How to Select Seats on the Southwest?

Are you traveling by air for the first time? If so, the Southwest seat selection policy may not make sense to you. Southwest is known not only as the cheapest air carrier, but its seating system is also unique.

So, we decided to clear misinformation around the Southwest seating system. With us, learn how the seating arrangement at Southwest works. 

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What is Southwest Seat Selection Policy & How it Work? 

Southwest Airlines does not assign seats for its passengers in advance, unlike other carriers where the flyers can pay an additional fee for pre-booking a seat. So, after the Southwest airlines booking, travelers can pick a seat upon boarding the plane.

  • Depending upon the seat currently empty/ vacant/ available, passengers can pick a middle seat/ aisle seat or any other seat available. 
  • First come first serve option allows flyers who board early to choose from a wide range of vacant seats. 
  • Southwest airlines seat selection depends upon boarding the plane. Hence, it has divided its boarding passengers into A, B, and C groups. 
  • Every group contains 60 members. Subject to a few restrictions, first set members can board the plane early.
  • The process of allowing boarding to the boarding group continues until all passengers have picked their seats. 
  • However, the airline may change its policy anytime. So, before booking your flights, visit the official website of Southwest Airlines.

How To Get The Best Seats On Southwest Airlines? 

Kindly read the points below to understand how to get your desired seat when you fly with Southwest Airlines.

  1. Check into your flight 24 hours before its scheduled departure. It increases your chance to be in the A group of passengers.
  2. Also, try to book your seats on the first flight of Southwest Airlines on the departure day.
  3. If you book anytime or business class seats, chances are that you will get the best seats because it has options like priority boarding and early bird check-in. 
  4. Becoming a regular traveler of Southwest Airlines enhances your chances of getting the best of Southwest Airlines seat selection policy.
  5. For the best southwest seat selection, avoid getting late at all. If you are pushed to the last boarding group, you may not get a better seat.
  6. Don’t forget to check the seating chart of Southwest Airlines before boarding.

What Are The Multiple Options In Southwest Seat Selection policy? 

Southwest has an open seating policy. Yet, it offers 3 ticket fares that offer different benefits to the passengers. Hence, the flyers have the flexibility of fares and the travelers can make sense of different seating patterns

As per the Southwest Seating Chart, flyers have three fare options: Anytime Seats, Wanna Get Away, and Business Select. Let’s understand the difference between the three.

Business Select

Anytime Seats

Wanna Get Away

  • Southwest business select seats have the highest fare.
  • The most comfortable option is to fly for long journeys in the Southwest.
  • All in-flight services and amenities are available, including tv, movies, food, and complimentary drinks.
  • If canceled, the amount is refundable and no charges are applied for last-minute changes. 
  • Business Select flyers are the first ones to go through the boarding process and reserve the seats (priority boarding).
  • Additionally, business seats have all the benefits of Southwest Anytime Seats.
  • Southwest Anytime Seats have slightly lower prices than business seats.
  • A suitable option for hobby travelers.
  • No restriction on in-flight messaging. TV and meal services are available to the passengers.
  • Upon cancellation, no charges are levied on the flyer. The booking amount is refunded as well.
  • Anytime passengers will get an early-bird check-in option with their seats. With priority and early lane options, flyers can get through security checkpoints speedily.
  • Anytime Seats include all the benefits of Wanna Get Away seat fares.
  • Wanna Get Away is the most affordable option offered by Southwest Airlines (economy seats).
  • The cheapest option for budget travelers.
  • Free entertainment is available for flyers.
  • Wanna Get Away seat cancellation is non-refundable. The flyers will receive credit for their next flight.

Note: Same-day changes may attract some charges. Kindly visit the official website to confirm the same.

Still confused? Dial southwest seat selection customer service number 1 (800) 435-9792. Get quick assistance and best suggestions for choosing a seat @ Southwest.

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Southwest Seat Selection FAQs

To choose a seat in the Southwest Airlines seat selection policy, one has to pay between $30 and $40 per flight, depending on the itinerary. Also, the carrier rewards its A-List members by automatically providing seating positions ahead of common boarding.

There are different classes of seats on Southwest depending upon the fare. However, the Southwest business select seats or wanna get away seats don’t have size differences.

Buy the upgraded boarding whenever it is available for a fee. The flyers can book the remaining A1-A15 boarding positions. They have to pay between $30 to $50 at the gate or the ticket desk.

Southwest has an open seating option; you must pick the best option available under multiple empty seats. After that, load your carry bag in the given area and start with the journey.

Sometimes, the officials suggest passengers save seats so their companions can board the flight later. There isn’t any clause in the official Southwest Airlines Booking Policy regarding the saving of seats. So, it neither allows nor bans any such practice.

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