Lufthansa Airlines Advance Seat Selection- How to Choose a Seat?

Lufthansa seat selection

Want to sit in the aisle or need a window seat on the plane? Well, when you book flights on any airline and forget to select seats while booking, they assign you a random seat during check-in. This means you have to sit on a seat assigned by the airline, and you can’t get it changed later on. So it becomes necessary to select a seat before you get on with the airport procedures to get a desired seat on the plane. Lufthansa seat selection process allows you to choose your favorite seats onboard. This process not only ensures your seamless journey but also makes sure that all the passengers on your itinerary sit together.

Moreover, you can enjoy the awarding benefits of flying Lufthansa without spending more than your limits. That’s what Lufthansa is for all; it provides effortless booking, helps you plan ahead of time, and lets you choose your favorite seats from the ones available. The icing on the cake is that you can simply perform this process online using the Lufthansa manage booking service on their website.

When can I select a preferred seat onboard?

With the help of the Lufthansa Seat selection process, you can select the desired seat, but when? When will be the right time to choose a seat on board? Lets’ find out!

  • Select seats during the flight booking process.
  • Choose where you want to sit during check-in
  • Use the manage booking option for seat selection.
  • Select the seats at the airport before airport check-in.

No matter which way you’ll choose, the Lufthansa airlines seat selection process will require a certain fee. Once the passenger makes the payment, he can sit on that particular seat onboard.

Steps to Select preferred seats online

In order to make Lufthansa business class seat selection, passengers can follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open the official website of Lufthansa Airlines and log in to the MY Bookings section.
  • Now submit the booking confirmation number and the first & last name as per the ticket to initiate the Lufthansa manage booking process.
  • You’ll see all your business class details once you tap on the My bookings button.
  • Choose your favorite seat by choosing the seat selection option.

Once the Lufthansa seat Selection is complete, you can look forward to your amazing vacation while sitting on your favorite seats onboard.

Necessary Points and Guidelines to initiate the Seat Selection service

  • Lufthansa airlines’ seat selection is only available after booking confirmation. Passengers with waiting list reservations will not be able to choose their preferred seats.
  • Passengers must make advance seat selection at least 52 hours before the flight departure.
  • Seat selection is a paid service. Passengers need to pay an additional fee to complete the reservation. The cost depends on the type of seat and the destination of the passenger’s flight.
  • If the flight is canceled for any reason and you are asked to start the Lufthansa booking procedure again, the seat you selected will not be available. However, in this case, you can seek compensation by visiting your itinerary via “Manage Booking.”
  • If you cancel a non-refundable flight, the airline will not refund the paid advance seat selection fee.

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