of your trip between any available options.
  • Next, select the departure, destination, and city information along with the airport.
  • Further, select the preferred travel dates and continue to choose the cabin.
  • Choose the number of passengers, including adults and infants.
  • Now, select the cabins for all the passengers under your itinerary and click on “Search.”
  • You will see the list of available flights, and you can choose any of them.
  • After that, provide the traveler’s information in detail and confirm all the details for no chance of mistakes.
  • Lastly, pay for the service and confirm your flight booking.

Furthermore, Turkish airlines are one of the cheapest air carriers in the region. Besides being Turkey’s flag carrier, the airline even allows you to choose Turkish Airlines Boarding Groups without a hassle. Besides, you all will be assigned a different boarding group on Turkish Airlines.

However, if you fail to board with your group, do not leave the line and you may enter the plane without worrying much. Besides, we also have a team of experts working non-stop to offer exciting services to all the customers. So, you can choose us as your travel specialists and contact our experts to assure a seat onboard.

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