How Do I Change Spirit Airlines Flight?

You may have to change the departure date of your flight anytime as some things come unannounced in anybody’s life. Knowing about the Spirit Airlines change flight can help you make these modifications without hassle. 

For example, if you alter a detail in your bookings 60 days before the flight’s departure date, there is no need to pay any charge. Also, you can alter a detail upto 1 hour before the plane takes off.

However, there is more detail to it. Read below under what conditions you may have to pay for revisions in your bookings at Spirit.

How Do I Change My Flight On Spirit Airlines?

Visit the My trips section, live chat, dm on social media or talk to a live spirit agent at 1 (855) 728-3555 to change your Spirit Airlines reservation. 

You can make changes to your bookings online via the website through this step-by-step method:

  • Firstly, visit the official spirit website.
  • After that, locate the MY TRIPS option available on the top left side of the webpage.
  • Next, fill out the form under the Find My Trip heading.
  • Afterward, enter details such as the last name and confirmation number of your booking and press Enter.
  • Upon the reservation summary list, look for your booking and verify its details.
  • Find the change my flight option and continue with the process.

As per the spirit airlines change flight rules, you may have to pay a charge of upto $99 for modifications. However, you may not have to pay if you’ve altered the details sixty days before departure.

Spirit Flex Flight Term & Conditions

The Flight Flex program of Spirit Airlines saves you once from the Spirit Airlines Change Flight policy charges upto 24 hours before the flight’s departure.

The flight flex is an add-on from Spirit for those who think their plans can change anytime after booking a reservation. Passengers can modify their itinerary one-time from the date of booking till a day before take-off.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Firstly, it isn’t available on all purchases of all flights.
  • Upon request, Spirit Airlines changes your flight schedule, origin/ destination, or date under the flex scheme.
  • Also, one can modify tickets upto 24 hours before scheduled timing.
  • Besides, this add-on is not available for flights already reserved.
  • Flight flex is available on selected initial bookings and travel agent reservations.
  • Next, flight flex must be purchased for all passengers if multiple tickets are under one reservation.
  • Lastly, passengers can use this charge protection is available against only one modification.

Finally, passengers opting for this scheme should note that the airfare difference and government taxes arising from these changes are chargeable to them, not the spirit airline.

How Much Charge For Spirit Airlines Change Flight?

Spirit Airlines change flight policy has fixed these charges for passengers if they want to modify their reservation:

  • When there are 0-6 days left for your flight’s departure, you must pay $99
  • Also, for changes within 7-59 days before take-off, flyers have to pay $49.

Can I change my spirit flight for free? Yes, you can. These are the following conditions to avoid Spirit Airlines Change Fee entirely:

  • When passengers alter/ cancel their bookings 60 or more days before take-off, they don’t need to pay a fee.
  • Also, if flyers have purchased a ticket for 7 days or more and cancel it within 24 hours of booking, they get a 100% refund.

Hence, passengers can avoid this fee when they carefully plan their trips and have a plan B ready for unseen events.

What Happens If Spirit Changes My Flight?

When spirit changes your flight schedule, you don’t need to pay Spirit Airlines’ change fee for the modifications in your booking. 

Because here the airline is responsible for alterations to your booking. Reasons such as technical glitches in the aircraft, cancellations, and missed connections due to delays are some reasons for a flight change. 

Here the passenger has two options:

  • Receive a new ticket with the same fare category on the next available flight without any fee.
  • Or, get a full refund against your booking.

Also, if the flight is running late with a delay of more than 2 hours, you can book your flight again under the following conditions:

  • The itinerary must be the same.
  • The rebooking date shouldn’t exceed 7 days from the original flight’s schedule.
  • Lastly, these bookings must be with Spirit only. 

You can rest assured when Spirit is at fault for changing your flight.

Can I Cancel A Flight And Get A Refund from Spirit Airlines? 

Usually, no.

Spirit Airlines flight reservations are not available at refundable fares. By keeping non-refundable tickets, they keep the price of their tickets low for all its passengers. That’s why it has schemes like Flight flex and Spirit Airlines Flight Schedule Change Policy.

Visit the MY TRIPS tab in spirit airlines or text them on their official number to receive details of the change or cancellations. You may receive credits for future travel.

How to Change Spirit Airlines Flight Through Phone Number?

Whether you want to cancel your flight or use the Spirit Airlines Same-Day Change facility, you have to dial 855-728-3555 for the same. Passengers can use this number for WhatsApp inquiries too. 

You can also use these modes to change your flight:

  • Speak to a travel agent kiosk of Spirit available in local airports.
  • Dial the official airline’s phone number to talk to a live agent.
  • Sending a text on their texting number 48763.
  • Using the live chat option available on the website.
  • Visiting the MY TRIPS option.

Note that people who are active on social media can use any Spirit social handle and direct message the details of their bookings for modification.

Will I Be Charged For When Spirit Airlines Changes Flight Due To Weather? 

There isn’t any cancellation fee applicable on weather-related changes from Spirit. You will only pay a cancellation or change charge if you make any changes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Spirit Airlines’ change fee is $99 if there is less than a week before the flight’s departure. However, you don’t have to pay a fee if you change your flight when 60+ days are left for the flight’s take-off. Between 7-59 days left for the flight’s departure, one has to pay $49 to change their spirit flight.

Spirit Airlines change flight fee is not applicable if you cancel or change a flight when more than 60 days are left for the flight’s departure. Also, when you’ve booked a flight more than 7 days before departure and cancel it within 24 hours, you are not charged any fee.

Spirit Airlines change flight time determines how much fee is applicable for your change/ cancellation of the flight. Follow this table to understand which price applies to you:

Days left for take-off

Fee Applicable

0-6 days from take-off


7-59 days from departure


60+ days from take-off


Passengers must contact the airlines directly to pay the spirit airlines change flight price after using the service. If you follow the 24 hours cancellation policy, you will get a 100% refund in the original form of payment. After that, you will get credits as a return, subject to other cancellation and change policy rules.

There are multiple ways to contact the airlines through spirit airlines to change flight numbers. Follow whichever method suits you the best.

  1. Spirit Airlines Reservations number 1-855-SAVE-555 (855-728-3555)
  2. Use the 24/7 WhatsApp or reservations number.
  3. Send a WhatsApp message to 855-728-3555.
  4. Use SMS service on 48763.
  5. Passengers from Mexico must dial 800030071
  6. For Spirit Guest Service And Vacations, dial 877-377-0791.

Whether you go for Spirit Airlines change flight online or offline, you can sometimes change the flight for free. For example, if you cancel a flight within 24 hours of booking, given the departure was away by 7 days, no charge is levied. Also, when you have more than 60 days left for departure, there won’t be any fee for changing flights.

It takes 7-20 business days for a refund from Spirit Airlines to reflect in your account. Credit card transactions are processed faster, whereas debit card/ cheque/ cash transactions take longer to process at Spirit Airlines for a refund. If you have followed the 24 hours cancellation policy, you will receive a refund in the original form of payment.

Yes, you can change flights for free in a Spirit flight hassle-free manner. When more than 60 days are left for the flight’s departure, you don’t have to pay any fee to modify your booking. However, when less than 60 days are left, you must pay between $49-$99 to change your flight with the airline.

You can change your reservation by visiting the MY TRIPS section on the website. Enter details such as the last name of the passenger and confirmation number. After that, Proceed with canceling or changing your flight. You can use the SMS service or Spirit Airlines reservations number as well.

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