How Do I Change My Virgin Flight?

Airlines understand that plans can change anytime. To ensure a smooth air travel experience, European airlines have launched Virgin Atlantic Flight Change Policy globally. It allows you to modify your flight’s date, time, or route with/ without a nominal change fee. 

Passengers are free to alter routes or timing from online or offline sources. You can visit the Virgin manage my booking option for online changes or call customer service to modify the booking offline.

Read below to learn the process of changing virgin flights and the fees involved.

How Can I Change The Date Of My Flight With Virgin?

To use the Virgin change flight facility, you can use the live chat assistance, call customer service, or visit the My Trips option. On the one hand, the live chat option isn’t available round the clock; on the other hand, the website and customer service are available 24/7. 

Through Live Chat

  • Firstly, check out the official page of the Virgin Atlantic help center.
  • Next, go to make a change link.
  • Further, find the chat to us icon on the bottom right side of the page.
  • Click the need help button and live chat will open. 
  • Now click the manage my booking prompt or change a flight option.
  • Soon, a live executive will connect with this chat.
  • Follow the rest of the prompts to use the virgin airlines change flight policy. 

The live chat service is open from 8 am to 8 pm UK time. Also, don’t refresh the chat, or you will lose the conversation thread and have to start again.

Via The Official Website

  • Initially, visit the official website.
  • Next, go to the virgin manage booking or my bookings menu.
  • After that, enter your last name and reservation reference ID.
  • Press search and retrieve your booking details.
  • Afterward, you can use the virgin change flights facility.
  • Follow the rest of the prompts.
  • Finally, you will arrive at the payments page with the fare difference and flight change fee.

Lastly, pay the entire amount (as per your flight category) and change your flying route and travel date. 

Through Virgin Atlantic Customer Service

  • Firstly, dial the virgin Atlantic change flight contact number 1 (800) 862-8621.
  • Further, the IVR automated instructions will begin.
  • Next, press the number that takes you flight change service.
  • Or, press the key that directly connects you with an executive.
  • When you speak to a live person at Virgin Atlantic, provide your ticket details.
  • Also, give the new route and date you wish to travel.

The executive will accept your request and put you on hold. Further, they will inform you of all the charges (fare difference, change flight fee). Pay the fee and get new ticket information through your provided contact details.

How Much Is The Virgin Change Flight Fee?

Virgin Atlantic change flight fee depends upon the fare restrictions of your ticket with the airlines. As per estimations available from travel experts, the charge to change flights at Virgin Airlines might go upto $200 per passenger. 

However, kindly refer to the payments summary page while using the change flight facility. It shows the complete breakup of all the charges and fare differences applicable. Also, you can refer to your booking details and learn how much fee you might need to pay as per the Virgin Atlantic change flight policy.

Same-Day Virgin Change Flight Facility

For same-day Virgin Atlantic Change Flight Policy, the eligibility depends upon your tariff rules. However, you can also call the customer service phone number to check if you qualify for such changes.

  • You can apply for the same-day flight change facility when 24 hours are left for the flight’s departure.
  • As per your reservation detail, you can change your flight’s itinerary on its original departure date.
  • Also, when less than 1 hour is left for the flight’s departure (the Virgin check-in window is closed), you can’t request a same-day flight change.
  • Besides, the service for same-day switches isn’t available for long-haul or international flights.
  • You can’t change your departure and arrival airports/ destination/ cities for successful use of the same-day Virgin Change Flight Policy. 
  • Once you’ve checked in for your flight, you can’t make any same-day changes to your flight (Regardless of check-in method).
  • Lastly, the flyer is responsible for any penalty, change fee, or fare difference for voluntary changes. 

Flyers of Virgin Atlantic can visit the official website, use the mobile app, call customer service, or use the live bot for the same-day flight change.

Terms & Conditions To Change Or Cancel Virgin Atlantic Flights

You can modify the date or destination of your ticket depending on your fare conditions. However, the Virgin Change Flight rules also suggest things to expect when you use this facility. Kindly read below:

  • Passengers can modify their tickets only when their tariff restrictions allow them to do so.
  • You will receive a confirmation email once the change of flight is successful.
  • For fewer restrictions with virgin Atlantic cancel flights or change booking conditions, kindly buy the added flexibility package or travel insurance.
  • When the passenger doesn’t flyes in booked sequence or doesn’t take the flight, they can’t change the date or route of their flight.
  • A price rise may also happen if you’ve partially used the flights or haven’t traveled in an agreed sequence.
  • Kindly contact Virgin Atlantic customer service to learn if you need to pay an additional fee for changing your booking.
  • Depending upon tariff conditions, you must pay the flight change fee per person per leg of the journey.
  • Also, when passengers can’t fly in an agreed sequence, they must present legitimate proof of an event beyond their control. Here, the flyer won’t have to pay an additional fee to change flights.

Want to know how do I change my Virgin flight? Dial 1 (800) 862-8621 or . and talk to an expert before modifying your itinerary.

Virgin Change Flight - Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, indeed. To modify your flight, you need to pay a fare difference and flight change fee at Virgin Airlines. The amount depends upon the time left for flight departure, fare restrictions, and travel category. If you’ve booked through membership, you may not need to pay any such charge to change flights.

How do I rebook my Virgin Atlantic flight? Kindly check out the official website of Virgin airlines, contact a travel agent or visit the booking counters to change your flight. Also, call 1 (800) 862-8621 for an expert to modify your flight’s date, timing, and departure/ arrival destination.

To reschedule your booking for free or at a nominal charge, kindly modify the ticket before its date of departure. Also, if you’ve booked virgin holiday packages, kindly contact the airlines directly. You can also use the Virgin Change Flight Policy service from their official website.

If you are from the USA and flying through Australia, your name change flexibility will depend upon fare restrictions and the type of name change you opt for. Go to the manage booking option and pay upto $80 incl. GST to change the name on virgin airlines flights in Australia.

Pay upto $200 as a Virgin Change flight fee to modify your date, time, or reservation destination. However, the flight change fee depends upon the tariff category and time left for the flight to depart. If you have opted for a restrictive fare, you might have to pay more as fare difference and change flight fee.

Through Virgin Atlantic customer service number: 

  1. Dial the official customer service number 1 (800) 862-8621 or +. to talk to a Virgin Atlantic expert. 
  2. Wait For IVR to respond. Select your relevant option.
  3. After you meet an executive, ask them to change your flight with a new itinerary.

Rebook your flight anytime before the plane’s departure and before the check-in period is over. However, if you’ve not flown according to the agreed sequence, your request might not get accepted, or you may need to pay any additional change in fare.

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