Avail the Perks Of Air Travel With American Airlines Manage Booking

American Airlines is a leading US airline headquartered in Texas. In terms of fleet size, it is the world’s largest airline because it has a fleet of 951 aircraft. These aircraft are used to transport passengers and cargo to more than 350 destinations around the world. Being a major air carrier it is obvious that maximum travelers ought to choose American Airlines as their air travel medium. The airline is dedicated to providing its customers with the best of all services. From flight reservations to American Airlines manage booking there is not a single service inferior to any other major airline in the USA.

Confirm Your American Airlines Booking via official Website

If you are interested in the services offered by American Airlines, you can look forward to making a booking with them. Many passengers have made American their first choice for air travel. However, a few still don’t know much about the American Airlines book flight process. If you are also one of them, let us tell you that making a reservation with them is as simple as eating. And with their official site reservations, you can book a flight while you eat. 

Here’s a simple step-by-step procedure to book flights with American Airlines

  • First, you need to open any of your preferred web browsers and locate the official website for American Airlines booking or type www. aa.com on your search bar.
  • After that, click on the search flights option and continue with your initial steps in the booking. In this step, you will first determine the category of your trip, i.e., One-way, roundtrip, or multi-city.
  • In the next step, specify the departure and arrival city with their airports. Also, add the number of passengers with total adults and children.
  • You can also specify the travel dates and preferred time in the following step after that.
  • Before you move further, check all the details and then continue to the payment console to choose a specific payment method of your choice.
  • Now, pay for the flight using the method and wait for the email confirmation.

Usually, American Airlines send you an email right after you make an AA booking to confirm your flight with them. In some cases, passengers also receive an SMS to their registered mobile number. If you are using the AA mobile app, you can also make reservations from there. Let’s take a further look!

Book A flights using the Official Mobile Application

If you do not wish to go through the lengthy procedures of the AA com booking

website and also fear landing on a dummy website, you can opt for mobile app bookings. You can simply make your flight reservations via their official mobile application. This AA app is designed for both android and iOS users, and you can thus make reservations whenever you wish. Here is the detailed procedure for making an AA booking via the app.

  • Firstly, you need to open the AA app or visit the apple store or play store to download the official AA mobile app.
  • Create a new account using your email credentials, or log in to the existing account with correct credentials and continue with the same booking steps.
  • Choose the trip type and then fill in the details of the passenger.
  • After that, provide the preferred travel dates and search available flights.
  • Now, select the flight you like and continue to avail of the deals and offers for a more convenient flying option.
  • After that, choose the types of services you wish to add to your flight and pay using your mobile app only.

Once your American Airlines ticket booking is confirmed, the airline will send you a ticket confirmation to your registered phone number or email. If you still have some concerns speak to an airline representative for help. 

For instance, you can also use the American Airlines manage booking service to add more benefits to your travel itinerary through the mobile application. As most of you already know how to make an American Airlines Booking, there is no need to delve more into that. But still, if there are any doubts, the airline agents will be happy to help.

Using American Airlines Manage Booking Service

Usually, to avoid last-minute booking problems, people book their air tickets in advance. However, sometimes because of unavoidable circumstances, people need to make changes to the plan. If you have also booked travel through the official American Airlines Booking website, or by a travel agency or any third-party website, you can change your booking easily via online website or application.

Follow the instructions below to manage your flight booking:

  • Visit the official American Airlines website and from the menu click on My trips tab.
  • Once you click enter you’ll be able to see American Airlines Manage my Booking Login page.
  • Now enter your confirmation code with the first and last name on the ticket to access your itinerary.
  • Click on find my Trip and your details will pop-up on the screen.
  • Select the type of modification you wish to make to the flight, for example, change the date and time of the flight, add meals, edit the name or contact information, cancel or change the reservation, add more passengers, check in online or select seats.
  • After that, follow the instructions on the screen to make the desired changes.
  • You can even upgrade your seat to upper class, but keep in mind that certain changes require a certain fee, so you must change the payment method before you can change an existing reservation

You will receive a confirmation mail or message on the given contact information once the change is confirmed by the airline.

Destinations List Of American Airlines





Birmingham, AL

Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport



Huntsville International Airport



Mobile Regional Airport



Sydney Airport



Eduardo Gomes International Airport



Calgary International Airport



Shanghai Pudong International Airport

United Kingdom


Heathrow Airport



Hamad International Airport

New Zealand


Christchurch Airport


Make Group Reservations on AA’s official site.

