How to make a Southwest airlines group booking?

Southwest airlines group flight bookingAre you traveling with a group of people over ten in numbers? Or do you plan to fly with your business team with Southwest Airlines? No matter what you are looking for, you can find it with Southwest. The Southwest airlines group booking program is such a facility that offers you all the desired benefits when traveling in a group.

Moreover, this program offers more flexibility with low-cost fares making your group travel flight budget-friendly. Therefore your overall experience becomes more fun and exciting with an easy booking approach.

Besides, the group passengers can enjoy extra discounts on the given fares through the Southwest Airlines group travel service centers. Again, your discounts do not have any blackout dates or minimum stay requirements with vacation packages.

Why should you make Southwest Airlines Group Booking?

Suppose you are trying to book flights for ten or more people traveling together as a group. In that case, you have to opt for Southwest airlines group tickets instead of general bookings. But why so? Why would you book group travel on Southwest? Below are the important reasons:

Flexible Payment Approach

You do not need to pay the Group booking payment upfront. The airline will give you enough time to pay for your group travel.

Nothing like a Hidden or Extra Fee

Passengers only need to pay the Southwest group fares, and there won’t be any requirements for paying another booking, change, or ticketing fee.

Change Names as many times as you wish

Southwest Airlines group booking allows the passengers to request a name change on their ticket as many times as they wish. But this can be done for at most 72 hours before the flight’s scheduled departure.

Roundtrip Ticket benefit

Southwest will provide you a free ticket on your roundtrip for every 29th passenger you book on the group. Therefore, a roundtrip ticket will be free of any charges by the carrier. However, you have to pay the taxes and other fees incurred.

How does Group Travel work on Southwest?

When a passenger wishes to book Southwest airlines group flights, they get two options. Either they can submit a deposit and hold their group reservation. Or they can choose to pay all amounts at once and confirm group travel.

However, this depends on the number of passengers and your travel preferences. Here are the details on how a Group Travel reservation works on Southwest Airlines.

Firstly, Submit the Deposit

If you wish to make Southwest airlines booking in groups, you need to pay a per person deposit of $50. This is a deposit fee to hold your flights after your initial reservations. Furthermore, the only method to make payments in this option is via Credit Cards. And, you need to contact 1-800-433-5368 and speak to the agent for paying over the call.

After that, Clear the Final Payments

Once you have provided the complete names and details of each traveler in your group, the next step is to complete the payment to ensure the booking. For this, dial 1-800-433-5368 and pay the full amount over the call. Note that you can only use your Credit Cards for payment when paying the deposit.

However, to pay this final amount, you can even use UATP, Paypal, or credit card before the due date and confirm your flights. Furthermore, if you wish to pay using Wire Transfer, you need to call the agents or email their official department at least seven days prior to the due date of payments.

How do I check-in for Southwest airlines group booking?

Passengers can check-in for their Southwest airlines group travel bookings online via their official website and obtain a boarding pass. The check-in begins 24 hours before the flight departure.

Further, when the passengers arrive at the airport, they can head to a self-service kiosk or ticket counter to receive their boarding passes. However, checking a group is narrowly different from online check-in for your general bookings.

To check-in for domestic Group Travel

  • Firstly, visit the official website of Southwest Airlines and locate their check-in section.
  • After that, you need to provide simple details about your Southwest Airlines group booking, such as the first and last name of the group leader, along with a confirmation number.
  • Next, check-in for the entire group or a few passengers as per your need.
  • Thereafter, the names of passengers with successful check-in will appear on the screen one-by-one. Also, a few passengers might not be eligible for the online process and need to visit the counter. You can call our airline experts for the rest of the information.
  • And to receive your boarding pass, you need to head to the ticket counter at the airport or self-service kiosk.

Furthermore, note that if you need to check in for your international group travel, you need to check only one passenger at a time. Besides, the airline will even require a valid passport ID and emergency contact to complete the check-in. Also, you need to repeat the same steps for every passenger.

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