Is Your United Future Flight Credit Not Working?

Do you have some credits left in your kitty and find it difficult to redeem them for payment? Your United future flight credit is not working, and there might be several reasons. For example, your credits may have expired a long time ago.

Also, when you book air travel from third parties, you must confirm credit expense and their expiry date. To sum it up, many details affect your credit withdrawal or redemption with the airline.

Read below and learn how to use your future travel options with the star alliance airline.

What Are United Future Flight Credits?

Passengers get the gap in fare/ entire amount in the form of United future flight credit when they cancel or change their bookings to buy a cheaper ticket.

Regular United’s customers would know that this air carrier provides future travel options in two forms: 

  • Future flight credits: When you cancel/ change your flight to a cheaper alternative.
  • Travel certificates: When travelers show a goodwill gesture by giving up their seat on the flight. 

As per the United Airlines official site, you can use both options for the same time of service. For example, passengers can redeem these credits on: 

  • Flights: United, United Express, and any other partner United Airlines flight you buy from the official sources.
  • Seat Assignments: Economy Plus seating, Basic Economy seat assignments, and preferred seating. 
  • Other non-ticketed items that you can find on United Airlines’ official site. 

In brief, the value of both the credits are the same, and they are applicable everywhere. When the United Future Flight Credit Not Working, note that it would not be because there are limits to using credits on the official sources.

United Airlines – How To Use Credit From A Canceled Flight?

One can redeem their United future flight credits online by logging into their account or talking to a 24/7 live person at United Airlines’ customer service.

Online Method:

  • Firstly, visit the official website and head to the United airlines booking portal.
  • After that, go to the My Account option.
  • Enter flight filters such as departure & arrival airports, dates, etc.
  • Once you have finalized your United flight, head to the payments page.
  • Choose United’s travel credits as your preferred mode for the payment option.
  • Also, you can use them for non-ticketed items such as United seat assignments.
  • Finally, if your credits are insufficient, pay the rest of the amount with a credit card/other payment modes.

To summarize, you have successfully redeemed your United Airlines flight credits online.

Via United Airlines customer service: 

If your United Future Flight Credit Not Working, or you wish to redeem them for your United Flight, dial 1 (800) 864-8331 for live agents to solve your trouble. The travel experts at the airline can help you with:

  • Booking a ticket and non-ticket items with your United’s various flight credits.
  • Let you know about the expiry date of your Future Flight Credit.
  • Help you with redeeming your credits if they are not working.

This phone number is available 24/7, 365 days, for United customers. 

What Should I Do When United Future Flight Credit Not Working?

Refresh your page and check if credits have expired. Or, use the United Airlines reservations number to redeem United’s various travel credits with an agent.

If you can’t redeem your Future Flight Credit from the official United’s website, these might be the possible reasons for it:

  • Firstly, there is a major technical glitch in the website/ mobile app and other online modes. You can talk to airline staff at their airport kiosks.
  • Also, your internet connection might be slow/ unstable to carry out a payment process.
  • Besides, passengers should see if your firewall has blocked the credits page or not.

Lastly, your credits may have expired before you used them, so the page isn’t working.

When Will My United Travel Credits Expire? 

United Future Flight Credits expire from one year of the date of issue. You will see a “travel by” option near their validity. You have to book a United flight with dates before that expiry limit. Apart from that, you must use them within one year of issuance.

Travel credits have more flexibility when it comes to the expiration dates. The expression “book by” suggests that you can purchase a United flight till that time. However, it doesn’t restrict you from choosing a travel date beyond that.

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