How to cancel an American Airlines flight?

Facing an issue and cannot fly according to the planned schedule and now want to know about how to Cancel American Airlines flight? Do you wish to cancel your flight now? If you have come across a situation that doesn’t allow you to fly right now and need immediate help, you can rest assured.

Stop bombarding the internet by searching “How to cancel an American airlines flight?” over and over. You can simply cancel your American Airlines flight. If you are aware of simple terms and conditions that are pre-stated by the airline. 

Moreover, American Airlines has been offering travel flexibility for its passengers. Allowing them to fly without any condition and also cancel their flights. Emergency Situations are like natural disasters, and you can’t just avoid them each time they occur.

Therefore, before you cancel your American Airlines booking, you must be totally aware of their cancellation policy. Let us take a further look at it now.

What is the American Airlines flight cancellation policy?

Everyone knows it, and you must know it too, that it can be quite difficult to take in every nook and cranny about the airline’s policies. However, when booking flights with American Airlines, they suggest you go through their basic terms and conditions that help you with the most basic things. If you also wish to know about American Airlines canceled flight policy or simply their cancellation policies, take a further look.

  • You can only cancel your flight through the website for a full refund if you purchased the ticket online directly from the AA website.  Therefore, you need to contact the travel agencies or OTAs if you use a third-party travel booking option.
  • You can only receive a full refund on canceling airline tickets American within 24 hours of the initial booking. Likewise, to qualify for a refund, there should be at least two days or more left for your flight’s departure.
  • If your American Airlines booking is refundable, you can cancel the flight for a refund by requesting it online or calling the airline agents.
For non-refundable tickets
  • If you purchased a non-refundable ticket. You would not be eligible for a refund after the 24-hour grace period. However, suppose you cancel your flight before departure. In that case, you can use the unused value of the eligible fare for future travel as long as the new flight occurs within one year of the original ticket issuance date.
  • If you have an American Airlines booking before 31st March 2021. The airline will extend its change fee waiver for all flights, including basic economy class fares and AAdvantage award tickets.
  • Currently, you can only change the itinerary once. Although the change fee can be waived, you may still need to pay the fare difference. However, if your new American Airlines booking is cheaper than your original ticket price. The Airlines will provide you with travel credits for the difference.

Cancellation Policy for Award Tickets

If you are an Executive Platinum member of the American Airlines reward program, you can cancel your award ticket or re-deposit fees for free. For instance, the airline will refund your award ticket value to your account, and you can use it in the future.

How can you cancel your American Airlines flight?

When a passenger needs to make an American airlines ticket cancellation within the US or Canada. They can give a call at 1-800-433-7300 and speak to someone at the airline directly for help. Contradictorily, for the passengers who do not wish to speak to an airline executive, the airline also has an option for online cancellation. 

In the same way, a passenger books a flight using the official American Airlines booking website. The airline allows him to cancel the booking. They can locate their booking by logging in to the My trips section and click on the Cancel flight option to cancel their flights. 

Afterward, on successful cancellation of your flight. The airline will send you a confirmation email that will inform you about the canceled ticket.

You must keep this email for the future when you need to rebook since this email will include your ticket number and refund options that are currently available for you.

You can choose to take flight credits in your account if you need a rebooking in the near future and feel at ease.

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