What Happens if you miss your Spirit Airlines flight?

Do you think you might get to your flight since you are in big traffic? Let them know in advance about your case, and the Spirit Airlines Missed Flight policy may help you out in this situation. You may get a seat on the next flight without any additional charges.

On any flight by Spirit Airlines, there is a provision to assist the passengers if they inform the customer service team that they might not make it to the airport on time. Avoid no-shows; the airline would give you credits or put you on a standby list. 

Explore the Spirit Airlines charges for missing a flight and other options below.

What Is The Spirit Missed Flight Policy?

If you get stuck in any unforeseen condition, there are chances that you might miss out on your flight. As per the policy, if you inform Spirit Airlines customer service in advance to reschedule your flight since you might miss your flight, they will get you on a standby list for free.

As per the unofficial flat tire rule, you must arrive till 2 hours after your flight’s departure time to receive any relief such as refund/ standby list/ or seat on another flight without paying any fee.

Does Spirit Airlines Charge If You Miss Your Flight?

You must pay a $99 fee when you miss your flight Spirit and cancel/ rebook it within 0-6 days of departure. Spirit issues cancellation refund in credits only.

Also, passengers must pay any fare difference for rebooking another flight. Apart from its 24 hours cancellation rule, Spirit never issues refunds in the original form of payment. Also, when Spirit is the sole reason for your flight delays and cancelation, it will give you back the amount in the original payment mode.

What Happens If I Missed My Flight Spirit Airlines? 

Did you just missed your Spirit Airlines flight? 

Here are the options that the airlines provide to their passengers upon such events:

  • Firstly, the airlines will allow a full refund for serious reasons such as the death of the passenger or next of kin, provided you show valid proof.
  • When travelers arrive at the terminal less than two hours after missing the flight’s departure deadline, missed flight policy at Spirit Airlines has the condition to arrange another seat on another flight.
  • Next, if passengers don’t show up at all and don’t inform the airlines, they will consider your case a no-show; Hence, you won’t get any credits, refunds, or other relief.
  • Also, when flyers tell the customer executives of Spirit in advance, they will arrange standby for you, subject to availability.
  • Lastly, you might have to pay the spirit airlines Missed flight fee in certain cases.

Finally, you can cancel your booking online before departure times and receive partial credits after deducting the cancelation fee from your fare. 

What Should I Do If I Miss My Flight on Spirit? 

When passengers miss a direct/ connection flight of Spirit Airlines, they must inform airlines in advance so that the carrier puts them on the standby list.

Missing The Initial Flight

Spirit Airlines Missed Flight Policy Guidelines allow passengers to do these things when they miss their initial flight.

  • Firstly, pay the convenience/ service fee for the schedule delay that you have caused. After that, the airline will convert the leftover amount into credits or future travel vouchers. 
  • The service charge is also applicable for putting you on the standby list or rebooking a starting flight of Spirit Airlines. 
  • Also, when you are at the terminal by 2 hours of departure time, the air carrier might still issue a seat on another flight of the same itinerary if you timely inform Spirit about it.

Missing The Connection

The Spirit Airlines missed flight rules have these options for flyers who miss their connecting flight.

  • When you missed your flight by Spirit Airlines because the previous flight was running late from Spirit’s side, you will get another connection at no additional cost. Otherwise, you will receive credits for the rest of the journey.
  • Also, when you miss a connection due to your fault and now you aren’t present at the terminal, pay the necessary charges by booking another PNR number.
  • Contact the Spirit officials at the terminal to seek help or talk to their executives.

Avoid penalties and disappointments by keeping an extra margin of time to travel to the airport.

How Do I Contact Spirit When I Miss A Flight On Spirit Airlines? 

Contact Spirit Airlines on live assistance phone number 1 (855) 728-3555 to receive help from a travel expert when you miss your flight on Spirit Airlines.

There are multiple ways to ask for assistance from the airlines directly when you are in a difficult situation, and you may miss your flight booking with Spirit Airlines.

  • Dial the above-mentioned Spirit assistance number and wait for the IVR to connect you. Once you get in touch with the 24/7 live representative, inform them about your situation.
  • If you have more time to rebook or reschedule, go to Spirit’s change/ cancellation portal and pay the penalty fee to avoid no-shows later.
  • Next, you can Whatsapp them on the same phone number to seek help.
  • Also, missed flight policy on Spirit Airlines allows you to direct message Spirit on their social media handles.

Lastly, you can email them on the official handle along with your ticket details, and airways will gladly help you.

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Spirit Missed Flight Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, indeed. If you have a solid reason for missing your flight, Spirit Airlines customer service may get you on the standby list without cost. Otherwise, inform the airlines that you will miss your flight, and Spirit will rebook another flight for you with/ without a nominal fee.

If you don’t cancel Spirit flight, don’t appear before check-in ends, and don’t inform the airlines in advance, it will be a no-show case. The airlines will not get you another flight, and the 100% ticket amount will be forfeited. In some rare cases, you may get travel credits for future flights with Spirit.

Spirit missed flight refund is available in the original form of payment only if you cancel the booking within 24 hours of purchase. However, you must not buy the ticket less than 7 days before the flight’s departure. If you miss a flight without informing the airline, you aren’t eligible for any refund.

If you inform the airline that you will miss the flight for any reason, you must pay $30 as Spirit missed flight fee at the airport. Usually, they get you on a standby seat/ provide a chair on an alternative flight for free. Sometimes, you have to pay $30 on a case-to-case basis.

Dial Spirit Airlines missed flight phone number 855-728-3555 to speak to a representative and book an alternative flight. They can also help you and put you on a standby list for the next flight to the same itinerary. Sometimes, you might have to pay a nominal administrative fee to use this service.

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