If you have over seven people traveling within the same itinerary, you may opt for group reservations. AA allows you to make reservations in a group by a simple procedure and enjoy your flight with your favorite people. Further, you can follow the steps mentioned below to make group reservations on AA.

  • Dial American Airlines booking number or open their official website to make the group reservations.
  • You first need to find the Group Booking option under the MY TRIPS tab and note each specific requirement over the email.
  • After that, provide the passenger’s details in the given reservations form to submit the request.
  • Once the request has been submitted, the airline representative from the AA group reservations will connect to you.
  • You can seek any assistance from this airline agent and complete your AA group reservation.

If you have any more questions, you can search for How do I Speak to a live person at American Airlines? On the website and find all the suitable options. The airline agents will surely provide you with help unless your booking is completely valid/invalid. You can even seek other necessary guidance from them whenever required without any hassles.

Cancel American Airlines Flights with ease

Got some issues and wanna terminate your booking? Well, with American Airlines Manage Booking, you can feel at ease as they help you cancel your flights without any delays. You can simply choose to cancel your American Airlines booking and also get refunds if eligible. 

Steps to Cancel your American Airlines Booking

If you need to cancel your flight with American Airlines, you can follow a simple series of steps and ensure a smooth ticket cancellation. Just complete the step-by-step procedure as mentioned below and cancel your bookings.

  • Open your web browser and visit the official site of American Airlines and log in to your account.
  • Enter the American Airlines manage booking section, submit your flight booking details and visit the flight cancellation page.
  • Click on your flight, provide the flight booking confirmation code and your first & last name on the ticket.
  • Here, you can review your flight status and then go to the travel policies section to get all the cancellation guideline information and check if you are eligible for a refund or not.
  • Then follow the on-screen instructions to cancel the flight and continue.
  • Once your flight cancellation process is complete. You can look forward to getting travel credit or refunds as per the cancellation policy guidelines.

Purchase Extra-Baggage for your Flights

Are you still wondering about the perks of managing your American Airlines Booking using our helpdesk? Know that excess baggage is one of them. We always try to pack within limits but sometimes we can’t help but take extra things due to the nature of our trip. In such cases, passengers need to purchase extra baggage allowance other than the approved luggage. They can simply connect with our manage booking professionals who will help them in arranging extra baggage allowance. They will also assist you throughout the manage booking process.

Upgrade to a better Quality Seat

If you have money in your hands, why not enjoy some benefits? Yes, we are talking about American Airlines, which provides individuals with the opportunity to upgrade their tickets to first class. If you have already booked a business class or economy class flight and you regret your decision, then you don’t need to worry because the airline offers the option to upgrade your seat to first class.

How to upgrade to American Airlines?

The process of upgrading your American Airlines Booking is very simple. There is no need to search for ticket upgrades, and the homepage of the official website provides upgrade options. Passengers can also call American Airlines’ reservation officers for assistance on this topic. American Airlines has dedicated customer support services to help passengers. Therefore, those who happen to have any problems or need some information can choose to contact the American Airlines reservation desk.

All the American Airlines Manage Booking options

How to change American Airlines Booking?

Did you have an American Airlines booking that you now wish to change? Fret not, as you can simply make changes to your flights.  If you are already familiar with the rules to change a flight, you can move forward with the change flight process. You only need to follow a simple series of steps and enjoy the new flight as per your requirements. Moreover, you get to change your flight with or without a fee based on the fare type and time of change. 

Next, you can read the following steps and follow the thorough procedure to easily handle the American airlines change flight process. 

  • Firstly, you need to open your web browser to find the official American Airlines website link.
  • Open this link and login if you have an account with American Airlines. Suppose you do not have an account with American Airlines. In that case, You can proceed as a guest.
  • Enter the manage booking section of the website and continue.
  • Now you need to retrieve the details of your American Airlines Flights using the booking confirmation number and first and last name of the passenger.
  • Once you see the booking details, you can choose the Change flight service and change your flight to a new one from the available options. 
  • If your new flight fare is the same as the initial one, you only need to pay the flight change fee. However, if the new flight fare is higher than the original fare, you need to pay the change fee+difference in fare.
  • Confirm the changes before payment, and only then pay for your flight change.

After you change the flight, American airlines book flight will send you a confirmation email at the address you provided at the time of the booking. 

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American Airlines FAQs

You can ask for help from the official team to make an American Airline flight booking to the desired destination. Moreover, the booking team will tell you about the current flight fares and holiday deals and provide the best quote. If you wish to talk in the English language, dial the toll-free helpline number 800-433-7300. The calling hours are available seven days a week and 24 hours, so based on your location, contact the executive.

