Volaris Seat Selection Fee & Policy

Do you know you can decide where to sit on your next air journey with Volaris? By paying a minimal Volaris seat selection fee, you can pick your favorite spot for travel before somebody else does. By choosing a seat in advance, you can take advantage of early boarding, extra leg space, and many other facilities.

Volaris Airlines is a low-cost air carrier that flies across 70+ destinations daily. Besides, it provides flexible in-flight options, including seat selection of Volaris. Passengers from Mexico, the USA, South & Central America, and nearby areas prefer Volaris due to cheap flights.

Volaris Seat Selection Policy

The Volaris Airline seat selection has rules that apply when passengers select or cancel their choice of seating. Read carefully to find out:

  • Passengers can choose seats from official sources only when they’ve bought tickets directly from the airlines. 
  • Also, the charge to pick a seat applies per person per leg of the journey on a reservation.
  • Further, the choice of volaris plane seats is subject to availability. 
  • Everyone is not eligible for emergency exit row seats. 
  • Lastly, the seat selection may not transfer automatically if you change your flight reservation.

Find additional conditions that may apply to your seat selection with Volaris Airlines by dialing +1 855 VOLARIS (8652747), and an expert will solve your issue.

How To Change Seat Selection On Volaris Online?

Passengers can make their preferred volaris seat selection via the official website if they’ve bought their ticket from official channels. The steps to choose your seats are as follows:

  • Visit the official site
  • On the homepage, go to my trips menu.
  • Further, enter the reservation code and last name on your ticket.
  • Click the go to my trips option and retrieve your bookings.
  • After that, you can add your seat from the available options.
  • Choose from the 3D volaris a320 seat map or others.
  • Finally, pay the fee and receive a confirmation from the official sources soon.

Travelers can pick their preference of seat during flight reservations too. During the booking process, just add the combo and check the price during the payment summary.

How To Choose Seats On Volaris Airlines Via Phone?

Commuters can make volaris seat selections offline during or after their flight reservation. The process to book your seat through an agent is as follows:

  • Dial the US-based customer service number +1 855 VOLARIS (8652747).
  • Choose your preferred language with voice commands.
  • Further, press the directed key to talk to a representative.
  • Also, collect your booking details till the hold time ends.
  • After that, let the live person know your seat preference.
  • They will check availability and suggest other options if your volaris seat preference is unavailable.

Lastly, you have to pay the amount and confirm your seat assignment with the airline. You will receive a confirmation email and message shortly.

How Much Does Volaris Charge For Seat Selection?

The volaris seat selection price ranges between $8 – $31 per passenger per flight. However, seat assignments at the airport will be costlier and may go beyond this fee range.

Seat Type

Charges to choose a seat at Volaris

First-row seat

USD 18.55

Quick seat (rows 2 to 5)

USD 13.12

Extra space seat (Emergency exit seat) 

$ 14.69

Front seats (6th row- till the last row and before the 1st emergency exit)

USD 11.76

Regular seat (First back section)

USD 9.48

Back seat (Second back section)

$ 8.61

Will Volaris charge for your seat selection? Call customer service and provide your ticket details to determine if you are eligible for discounted or free seat assignments.

What Are The Best Seats On Volaris?

Volaris premium seats are the airline’s best category of chairs for advanced selection. These are located on the 1-5 row and near the exit rows with additional leg space. The air carrier offers the following chairs for advance selection:

  • Premium: As mentioned, these are the costliest seats on any volaris plane. It is located on row 1 and offers extra legroom, early boarding, and a fast exit when the plane arrives. 
  • More space: Emergency exit seats are known as “more space seats” here. Such chairs offer extra space, but not everyone can select them in advance.
  • First-off: Also known as quick seats, they are located on rows 2-5 on a Volaris plane. Those who want to exit early from the plane would prefer this chair.

Standard: It lets you pick from an aisle or window seat. These seats might fill early due to cheap rates. Hence, you can pay a nominal amount to avoid the middle seat.

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