Upgrade Seats On American Airlines

How to Upgrade Seats on American Airlines?

Have you secured a confirmed reservation but are looking to upgrade your travel experience? Learn how to upgrade seats on American airlines and get the best chairs for free or at a nominal fee. Upgrades from AA are hard to come by, but getting information about the elite status and card memberships can help you secure a better seat effortlessly.

Hence, let’s get to know more about the seat upgrade policy of AA to make an informed decision.

How To Upgrade Seats On American Airlines App/ Website?

The process to upgrade to business class American Airlines is the same on the website and app. Also, even if you upgrade to one class above, the steps would be the same through any online method.

Follow these steps to get American airlines upgrade seat after purchase of your ticket:

  • Firstly, check out the official site of AA.
  • Next, click the My Trip menu.
  • Further, enter the last name and booking reference number.
  • Also, click the find reservation button to see your current booking details.
  • If this booking is eligible for paid/ miles/ complimentary upgrade, you will find an upgrade option on the screen.
  • After that, choose your upgrade class (preferred seats/ class upgrade).
  • Once you are at the payment page, it will show the entire fee breakup.

Pay the fee to secure your new seat. If you still need to learn how to upgrade seat on American Airlines, dial the AA phone number 800-433-7300 to know more.

What Is The Priority List To Get American Airlines Seat Upgrades?

The airline’s upgrade priority depends upon AA elite status, type of upgrade, loyalty points earned in the last 12 months, and date/ time of requesting an upgrade. Some of these options are open for all, while the type of upgrades is reserved for members only.

1st Priority: Elite Status in AA membership

ConciergeKey is the highest level in elite status, which means they have the highest chance of securing an upgrade. Elite gold status members have the least chance of securing an American Airlines Seat Upgrade.

Elite Status




Executive Platinum


Platinum Pro 






2nd Priority: Through Type Of Upgrade

Your request to upgrade the seat at AA may approve early, depending upon the seat upgrade type you’ve opted for. Checkout the following table:

Elite Status



Systemwide upgrades (VIP)

Mileage upgrade awards (MLG)

Same Ranking


Complimentary Upgrades

Purchased tickets


Complimentary upgrades 

Award tickets 

(for ConciergeKey and Executive Platinum only)


3rd Priority: Loyalty Points Earned In 12 Months

The more loyalty points you’ve earned in the last 12 months, the higher your chances to secure an American Airlines Upgraded Seat. 

4th Priority: Date/ Time Of Requesting Upgrade 

Nonelite members can secure an upgrade through miles/ payment or get a gifted systemwide upgrade from an elite member. However, they will get this only after all other requests from elite members are processed.

If the upgrade isn’t confirmed till check-in, A.A. will add your booking to the standby upgrade list when there are sufficient miles in the account 48 hours before departure. If you get a confirmed upgrade Seat on American Airlines flight, the boarding pass will automatically be updated.

How To Upgrade Seats On American Airlines With Miles?

You can upgrade with miles to fly on American and its partner airlines. However, full fares are relatively cheaper to upgrade. To upgrade from discounted fares, you have to pay additionally on top of miles. 

To avoid relying on the upgrade through miles, you can purchase it when you buy the ticket. Follow the process to upgrade your A.A. flight through miles:

  • Initially, open the official A.A. site.
  • Next, on the book menu at the homepage, click the advanced/ multi-city link on the right.
  • After that, click the redeem miles checkbox.
  • Also, log in to your AAdvantage account.
  • Next, find your ticket for which you must pay the A.A. Class Upgrade Cost via miles.
  • If the booking is eligible for fee+ miles/ miles only/ free seat upgrade, the button to upgrade the flight will appear. 
  • On the payments page, you will find the total fare with taxes and other charges.

Finally, redeem the necessary miles for Seat Upgrades On American Airlines. If your requirement isn’t confirmed, these miles will get reinstated to your AAdvantage account.

What Are The Different Types Of Seat Upgrades On American Airlines?

There are three ways to upgrade your reservations on American Airlines. These seat upgrade options offered by American Airlines depend upon travel class, elite status, and miles in your account.

Systemwide Upgrades

Systemwide American Airlines Seat Upgrade offers a confirmed upgrade to one class above your current reservation. This facility is available for American Airlines and selected British Airways flights. Hence, you can upgrade from the following:

  • Business Fares → First Class
  • Premium Economy → Business Class
  • Economy Fares → Premium Economy 

The systemwide upgrade is credited annually through Loyalty Choice Rewards to the accounts of Platinum Pro/ Executive Platinum elite members. Depending upon their activity, they get 1/ 4/ 5 upgrades annually. Kindly note that basic economy flights are not eligible for an upgrade.

Upgrade Through Miles 

On the contiguous 48 U.S. states, Alaska, Canada, Mexico, and parts of the Caribbean & North America, you can enjoy a higher cabin of service. You can get your seat upgrades on American Airlines through cash co-payments with miles or without co-payments and fly in the next higher cabin.

You can secure the flights upgraded for yourself or anyone you designate. Except for award tickets and Basic Economy fare tickets, anyone can get these popular American Airlines Seat Upgrades for a single one-way trip with a maximum of three segments.

Complimentary Upgrades

When AAdvantage elite members fly on routes within the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbeans, they receive complimentary upgrades. It allows them to add one more companion to their reservation and provide Seat Upgrade On American Airlines to their companion for free for the same flight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Request an upgrade through American Airlines official website

  1. Log into the AA.com account and ensure that you have a systemwide upgrade balance in your account.
  2. Further, look for the systemwide upgrade link while booking your flight.
  3. For further assistance, call the AAdvantage service desk at 800-433-7300 or ..

Yes, indeed. You can opt for American Airlines Upgrade through co-payment for systemwide upgrades. Otherwise, while booking your ticket with the airline, you can see whether your main cabin or the above ticket is eligible for paid upgrades.

You can request an upgrade to first class if you have a business class ticket. To request a first-class cabin, visit the official website of American Airlines and to my trips. After that, enter details to retrieve your booking. If your ticket is eligible, you can opt for a systemwide or complimentary upgrade.

Basic economy flights at A.A. are not eligible for any kind of upgrade. You must buy the main cabin or above class ticket to ensure your eligibility for complimentary/ miles/ systemwide upgrade. Dial 800-433-7300 or . to check whether your ticket qualifies for this facility.

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