How To Get An Aer Lingus Upgrade?

Did you book an economy seat on an emergency basis and now looking for a better option? For a comfortable and luxurious journey, you must get an Aer Lingus upgrade to business class seats. Such upgrades make long-haul flights enjoyable.

Passengers can get Aer Lingus upgrade for unsold business class tickets. Lingus will send an “upgrade yourself” email, and you have to bid higher for the seat. It means that you need to pay higher to secure your bid.

Read and learn how you can secure an upgrade in an Aer Lingus flight.

How Do I Check Eligibility For An Upgrade At Aer Lingus?

Are you not sure if Aer Lingus will upgrade your ticket your not? There are two ways to check whether your ticket is eligible for an upgrade.

Method 1: Visit the official website
  • Firstly, check out the official site of Aer Lingus 
  • After that, go into the upgrade yourself option.
  • Furthermore, you will find blanks for am I eligible question.
  • Here, fill in the details such as booking reference and family name.
  • Press submit, and the airlines will let you know if you can try bidding for a business class seat or not.
Method 2: Check Your Email
  • If you have bought an Aer Lingus booking, log into your email ID.
  • Look for the latest emails and check if the airline has sent you a mail that offers upgrades.
  • These emails from the air carrier are known as upgrade yourself mails.
  • Lastly, if you find something like this, the airline has found you eligible for a business class upgrade.
Otherwise, dial Aer Lingus customer service phone number 1 (800) 474-7424 and talk to a travel expert to know if you are eligible for an Aer Lingus upgrade.

How do I upgrade Aer Lingus Flight?

Travelers who receive an “upgrade yourself” email can easily buy a better seating option. Follow these steps and secure an upgrade of your ticket today. 

  • Check your registered Email ID 14-15 days before your scheduled departure.
  • If you receive the upgrade yourself invitation from Aer Lingus, it shows that you can change your seat for a price.
  • After that, open this email ID and click the link to arrive on another page.
  • Here, pick the booking you wish to upgrade by moving the slider. It indicates the bidding price you are willing to pay on top of the original ticket price.
  • Once you’ve made the offer, enter contact and payment details.
  • Furthermore, submit these details and wait for the confirmation mail.

If Aer Lingus Upgrade is available on your bid price, you will see deductions against your credit card for the booking. When passengers don’t want to continue with their new upgrade, they can modify or cancel their order through this email.

Note: You don’t have to pay the bid price if your bid isn’t accepted for an upgrade.

Can I Get An Aer Lingus Upgrade with Avios? 

Yes, indeed.

You can upgrade your transatlantic economy flight with Aer Lingus to business class in exchange for Avios points. Here is how you can use your Avios:

  • Firstly, book your ticket from the official website.
  • After that, enter the details of your AerClub membership.
  • Furthermore, contact the club executives, who will let you know if flights are available for your travel date.
  • Once everything is confirmed, you will receive a new business class flight. 

You can buy an Aer Lingus upgrade from Avios upon availability. Reward flights are not eligible for an upgrade with Avios points as they are bought via points.

Frequently Asked Questions On Aer Lingus Upgrades

Aer Lingus allows passengers to bid for an upgrade on top of the original cost of the ticket. If your bid gets accepted, your card will be billed. One must know that all flights are not eligible for an upgrade.

Every Aer Lingus upgrade through the “upgrade yourself” option is eligible for a seat in business class, complimentary food & amenities, and priority for baggage, check-in & boarding. Also, you have access to all the lounges (subject to conditions).

  1. Only a few selected airlines provide premium economy seating and upgrade these seats; Aer Lingus is not one of them. You have the option to go for business class on the Dublin-based airline.

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