Lufthansa Refund Policy

Are you facing a sudden change of plans and need to cancel your current booking? With return policies like Lufthansa Refund, you can cancel and change your air tickets without worry. The European carrier lets you revoke your bookings till 24 hours before the flight’s departure. 

The refund you receive upon cancellation of your flight with Lufthansa depends upon the fare price you’ve opted for. Not all air tickets are available for a 100% repayment.

Hence, read below and understand the details of a reimburse at Lufthansa to make better journey decisions.

How to Request a refund from Lufthansa?

To request a refund, you will need to check if your ticket is eligible for the same or not. After that, you have to cancel your Lufthansa booking. Only after you have canceled your access can you request a reimburse of your bookings. 

Check Eligibility

  • Firstly, open your email ID.
  • After that, type Lufthansain the search bar.
  • Furthermore, open the result that has your booking confirmation.
  • Open the email and go to Fare Conditions.
  • In this section, you will learn if your Lufthansa ticket is eligible for a reimburse or not.

Flight Cancellation

Lufthansa refund policy states that you can cancel a booking and receive a reimburse only if you’ve canceled your flight 24 hours before its scheduled departure. 

  • Go to the official website and click My Bookings.
  • After that, you will redirect to the login page of the booking summary.
  • Enter details such as surname and booking code to log in. 
  • A cancellation button will appear if there is a scope for cancellation of any of your bookings. 
  • Click the button, and you will receive an auto generated response confirming your cancellation. 

If you’ve bought your ticket through the official Lufthansa website/ office, you will receive the refund automatically. However, for bookings through travel agents, get in touch with them.


If Lufthansa itself cancels your flight, you can submit your ticket to the travel agency or visit the official channel for a refund. 

  • Initially, go to the My Bookings option.
  • After that, visit the Flight Details button.
  • If your canceled ticket is eligible for a refund, Lufthansa will inform you of its details.

Lastly, if this process is unsuccessful, you must find the refund form and send it manually to their service centers.

How long does the Lufthansa refund take? If you’ve paid for a Lufthansa ticket with cash/check, it will take up to 20 days to receive a refund for your ticket. 

Those who have paid the fare with a credit card will get a refund within seven business days of cancellation. 

When Can I Receive 100% Lufthansa Refund Against My Ticket?

You will receive a full refund on your Lufthansa ticket only under limited circumstances: 

  • The scheduled departure of your flight has been shifted by more than an hour. Otherwise, the flight is running late by more than two hours.
  • Due to short-term disruptions, the actual departure time has been shifted by more than 5 hours on the current day. 
  • Also, Lufthansa cancels your flight without issuing a replacement.
  • Lastly, your flight will arrive at its destination in less than two hours.

If your tickets are partially used, a Lufthansa refund is available pro-rata. Furthermore, in events of medical restrictions, travel, and voluntary cancellations, the reimburse amount depends upon many conditions. If you’ve bought a non-refundable ticket, you will only receive tax and fees in return.


Lufthansa refund policy is quite flexible compared to other airlines’ money return programs. Passengers who doubt that their plans can change anytime can rely upon Lufthansa for their air travel journeys. 

For any query regarding cancellation or refund, you can talk to a 24/7 live Lufthansa travel agent on the customer service phone number at 1 (800) 645-3880.

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