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Have you made your flight bookings on JetBlue and wish for desired seating options? Wish to get a preferred seat onboard? Don’t worry and use the JetBlue seat selection process. The airline helps you find your favorite seats onboard and book them in advance. Moreover, selecting seats on the flights before boarding can ensure an exciting journey in the air. 

Supposed, you forget to book a seat in advance. The airline will assign you a random seat onboard, resulting in you being separated from your travel partners. Therefore, it is better to select a seat in advance for your JetBlue booking and enjoy the flight your way. You only need to pay a charge for seat selection, and you can confirm your favorite seats on the flight.

Use the JetBlue seat map and select seats efficiently.

JetBlue airways provide a chargeable seat map to the customers. Resultantly, even if you choose a free seat assignment fare, there’ll still be chargeable seating options. This entire process is because of the JetBlue seat map. Passengers must clear the JetBlue seat selection fee to enjoy their preferred seating options. Also, this fee is not mentioned in the original booking fare. For more information, you contact me directly at 1-800-(538-2583).

Moreover, the airline offers seats at 0 USD charge except for their Even more spacious seats and Mint fare seating options. Keep a record that passengers with Blue Basic fare in JetBlue can’t select a seat without a charge. They must clear any incurred payment before checking in to enjoy the desired seating options.

How can you get a seat assignment of your choice on JetBlue Airways?

JetBlue airlines offer the passengers various facilities that help them ease their travel worries. But the JetBlue seat selection is truly exceptional service. The passengers just need to visit the official booking website and request a seat selection. The seats will be assigned to them as long as they are available. You can select a seat assignment of your choice if you follow the series of steps mentioned below:

  • First of all, visit the official website of JetBlue airlines and log in to your True-blue account.
  • If you do not have an account, no need to worry, you can still log in to the manage booking segment of the website.
  • You can visit the JetBlue airways manage booking section and log in using your flight details like booking reference code and ticketed passenger’s first and last name.
  • You can make a call at 1-800-JETBLUE (538-2583) Choose the flight details and select the JetBlue seat selection service from the available options.
  • Here, you can check-in for your flight and enter the seat map to see the available seats.
  • Select the seat after confirming the fare and purchase it.
  • Clear the payment and provide a particular email where you need the confirmation message.
  • Get ready for your journey once the airline sends you a confirmed seat email.
  • You can also contact 1-800-(538-2583).

If you encounter any issue while using this JetBlue seat Selection service, you can connect with the airline’s customer service number and speak to an expert. The expert will help you solve all your problems without any service charge.

Making Extra seat Requests or canceling seats

Passengers who need an open seat next to theirs can purchase an extra seat onboard. Moreover, they can even cancel seats if required. But all seat cancelations are not entitled to a refund. If they need, they can refer to the JetBlue refund policy before withdrawing their seats. Further, you can visit the airline’s website for more information.

What Are Even More Space Seats At JetBlue?

EMS seats from JetBlue lets you buy a seat with up to 7″ more legroom, early boarding, and more features. The selection for these legroom seating starts at $10.

Here is why passengers would want to select these JetBlue seats:

  • Get More Legroom: Get a minimum of 7” more legroom than Economy cabin core seats. You can buy them on any JetBlue plane.

  • Board Early: You know free seats mean no chance of keeping your bags in the overhead bins. But with EMS, you get early boarding, even when you’ve booked the basic fare. Choose the first few seats and be among those who board the plane early.

  • Early Overhead Bins Access: Passengers here get one free-carry bag on EMS legroom seats. Take advantage of early boarding and secure the closest overhead bin to you.

  • Speedy Clearance: You can save more time with an EMS seat request. In almost 50 cities, you will get the fastest lane to the security checkpoint.

You can unlock all these benefits by paying $10. Even if your preferred seat is unavailable, keep a wide range of options and extra benefits from booking an EMS chair. Also, you can make seat changes for free if you are flying on a higher fare category in JetBlue.

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JetBlue Seat Selection FAQs

Yes, indeed. You can select seats without a fee. For this, choose the preferred seats (Q characteristic) without any pay. Blue plus/ extra members can access the economy cabin core seats without charge.

Seat Assignments start at just $10 for one-way if you want to choose even more space seats. Note that this is the lowest amount and can change depending upon flight distance, class, and flight status (domestic/ international).

You can’t pick your seats because you have bought the Blue Basic ticket. It is the cheapest fare offered by JetBlue, and you can see only JetBlue’s paid seat map. Also, paid seating is available 24 hours before the scheduled departure.

Call the customer service number 1 800-538-2583 to get in touch with JetBlue travel agents who will get you the lowest prices for JetBlue seat selection. Apart from that, you can also check my bookings option to get seats.

JetBlue operates on three aircraft. Their Airbus A320 flights have spacious legroom seats. If you prefer entertainment, choose the Airbus A321 ticket. When going for EMS legroom seating, pick an odd digit of seats for window/ aisle seats.

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