Qatar Airways Seat Selection Policy- Select Seats Prior-to Departure

Qatar airways seat selection

Onboard convenience is when you can simply enjoy your flight while sitting comfortably. And you can now have extra convenience with Qatar airways seat selection facility. The airline lets you select a seat online when flying in Economy Cabins. The only reason for selecting preferred seats in advance is getting your favorite seats together with your travel partners. 

No matter you wish for large legroom, extra comfortable working space, or an aisle seat, you can select it online via the Qatar Airways website. For economy comfort fare passengers, the seat selection is free, and they can select standard seats while check-in without any charge. Just visit the Qatar airways manage booking section and select the seats that you like to enjoy a better air trip. 

Conditions to purchase Advance seat Selection on Qatar Airways

Before making Qatar airways advance seat selection, passengers should know about certain purchase conditions.  If you adhere to all the rules mentioned below, you can enjoy the desired seat on a Qatar flight.

  • The seat selection fee is based on per passenger per flight.
  • Passengers can not transfer their seats, neither are they refundable.
  • You can only make changes to a similar seat option.
  • Passengers can only change the seat on the same flight or route.
  • If a passenger makes involuntary changes to a seat because of safety, operational, or security reasons, the seat charge value is refundable.
  • A customer can not take refunds on seat selection:
    • They make voluntary or involuntary seat upgrades to a higher fare class
    • If they select a seat of lower charge after purchasing a high-cost seat.
    • When they add their Privilege Club or Oneworld membership details to their itinerary after seat selection.
    • When passengers make voluntary changes to their flight like date, route, or choose another flight operated by some other airline.
  • Passengers with infants and all their accompanying passengers in the booking can select their seats for free. Getting a bassinet on Qatar airways seat selection is subject to availability.

Airlines Rules to get Emergency exit seats

Some people often wish to get an emergency exit row seat. But, Passengers who wish to make Qatar Airways flight seat selection on emergency exit row seats can not directly select and must comply with the airline rules. They must follow these conditions mentioned below to sit in an emergency exit seat:

  • The passenger should be 18 years or more.
  • They must be able to comprehend the instructions that are print on the safety Card in the Cabin.
  • The passengers should also be able to follow the Directions from the cabin crew in English for emergency evacuation.
  • This passenger must be fit and healthy physically and should not have any medical condition, mobility impairment, hearing or vision problem, pregnancy, or any mental health issue.
  • They must not be traveling with any children, infants, or pets.
  • If the airline determines that the passenger on exit row seat assignment doesn’t meet any of the above requirements, they will reassign the seats before or during the journey without a refund.

Therefore, the passengers should carefully make their Qatar Airways seat selection for emergency row exit seats to avoid any consequences later on.

What Is The Difference Between Comfort, Convenience, and Classic Seats?

These are three categories in the Economy cabin of Qatar Airways. 

Classic is the cheapest option and also the most restrictive one when it comes to seat assignment. Hence, passengers flying these tickets surely have to pay a fee.

On convenience bookings, standard seat selection is complimentary.

Lastly, the comfort category provides a complimentary selection for standard and preferred seats. Passengers earn the highest number of miles for booking this fare.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Passengers can pick or change seat and meal preferences by visiting the Manage Booking section on the official website. Here, choose the manage flight menu and proceed towards the modify seat selection button.

Flyers can book their seats in advance, right from when they book the ticket. Hence, the Qatar Airways Seat Selection policy lets you reserve seats 11 months before the flight’s scheduled departure.

When choosing a preferred seat, the passenger has to pay $30 for medium to long haul flights in case of comfort category chairs. It can go upto $75 for picking an A380 upper deck seat for ultra long haul routes. 

Travelers of comfort and convenience seats in the economy section and pick a seat for free at Qatar. Also, you can make a seat assignment for free from online check-in till 48 hours before departure (not for preferred seats). 

Visit the manage booking section and enter your ticket details. Confirm the ticket details and proceed with the option of booking a seat in advance with Qatar. Lastly, if applicable, you have to pay a fee.

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