How Do I Change My Qantas Flight?

Did your plans change out of the blue, or did you mistakenly put the wrong destination while booking your air ticket? You need to know the Qantas change flight policy to determine if your ticket is eligible for any change and charges you might have to pay to modify your journey with this air carrier. 

Passengers might ask, “Can I change my Qantas flight?”. Surely you can, but not all types of tickets at Qantas are eligible for such changes. 

To ensure informed decisions are made, it is advised to read the blog and learn more about the policy.

Roadmap To Change Your Flight At Qantas Airways

Check your fare rule conditions for any fee/ restrictions.

Find out if you are eligible for Qantas flight cancellations/ changes.

Go to “Manage Booking” to make changes to your reservation.

Call Qantas Airways Customer Service if you can’t make modifications online.

How To Change Qantas Airways Flight Online? 

You can change Qantas Airways flight online in minutes if you are eligible. You have to visit the official website to get started. 

  • Firstly, open the official website.
  • Next, enter you have to retrieve your booking.
  • Go to the Fly menu and click the Manage Booking option.
  • Next, enter Booking, Flight Credit, voucher reference, and last name.
  • Press enter and retrieve your booking.
  • Find the red change flight button from the flight’s panel.
  • Finally, make changes to the date/ destination, etc.

The Qantas change flight fee and fare difference are available in the payment summary. Pay the total amount and get a new ticket sent to your provided email address. 

Terms & Conditions

If passengers’ fare rule permits, passengers can change the flight with Qantas Airways. However, some conditions apply for modifying your tickets:

  • According to the fare type, you must pay Qantas flight modification fees.
  • Apart from the change fee, passengers must also pay the fare difference.
  • As per Qantas policy, ticket modifications apply to every passenger in a reservation.
  • To make changes for an individual passenger from a reservation, you’ve to separate them from the reservation and make changes accordingly.
  • If the online change flight facility doesn’t work, seek help from the local Qantas center and pay the respective charges.

Speak to a person at Qantas Customer Service by dialing 131313 and learn more terms & conditions that apply to your booking when changing your flight.

How Do I Change My Qantas Flight Via Call?

When the Qantas change flight option doesn’t appear for your reservation, you may need to get in touch with someone at customer service. Besides, you also need to talk to a person at Qantas to change a single person’s ticket in a reservation.

Follow these steps for modifying your date/ flight on call:

  • Initially, dial the change flight phone number.
  • After that, wait for the IVR to give automated instructions.
  • Press the relevant key to modify the Qantas Airways flight.
  • If the automated instructions don’t work, go back to the main menu.
  • Further, dial the necessary key to contact an executive.
  • Once your call connects, inform your wish to modify your Qantas ticket.
  • They will take your booking reference ID and last name and check eligibility.
  • If your ticket qualifies, they will let you know the flight change fee and fare difference applicable.

Finally, pay the cost to alter a booked flight with Qantas Airways, and you will get a notification with new ticket details.

How Much Does It Cost To A Qantas Flight Correction?

Beyond 24-hour risk-free change, passengers must pay a Qantas correction fee to modify their ticket’s date, time, cabin, etc. Find out applicable charges as per the table:

Fare Type

Change flight fee per passenger

Australian Domestic – booked via Qantas airport locations/ Group Travel

A$45 (Includes GST)

Australian – International


New Zealand trans-Tasman 


Australian Domestic – booked via Qantas Contact Centres

A$10 (Includes GST)

Australian trans-Tasman 


New Zealand trans-Tasman – originally booked through Qantas Contact Assistance


New Zealand – International


Note: All ticket types aren’t eligible to modify their flight. Kindly dial the Qantas phone number to know more about your ticket’s eligibility for changes. 

How To Change Qantas Flight For Free?

The same-day Qantas correction flight facility allows you to modify your ticket for free in case you’ve made a mistake or realized that there is a change of travel plans. This facility is available for reservations through the official website. 

Mistakes that passengers rectify for free under Qantas’s same-day flight change policy:

  • Day/ Month/ Time of your flight.
  • Swapping destination and arrival airports.
  • Travel cabin and fare type.
  • Changing to/ from the destination
  • Misspelled name not available in legal documents.

To use the change flight same-day facility, call customer service at 131313 or contact the local Qantas office by midnight of the day of buying the ticket.

How To Change Flight Destination Qantas Airways?

The method to change your flight’s destination depends upon whether the passenger bought their tickets through cash or Qantas points.

Bookings Without Qantas Points

  • Firstly, cancel your ticket from the Qantas Airways website. 
  • While doing so, you will receive an option to request flight credit.
  • Once you’ve received your credits, start booking a new itinerary.
  • Here, for payment, kindly redeem these flight credits.
  • The passenger can use these credits to pay the fare difference and change fee.

For all other changes, contact local customer service at Qantas Airlines. Also, change fee and fare difference will apply.

Bookings With Qantas Points

  • Change flight policy for classic flight reward bookings is chargeable. Contact flight rewards and priority reservations to ask for help.
  • Request a flight credit if you have a points plus pay reservation. Redeem it for booking with a new destination. A standard fee is applicable.
  • For Classic flight reward tickets paired with non-classic flight rewards, passengers need to talk to local Qantas office experts for more information.

For all other changes, contact local customer service at Qantas Airlines. Also, change fee and fare difference will apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

Change Qantas Airways flight by visiting the official website. Go to Qantas manage my booking option to retrieve your ticket. Go to the flight’s panel, click change flight, and follow the rest of the prompts. You can also call the local Qantas office to modify the time/ date/ destination/ seat type of ticket.

To change your seats, go to Qantas manage booking option available on their official website. Retrieve your booking by entering your booking ID and last name and changing your seat selection. Through their mobile app, you can modify seats upto 3 hours before the flight’s departure, subject to availability and charges.

Kindly dial Qantas flight change phone number 131313 to contact the local office for a name change on the ticket. You can modify the date, time, destination, seat selection, and travel class online. You also must pay a name change fee to modify your ticket.

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