Grab your favorite airfare deals with Avianca Airlines Manage Booking

Do you need an exciting getaway to your favorite destination? Whether you need an affordable getaway or you are going for a most important meeting, you can plan a flight with Avianca. And reset of your needs will be well taken care of with Avianca airlines manage booking, which vows to enhance your air travel experience.

So. experience air travel at its best with Avianca Airlines and plan a thrilling vacation with them. Furthermore, if you need any help, the airline has many options for your most-awaited vacations. Let’s find out more about Avianca in this article below.

Avianca Airlines Manage Booking

Get to know Avianca Airlines Manage Booking!

Avianca is an international airline of Colombia and has been in this industry since 1919. However, while maintaining its roots, Avianca Airlines is adapting to the changing norms of the industry. Therefore, this Bogota-based airline is a flag carrier of both El Salvador and Colombia.

Furthermore, with its decades of experience, Avianca offers flights in 20 countries and serves over 90 destinations across the globe. Besides, we have also aimed to reduce excess CO2 emission on Avianca flights and accomplished to manage 50% reduction. 

Excited to purchase your flight tickets with Avianca? Start Planning now!

How do I book flights at Avianca Airlines?

The more you know about the airline, the more it urges you to make an Avianca Airlines Booking. However, you can’t proceed with something without knowing the exact process. So, first, you may know how you can book your flights. And after that, you can plan and manage your bookings.

There are several ways to book an Avianca flight, and it totally depends on you about how you book. However, the best and fastest way to book flights is online via the Avianca official website. 

Follow these steps to book Avianca Flights online

  • Open any web browser and Locate the Avianca Official website on any device you like.
  • After that, you will land on the airline’s homepage in the “Book your Flight” section.
  • Here you can firstly select the type of your trip, aka One-way or round trip.
  • Now, choose from where you are flying and where to. In other words, enter the departure and destination information.
  • Next, tell us when you will fly. Or what are your preferred travel dates? You can choose them using the inbuilt calendar.
  • Now enter the number of passengers traveling and your preferred travel class to continue.
  • On the next page, you may see the list of available flights with the price and a mini-calendar that shows when the flights are the cheapest.
  • Choose the flight you like and continue to confirm your cabin class selection. You can also choose your seats here if you wish.
  • Finalize the amount and continue to add the traveler’s details in the next step and recheck for misspellings.
  • Finally, move on to the payments page and pay for your Avianca airlines flights booking.

At the same time you confirm, Avianca will send you a confirmation email with the flight’s complete details on your registered mailing address.

Use Avianca Airlines Manage Booking to enhance your Experience!

What if you encounter some issue After you have completed your booking? Or do you wish to make some modifications or enhancements to your flight booking? No worries, you can use the Avianca Airlines manage booking service and make the desired modifications.

The manage booking service allows you to make several changes to your booking like flight change, name change, seat selection, etc. Here you can make additional service purchases yourself and without any hassles. 

For example, suppose if there is an issue with your flight timings, you can choose to change your flight. Or you can add a special meal requirement to your Avianca airlines booking and enjoy the flights a better way.

How to manage your flights with Avianca Airlines?

Managing flights with Avianca is simple. You can simply use your online information for the Avianca Airlines tickets to manage them. And all of it is possible on the official Avianca website. And to manage your flights, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open the official website of Avianca and log in to your account. Or you can continue as a guest.
  • After that, click on the “Manage Your Booking” tab to access the Avianca Manage Booking service and continue.
  • Now here, you need to first retrieve your booking details using the reservation number and ticketed passenger’s last name.
  • Now, click “Continue,” and you will see the flight that you booked. Select the one you wish to manage, and you may see a list of available options.
  • Choose one of the manage booking options and follow the on-screen prompts to make the desired modifications.
  • After that, you can recheck the changes and confirm to pay for the service if there is any fee.

Finally, you will receive a confirmation email like you received while booking Avianca Flights. You can keep this email for future reference if there are any issues with the flight change.

How to Check-in for Avianca flights?

After confirming the flight booking and managing your flights, the next step is to check-in for the flight and obtain a boarding pass. And there are two major ways to check-in for your flights. Let’s find out.

Avoid long airport waits Check-in Online

The quickest way to check-in for your Avianca Airlines Booking is using the Online Check-in window. You can simply visit the check-in tab on the official website of Avianca. Just enter your reservation code and the passenger’s last name with the departure date information and continue to complete check-in. 

Besides, the online check-ib window will open 24 hours prior to the flight’s scheduled departure and will close 45 minutes before. So, make sure to check-in on time to avoid any later trouble.

Check-in at the Airport

Avianca advises the passengers to arrive at the airport check-in counter at least three hours before flight departure for international flights and at least an hour before flight departure for domestic flights. However, this airport check-in will also incur a $10 additional cost for both domestic and international flights.

Furthermore, the airline is also offering passengers the option to check-in using a self-service kiosk at the airport. Passengers simply enter their details into the kiosk and print their boarding pass at the airport. Passengers can use self-service kiosks to check-in for all flights up to 24 hours before flight departure.

Additionally, if flying within Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru, check-in using the self-service kiosk will close 35 minutes before the scheduled flight departure time. Whereas, for flying anywhere else, the kiosk closes an hour before your flight departure time.

Finally, if you need any more help with booking Avianca Airlines tickets, you can contact the customer service team of the airline. Moreover, our team is here to help you out if there is any particular issue. So feel free to contact manage airlines booking team and get the answers that you need within no time.

The online check-in desk of Aeromexico Booking opens 24 hours prior to the departure of international flights and 48 hours prior to the domestic ones. If you are a club premier member, do not forget to log in using that account. You can simply check in by using your frequent flyer account or the basic booking reference number and last name as per the ticket. 

If you have any trouble during the manage booking process of Aeromexico, make sure to contact them. We have a special and dedicated Aeromexico manage booking helpdesk where the agents are available 24/7 to serve you at any instance of your booking with Aeromexico. So feel free and manage your flights to experience the perks of the tailor-made air travel package.

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