Spirit Airlines Seat Selection Policy & Process

If you aren’t a frequent flyer, the question that comes to your mind could be: Does Spirit let you choose seats? Yes, and you can pick your desired seat under the Spirit Airlines Seat Selection Policy at a very low price.

How much does it cost to pick your seat on Spirit? Assignment of seats starts at just $5. This price can go up to $510 for its signature Big Front Seats. You don’t have to pay this price if you are a miles member.

Make a wise decision by checking out the seat details below!

How Do I Choose My Seat On Spirit? 

Visit the check-in section on the Spirit website. After that, enter the last name and booking reference ID. Or, talk to a Spirit Airlines seat selection agent.

Method 1: Visit the website

Buy a seat when you make a reservation with Spirit Airlines or choose it later online when the check-in window for your flight opens 24 hours before departure.

  • Firstly, when flight booking with Spirit Airlines, go to the My Trips option.
  • Confirm your details and head to the pick my seat button.
  • After that, access the blueprint of the Spirit aircraft and hover the mouse around your preference of seat.
  • Click the desired chair, and you will see the price of every seat you pick.
  • For payment of the Spirit Airlines Seat Selection Fee, you can use your Miles or pay via a credit card.

Spirit seat selection when booking your ticket or after your reservation is confirmed lets you pick from various options. At check-in, you won’t have variety.

  • If you have 24 hours before the flight’s departure, go to the check-in button on the official Spirit Airlines website.
  • Enter details such as booking reference ID and last name of the passenger.
  • Next, verify your ticket and complete the check-in process.
  • During this process, you will get the option of buying/ choosing a seat.
  • Make the individual choice, and the amount will reflect on the screen.
  • Finally, make the payment, and you will be allotted a seat by Spirit Airlines. 

Download your final ticket with seat details on it.

Method 2: Talk To Spirit Airlines Customer Service

The seat selection procedure of Spirit Airlines is easy when you talk to a 24/7 available agent by dialing the 365 days assistance phone number 855-728-3555.  

  • Firstly, dial the number mentioned above and wait for the IVR response.
  • Press your respective options and wait for your turn to talk to a Spirit travel expert.
  • After that, once you are connected, please provide them with flight details. Also, ask them about the cost of your desired seat.
  • However, you can also tell them about your budget, and they will make the best suggestion.
  • Otherwise, mention your specifications. For example, you might be tall and require a seat with more legroom.
  • They will check your eligibility and the price. If you have a miles status, don’t hesitate to mention that, as it might help lower the final seat selection cost.

Finally, pay the amount and instantly receive a confirmation message from the airline.

How Many Spirit Airlines Big Front Seats Are On My Plane?

During Spirit Airlines seat selection, you can use the data collected from the Spirit Seat Maps and learn the number of big front seats available on your plane.

  • Spirit’s A319 Aircraft: Offers 6 seats. (Maximum number of big front seats available on any aircraft)
  • Airbus A320 Type 1: Only 4 seats available.
  • Airbus A320 Type 2: Offers only economy seats.
  • A320neo: Only 4 seats available
  • A321: Choose from 4 seats.

Spirit charges the highest for selecting a big front seat as it offers the maximum pitch size (36 inches) and width (20 inches). Early birds get big discounts.

How Are The Seats On Spirit Airlines?

When you pick a chair with Spirit Airlines Seat Map, you can pay a charge to choose seats from these options: Big Front, Deluxe Leather, and Economy seats. 

Read the description and learn which one is the right choice for you: 

Big Front 

  • Passengers must pay a little more to pick these choices. 
  • Extra legroom & space and leather-covered seats offer a premium experience.
  • However, the Spirit Seating Chart suggests that it doesn’t come with AC power and entertainment. 
  • Prices of the big front depend upon your elite status and plane type. 
  • Lastly, there are only two seats in a row, due to which seats are bigger and spacious.

Deluxe Leather

  • These seats come after the big front seats and are slightly less comfortable.
  • Also, these chairs don’t recline and offer 28” of seat pitch.
  • As the name suggests, it comes with a leather covering and provides a cushion. 
  • Travelers with a moderate budget for Spirit Airlines Seat Selection can choose Deluxe leather chairs.
  • There are three seats in a row.


  • Firstly, the cheapest cabin offers the lowest prices on picking seats and has the least facilities.
  • Also, legroom space differs on every seat. For example, flyers on the exit seats get more legroom.
  • Passengers can choose from an exit, window, or aisle seat. Hence, there are three seats in a row.
  • Lastly, the Economy Spirit plane seats have the same pitch as deluxe leather.
  • However, the position of the gallery and lavatory can trouble the passengers.

Seat assignments at Spirit start at just $5. As per the Spirit Airlines Seats Chart, you will pay the lowest for the economy and the highest for the big front.

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