How to Cancel Spirit Airlines Flight?

No one is amused by the thought of canceling an already planned flight and Spirit Airlines Cancel Flight is one of the thiing which customers want to know. However, it is unfortunate that some situations force you to cancel your already planned bookings. But some airlines are very generous with their booking and canceling procedures. Therefore, if you want to cancel flights with airlines like spirit airlines cancellation, you can be at ease.

Spirit Airlines cancellation

Though cancellation of flights is kind of frustrating but, if you know the proper rules, you got the upper hand. If you know the exact procedure to cancel Spirit Flight, you can save your money and time simultaneously. Moreover, when there is a need to change your travel plans, Spirit Airlines will have your back. 

Let’s take a further look at how to Cancel a Spirit Airlines flight!

Spirit Airlines Cancellation is possible in several ways, and you can choose any of the available methods. Moreover, you can easily connect with airline experts and receive immediate assistance in the flight cancellation process. 

The airline allows you to cancel your flights via their official mobile app. Furthermore, they can visit the website of Spirit Airlines to cancel their existing reservations. And, if you do not have faith in online processes, you can communicate with a Spirit Airlines live person to get prior assistance.

But there are some terms and conditions that one must adhere to before cancelation of their flights. 

Certain Points Related to Spirit Airlines Flight Cancellation

  • Only eligible passengers can cancel their Spirit flights for free and get a full refund. They can check out the spirit airlines cancel my flight policy for detailed information.
  • If a passenger cancels or changes their flight within 24 hours of the booking, they don’t have to pay a cancellation charge. However, they must ensure that the flight’s scheduled departure is at least seven days later than the cancellation time.
  • Any tickets canceled after 24 hours are subject to a cancellation fee.  Besides, the airline will deduct this fee from their booking amount and provide the remaining amount in the form of travel credit.
  • Spirit Does not offer refundable fares to passengers. This means you can not just get a full refund on the ticket after 24 hours of the initial purchase.

How to cancel Spirit flight within 24 hours?

As you already know that Spirit Airlines does not offer you refundable fares. Therefore, in order to cancel a Spirit flight for a full refund, you must cancel it within 24 hours of the initial ticket purchase.

Further, if you wish to know how to cancel Spirit flight?  You can follow the steps mentioned below and ensure a smooth ticket cancellation.

Steps to make Spirit Airlines cancellation

  • Firstly, visit the official website of Spirit Airlines and enter their My Trips Tab.
  • Now in this tab, provide the required information in the designated fields.
  • You need to enter the first and last name of the ticketed passenger and the confirmation code.
  • After that, click on the “Continue” button.
  • Now, you’ll see your booking details. You can select the flight cancellation button and follow the on-screen prompts to cancel the flight.

Moreover, you can also choose the options to receive a flight credit or refund amount to your original payment method. This, however, depends on the eligibility.  You can also contact the airline experts for more help.

Canceling Spirit Airlines flights after 24 hours

Suppose you missed the 24-hours cancellation window, and now you need to cancel your Spirit Airlines Booking. In that case, the airline will charge a flight cancellation free from you. Also, if you are canceling within 24 hours, but the scheduled flight’s departure is within less than seven days, you will be subject to a cancellation fee. 

The passengers can retain their ticket value for up to 90 days, which can be applied to future travel tickets. Besides, the cost of cancellation can vary depending on the time of cancellation. Lets, take a look!

How much are Spirit Airlines cancellation charges?

The 24-hours risk-free cancelation period allows the passengers to cancel their flights without a charge regardless of their fare. However, if they pass this time, they need to pay a cancellation amount which may vary based on the time left for departure.

Furthermore, Spirit Airlines will deduct this amount from their initial booking fare and provide the rest in the form of travel credit. Now, lets’ read more to find out how much fee is charged for cancelation.

  • If there are less than seven days left for departure, you have to pay a 79 USD fee.
  • For tickets canceled between 7 to 14 days prior to the departure, the cancellation amount is 59 USD.
  • If the departure is within 15 to 59 days, the airline will charge you a 39 USD flight cancellation charge.
  • Furthermore, if there are over 60 days in the flight’s departure, you don’t have to pay any cancellation fee.

What is the Refund Policy of Spirit Airlines?

Now, after canceling a flight, you must be waiting for a refund. But to get a refund, you may know about the Spirit airlines refund policy. The airline has simple criteria for providing ticket fare refunds to the passengers. Read more to find out:

  • To claim a refund, you need to fill out a refund request form. But this form must be submitted within 24 hours of the initial flight booking.
  • After you have submitted the refund request, Spirit Airlines will provide you a refund within two to four business days. 
  • Finally, if you still don’t get the money back, you can contact the Spirit Airlines Booking department for help.

Can I cancel an Award ticket on Spirit Airlines?

Yes, Spirit Airlines cancellation also allows you to cancel your rewards flight with a Free Spirit account. Every ticketed passenger must pay a change or cancellation fee on making alterations to their Reward tickets.  However, they may cancel their flight before taking the first flight in their award travel booking.

Also, to make a cancellation you need to contact the Free Spirit Specialists or get in touch with our airline experts for help. The airline offers refunds only for flight tickets with scheduled departure seven days or more after the cancellation time.

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