Spirit Airlines Change Name On Ticket

Did you accidentally type the wrong name while booking a ticket with Spirit? If so, you must learn the spirit airlines change name on ticket process. Otherwise, it might be difficult for you to board the plane once it arrives.

As per the  U.S. Department of Transportation, you can make minor name changes to your ticket without paying any fee within 24 hours of booking. However, airlines may ask you to pay for any major name change.

Hence, read below and understand your options when modifying the name on your ticket.

Can I Change Name On Spirit Airline Ticket?

Yes, indeed. 

As per the Airlines Flight Change Policies, you can make minor misspellings change for free. For major changes to the name or ticket, you would need to request modification along with supporting documents. 

For example, depending upon your request, you might need to attach a marriage license, court order, a divorce decree, or other legal name change document.

Spirit Airlines Name Change Policy Terms & Conditions 

Spirit name change rules let you change/ edit/ modify misspellings and mistakes in your name on your bookings with them.

  • You can change your name by paying a fee for major modifications. However, according to Spirit Airlines’ name change policy, you won’t pay a charge for changes within 24 hours of booking the ticket. For this, the ticket has to be booked 7 days before departure.
  • Also, if travelers want to replace the full name with someone else, this ticket won’t hold value, and the entire booking will transfer to a different person.
  • Apart from a name change on your ticket, you can alter the date, timing, and destination printed on your ticket (free within 24 hours of booking).
  • Your fare time can impact this process. For example, basic economy tickets charge for any addition, and a major name change will surely attract charges.

To receive more assistance regarding Spirit airline name change policy, you can connect to travel agents via live chat or by dialing 1-855-728-3555

How Much Is The Spirit Name Change Fee? 

You may have to pay upto $120 to make changes to your itinerary.

You can change two letters at a time (minor modification). For minor misspellings correction, you might have to pay $50. It is a better option than canceling the ticket altogether and waiting for refund claims to get approved.

The easiest way for spirit airlines change name on ticket is by using the customer service phone number that is easily available online. Also, the live chat option is available on the website itself.

What Are The Different Types of Name Change Options Available On Spirit?

Spirit Name Change Policy gives you three types of name changes on ticket options. Some of them are free while for others you might have to pay a fee.

  • Misspellings: It includes minor name changes such as pery→ perry, Courtney→ Cortney, John→ Johny, etc. You can connect with Spirit Airlines to make these changes for free.
  • Legal Name Change: These are some major changes that have to be backed by legal documents. For example, marriage certificates, divorce decrees, court orders, or legal name conversion affidavits.
  • Traveler’s details: The official website of Spirit airlines says that any changes that you make to date of birth, contact details, address, passport, or gender fall under passenger information that will require a charge for change.

Apart from misspellings, all other modifications to the ticket will attract a charge depending upon how major it is. 

How To Change My Name On The Free Spirit Account?

Your name might change due to marriage or divorce. Otherwise, you may have legally adopted a new name. In any case, it will not affect your membership with a free membership account, provided you give them the document that proves this name change. 

The live person at Spirit Airlines manage booking will assist you if you have legally changed your name after getting a membership with the airways. 

  • Spirit airlines change name on ticket or membership requires you to attach legal documents to your request.
  • For example, use the legally issued documents that support your claim of a new name or modified name.
  • Lastly, the only requirement for an effective name change as per their Airlines Name Change policy is that the new name should appear on any govt issued ID or international document.

Dial the Spirit phone numbers to get more assistance.

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