How Can I Change Name On My Hawaiian Airlines Tickets?

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If you have already booked a flight with Hawaiian Airlines, you must be looking forward to your air travel. But what if you made a mistake and there can be consequences which hamper your trip? Suppose you entered your name wrong, and it doesn’t match your passport name. In that case, you must need to change the name as soon as possible to keep your air travel plans intact. Hawaiian Airlines allows you to change the name on your ticket easily with the help of the Hawaiian Airlines Manage Booking process. You can visit the official website of Hawaiian Airlines and make the necessary changes quickly. 

How does Hawaiian Airlines’ name change process work?

Hawaiian Airlines will be glad to help with changing your legal names or accidental misspellings; you just need to follow a simple procedure and make it happen. If you made your Hawaiian Airlines booking via a third-party website, the airline would charge a service fee of 25 US dollars. But if you booked your ticket via their official website, you can change the name for free.

Changes in the name- eligibility Criteria

As per the TSA requirement, the name on your ticket and the government-issued photo ID should match. If you think there was an issue or you changed the name, please contact our manage booking helpdesk as soon as possible. The eligibility for name change depends on the following:

Legal name change

In case of marriage, divorce, or any other legal procedures, contact Hawaiian Airlines Booking number and submit the supporting documents.

Accidental Misspellings

If you accidentally put the wrong number while booking the ticket, there is no documentation needed! You can also ask for help if you need to add a middle name or change your nickname to a full name.

Ticket transfer

Hawaiian Airlines does not allow any ticket transfers, and thus, you are strictly prohibited from making name transfers to other passengers.

If you have any queries or questions about this process, you have to contact Hawaiian Airlines customer service. You can simply make a name change request with the help of our manage booking professionals. They will be available at your service 24/7 and help you make the necessary change. Or follow the process mentioned below to make the change in name as per your requirement.

Steps to change or Manage the name on Hawaiian Airlines ticket

  • Visit the official website of Hawaiian airlines or reach out to our manage booking professionals.
  • Open the manage booking tab and log in or tell the airline agents about your details and information.
  • Once you view your booking details, choose the option of Hawaiian Airlines name change.
  • Provide all the supporting documents required for the name change.
  • Confirm the changes and complete the name change process.

If there are any requirements, you can call Hawaiian Airlines manage booking helpdesk and ask for necessary help in the name change process.

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