Sun Country Airlines Change Flight Policy

Did your plans change suddenly, or you had to modify your date/ destination on an air ticket? Modify your ticket with Sun Country Change Flight policy without any hassles. Also, it allows you to alter your booking for free in many cases.

When it comes to changing booking details in sun country airlines, there are many things a passenger can alter. For example, you can revise your departure/ arrival destinations, date, and flight timings.

However, you must read the blog to know the terms & conditions of changing a flight.

How to Change a Sun Country Booked Flight?

Under the sun country change flight policy, a person can cancel or change their ticket within 24 hours of booking for free, provided you bought the reservation more than 7 days before the flight’s departure. The policy applies to all types of reservations made through direct sources.

When there are less than 60 days left for your flight’s departure, you must pay the applicable change fee. This rule applies if your booking doesn’t follow the 24-hour risk-free change policy mentioned above.

Sun Country Change Flight Terms & Conditions

  • Sun Country flight reservation modifications are free until 60 days before the flight’s departure. After that, the passenger has to seek a waiver or pay the change fee applicable.
  • The traveler has to bear a change in fare if the new flight is costlier than the previous booking.
  • Flight modifications and sun country change flight fees apply to the entire booking. Hence, the itinerary/ timings/ dates changes will apply to all the reservation passengers.
  • If the new airfare is cheaper, the difference in fare is awarded as a future travel voucher. Flyers can redeem these vouchers for one year from the date of trip purchase.
  • The change fee at Suncountry is cumulative. Hence, it will add up as per the number of passengers.

Seek assistance from travel experts by dialing sun country 24 hour customer service. Confirm if your ticket qualifies for a free or paid modification.

What Is Sun Country’s Flight- Only Change Fee Waiver?

When changing your flight on Sun Country Airlines, you can modify the ticket once until one hour before the flight’s departure for free.

However, it has some limitations as follows:

  • Travelers can use Sun country change flight date/ time policy advantage, but they still have to pay airfare difference and increased government tax/ fees.
  • After the flyer has used this facility once, regular charges will apply to modifications.
  • A fee waiver is applicable only on the flight part of a reservation.
  • Passengers can only add the fee waiver facility when booking their tickets via the official agency portal, website, or customer service.
  • One can purchase a change fee waiver for all reservation members only. Also, the facility is not available for all Sun country flights.

Lastly, you can use the fee waiver on Sun country change flight time/ date policy only when less than 60 days are left for departure. When a plane’s take-off is away by more than 60 days, one can modify all types of tickets for free.

Process to Change Your Flight On Sun Country Airlines

Change your flight by visiting the official website Or talk to someone at sun country customer service for date/ time/ destination modification.

Using The Official Website:

  • Firstly, check out the homepage of Suncountry’s website on a safe browser.
  • Next, log in to the account. Opt for a free sign-up if you don’t have an account with the airlines.
  • Further, check the My Trips menu from the book/ My Trips/Check-In tabs.
  • After that, enter details such as the passenger’s last name and reservation code. Now click the Manage My Trip button.
  • Verify the ticket details and click the change flight sun country link.
  • Afterward, you can edit your destination/ arrival airports, flight timings, number of passengers, and the date of your journey with the airlines.
  • Follow the rest of the prompts till you arrive at the payments page.
  • If applicable, pay the relevant fee, and you will receive a confirmation email from the airline with a new ticket.

When you use the Mobile app of Sun Country Airlines, the methods would be similar to the process shown above for changing flights.

Get Customer Service Team Assistance to

Change Sun Country Flight:

  • Initially, dial 651-905-2737 on Monday-Sunday between 6:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. (Central Time) to talk to a live person at Sun Country about changing flights.
  • Once you dial this number, an IVR response will guide you to different options. Choose those numbers that direct you towards an executive ready to modify your reservation details.
  • Next, when your call is connected, provide the travel expert with the original ticket details and the modifications you wish to make.
  • After that, they will check your existing details and inform you of any change flight fee sun country applicable.
  • Once you’ve paid the fee, executives will immediately send you a confirmation email with a new ticket.

You can also use the self-service kiosk or airport ticket counter to modify your sun country reservation offline.

Sun Country Flight Change Fees

The Sun Country change fees vary as per the time you’ve booked your ticket and the days left for the flight’s scheduled departure. Based on these two primary conditions, you will need to pay the following charges for modifying your booking:

Days Left For Departure

Flight Modification Charges

60+ days left


59- 14 days remaining

$39 each leg

13- 0 days left

$79 per leg

Note: Sun country change fee waiver is also available on those modifications made within 24 hours of purchasing a ticket. However, the flight’s departure must be away by 7 or more days.

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Change Sun Country Flight Frequently Asked Questions

One can change/ cancel their Sun Country flight online or offline if they have booked it from official sources. Go to the original website and visit the My Trips menu. Here, enter the reservation code available on the confirmation email.

You can reschedule or cancel your flight for free or for a fee. If more than 60 days are left for your sun country flight, you don’t have to pay a fee to modify the booking. When less than 60 days are left, the passenger has to pay a minimum of $50.

While booking your tickets, you can request a sun country change fee waiver on selected flights. This facility is available only on direct bookings via the website or customer service. You must present certain documents to prove your case in extreme cases.

Avoid paying sun country change flight fee in the following ways:

  1. Cancel ticket within 24 hours of booking
  2. Modify ticket when more than 60 days are left for take off.
  3. Opt for add-ons/ flexible fare tickets.
  4. Opt for a same-day flight change.
  5. Become an elite frequent flyer member.

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