How Can I cancel a united airlines flight?

Are you not able to take the scheduled flight anymore? Willing to know how to cancel a united airlines flight and get a refund? You can cancel your United flight online or over the phone. Bbut you must submit a separate refund request. If you are considering taking a United flight as soon as possible or have already booked something. It is best to understand the cancellation and refund rules. This way, if something goes wrong and your travel plans change, you will know how to cancel your flight. 

Moreover, when using united airlines cancel flight service, you can be at ease since you are completely aware of the process. And guidelines. Below is information about canceling United Airlines flights-whether you are buying a ticket directly or redeeming MileagePlus miles to book a ticket.

Which United Airlines tickets can be canceled and when to Cancel them?

Most United Airlines tickets generally have non-refundable values, but you can have other refund options. According to the united airlines flight cancellation policy, there are different rules based on the type of fare, route, and the time of canceling your flights.

Cancel a United Airlines Within 24 hours after booking

For most ticket types, including basic economy class, as long as you book at least one week before departure and book directly with United Airlines. You can get a full refund within 24 hours of booking. This rule is due to the 24-hour flexible policy.

Unless you booked with a United Gift Voucher, the airline would return your refund to your original payment. And in this case, the refund will be credited in the form of an electronic travel document. If you wish to know united airlines how to use credit from canceled flight, you can refer to their official website.

  • If your tickets booking has been made using travel certificates, they are not eligible.
  • On the other hand, if you only paid the FareLock fee to hold the United Airlines reservation, United airlines could not refund the payment.

Cancel a United Airlines Over 24 hours after booking

If you cancel your flight over 24 hours after booking, cancellation rules may vary. Besides, depending on the type of ticket, you need to pay the penalty amount. If you do not receive a united airlines cancel flight refund, then it means you have canceled your ticket after the specified time, and you have o pay the penalty to receive a travel credit.

Basic Economy Class: No cancellation within 24 hours after booking.

The basic economy tickets and others are usually non-refundable. For instance, Most United tickets do not offer any refunds. But if you pay the penalty, you may be eligible to use the value of your ticket to pay for the price of the new ticket.

Refundable ticket

If the purchased ticket is refundable, you can simply cancel the booking to get a refund before the flight departs. Moreover, depending on the fare type (since there are more than 20 different types), you may have to pay a cancellation fee.

Award ticket

If you have used MileagePlus miles balance redemption for your making United airlines booking and want to cancel, you can choose to re-deposit the miles or use the miles for another trip in the future. And you decide to re-deposit miles for a flight that departs in 30 days or less, they will charge a re-deposit fee. Besides, there is no re-deposit fee if the flight is booked more than 30 days in advance.

How much does united airlines charge to cancel a flight?

If you wish to know How much does united airlines charge to cancel a flight, you may read forward. As the cancellation fee depends on the type of ticket purchased by the customer. According to United Airlines regulations, air tickets are divided into four types: refundable tickets, non-refundable tickets, basic economy class tickets, and award tickets.

For refundable tickets, you can cancel the ticket at any time. Unless you cancel the flight on the day of departure, you do not need to pay any cancellation fees.

For non-refundable tickets, you can cancel the ticket, but if you cancel 24 hours after the booking point, you must pay a cancellation fee of $200.

If you have purchased a Basic Economy ticket, you will not be able to use the United Airlines cancel flight service.

For award tickets, you should pay a cancellation fee of between US$25 and US$125, depending on the destination.

Change the flight instead of canceling it?

If you know you want to rebook a United flight and you already know the date, changing your flight instead of canceling it can save you money. Most United flights paid in cash no longer charge a change fee. 

There will be No change fee for the following:

  • Except for basic economy class, all fare classes are domestic and international flights departing from the United States.
  • Basic economy class tickets issued before April 30, 2021.
  • Non-U.S.-originating flights issued before July 31, 2021.

Basic economy class flights issued after the deadline and international flights departing from outside the United States may incur change fees.

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