American Airlines permit travelers to fly with one personal bag and carry-on bag for free with certain size restrictions. However, the airline charges extra fees for carrying checked bags on the plane. Like, as per the airline’s baggage policy, pay $30, $40, $150, and $200 for the respective checked baggage. Also, if you exceed the weight restrictions, the team will mark the bags as overweight or oversized luggage. There are non-refundable fees between $100 to $450 based on different locations for overweight luggage within 51 to 71 pounds.

Advantage members can earn miles on each flight on American Airlines or the partner carriers. Moreover, one can redeem miles on flight tickets, car rentals, and accommodation options. Most importantly, the bonus points can help you book award flights or book a holiday package at a less price.

  • To book award tickets, head to the airline’s site, log into your mileage account, and check the miles balance.
  • Now select “Redeem Miles.”
  • Enter your desired destination and travel dates.
  • You will see different flights, confirm that best suits your travel budgets.
  • Moreover, you can check a calendar view, showing the available redemptions for each month.
  • Next, check the availability of seats by hitting the “Seats” button.
  • After booking the award flights and seats, the team will send the confirmation mail to your registered email address.

American Airlines have various clinics testing on over more than 150 routes within the U.S. The centers offer PCR and rapid Covid tests on selected airports and give results in 15-20 minutes. Moreover, most of the locations are prohibited to travel and need Covid-19 testing and quarantine upon arrival. Everyone who is two and above and traveling to America must show a negative test taken one day before departure. Furthermore, one must sign an attestation application that confirms that they have met the entry requirements. The airline will allow entries to enter the plane based on the form.

You can make an American Airlines booking for several low-fare destinations, including Los Angeles, Dallas, New York, San Francisco, Austin, etc. Generally, American Airlines offers cheap flights to most of the popular routes. However, there are certain places for which you can book as low as $440 for round trips. You can shop for discounted fares on Tuesday and see reduced fares from other weekdays. The flash sale begins either late Monday or early Tuesday on the official site or mobile application.

A century of flights with American Airlines!

Rated 5 out of 5
June 20, 2022

I made an American Airlines booking to fly to LA from TUX with manage airlines booking, and it was an exciting flight yet again. The best part is it was my century flight with AA. I have flown on American Airlines all over the U.S. and to other countries. The airline has never canceled on me. Furthermore, even if I were to cancel a flight with them, I would still choose to fly AA when I can. The major reason is that I understand that a canceled flight is typically not their fault, and the number of flights they cancel is far fewer than the other airline.

Robert Pint

A perfect vacation to the Bahamas!

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May 12, 2022

We flew to the Bahamas for our last vacation, and the experience has been commendable. Found a better deal with an American Airlines booking website and luckily I clicked the book now button to grab it. The airline facilities were great both onboard and offboard. Besides, the airport staff was helpful enough to get us past our formalities. Also, the onboard stewards were also polite and smiling all the time and didn’t deny a single request. I would love to fly with them again.

Brittany Standall

Best Decision Ever…!

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I just find American Airlines the best. And finding a great flight with manageairlinesbooking was luck by chance which turned out rather great. I made an American Airlines booking with them, and they offered me all the basic amenities without further hassle. Besides, I was able to reach my destination with no delays in flights and no additional charges. However, I enjoyed it a lot, and it was the best decision that I had ever made.

Shawn Jensen

Amazing Flight Attendants

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February 17, 2022

I made an American Airlines Booking with manageairlinesbooking website and it has been amazing. The flight was great. The plane left on time, and yes it arrived on time. The flight attendants were fantastic and had great personalities while doing their jobs well. They opened all my food lids for me. I mean it was Amazing. I didn’t feel as if it was a pity party but just blessed to have these Angels on board that day. It was above and beyond all expectations. I hope that if you plan to travel overseas you take American Airlines and get this crew. I sure hope I will see them on my next trip back.

Lily Bass

Greatest Pleasure in the air!!

Rated 5 out of 5
January 27, 2022

I Flew to Tampa with American Airlines Booking in our itinerary. We found the exciting companion offer with manage airlines booking website and the flight was just great. It’s been ages since we have felt so comfortable in a flight like this one with AA. The representative at the bag check-in helped me get an earlier flight. The airport is easy to navigate and easy to enter and exit. American flies several flights per day into this airport. Our flight was about 30 minutes and was uneventful. The flight attendant was great, and all went well.

Veronica Bing
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