Grasp Exciting Services with Emirates Airlines Manage Booking

Emirates is one of the globally renowned airlines. Based in Dubai, this airline is the Flag carrier of UAE. It offers you various air travel options online, like booking flight tickets, adding or deleting services, and managing your flights. Using the Emirates Airlines Manage Booking option, you can benefit a lot and grasp the airline’s exciting services. You can perform various tasks without leaving your home with their online manage booking service. Read more to find out the list of options available in the manage booking section.

Emirates airlines manage booking

Emirates Manage Booking option helps you achieve the following tasks:

  • You can review your Emirates Airlines Booking and also print or share with other passengers traveling with you.
  • You can request additional services like meals and entertainment options.
  • Changing the schedule such as date and time of flight as per your requirement.
  • Performing flight check-in and obtaining a boarding pass.
  • Editing your personal and contact information on your booking.
  • Adding more passengers to the travel list.
  • Requesting excess baggage services.
  • Selecting seats of your choice.
  • Requesting special assistance services.

These are some of the main benefits of using the “emirates airlines manage booking” online tool on the official Emirates website. After learning about all these benefits, you must be worrying about how you can manage your booking. Take a look at these steps mentioned below:

Follow these steps to manage Emirates Booking:

  1. Visit the official website of Emirates Airlines on your web browser.
  2. From the header, select the Manage tab and Go to the emirates airlines manage your booking section.
  3. Enter your booking reference number with the passenger’s first and last name as per your e-ticket.
  4. Click on the Button that says retrieve booking and access your flight details.
  5. Now choose the changes you want to make or any other manage booking option and proceed further to confirm your actions,

Perform Check-In with Emirates online Manage Booking tool:

You can efficiently perform Emirates Airlines check-in on the airline’s official website. Go to the web page and click the “Online Check-In” option. After that, please follow all subsequent steps to complete the process. You can likewise choose your favorite seat without any extra fees. 

Here you can choose to print your boarding pass or receive it on your mobile phone. You can check-in 24 hours before the flight departure, but you can also use the service 90 minutes before the scheduled departure time. One of the main features of Emirates online check-in is that, unlike most other airlines, it allows travelers flying with infants to use the service.

Choose your Seats with the Manage Booking option:

You can also choose where you want to sit on the plane. Browse the immersive 3D seat map and experience it before selecting a seat. You can also fly in groups with your family or friends when picking a seat in an airplane. With Emirates Airlines Manage Your Booking option, you can change your seat at any time before or during check-in.

Add excess Baggage with Emirates Manage Booking:

Please refer to the weight limits for checked and carry-on allowance on the official Emirates Booking website to add more luggage. If you need more baggage, you can pay the extra baggage fee online, 20% less than the airport. Before flying, please check the baggage rules and regulations available on the website.

Specific Guidelines for Manage Booking with Emirates:

  • If any of the changes are subject to a certain amount of fee, then you have to pay for it. 
  • If you need to change or cancel your flights in the emirates airlines booking manage section, you have to process it within 24 hours of the booking to avoid any change or cancellation fees.
  • If you change or cancel after 24 hours of the initial booking, you have to pay a certain amount of fee.
  • Using the Emirates Airlines Manage booking option, one can view, print, or check their itinerary.
  • You can also update your contact details and use Skymiles upgrades.

Once you process the Manage booking services and make changes to your flights, you can check your email, which you provided at the booking time, for a confirmation message. If you do not receive a confirmation message, you can contact the Emirates Airlines manage Booking number to confirm your modifications.

Other Emirates Airlines Manage Booking Benefits

Order special meals

You can order special meals at any time within 24 hours prior to your flight’s departure. Special meals in the menu include vegetarian, Jewish, vegan, Hindu, Jain, etc. However, due to religious opinions, the food will be alcohol-free.

Upgrade your seat

Manage Bookinh service of Emirates Airlines allows passengers to change seats up to 36 hours before departure. Basic fare holders may be required to pay a change fee.

Add a hotel or car rental

Due to discounts and discounts, airlines also provide passengers with the option of adding accommodation and transportation at discounted prices.

Book a private Chauffer service

Emirates is known for its high-quality service, which makes it easy to add a sense of luxury to travel.

View your itinerary details

Manage booking helpdesk also allow passengers to view, email, or print the details of their flight itinerary. Passengers can easily view flight details and modify bookings.

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How do I talk to a real person at Emirates Airlines?

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Emirates Airlines FAQs

Checking the PNR status of Emirates airlines is simple and easy. You just need to visit the official Emirates Airlines manage Booking page on their website and provide the required details. The page will ask you to enter the Booking reference number with the First and last name as per the ticket in the designated fields. Further, you can select the “Retrieve Booking” option to view the flight details and make certain changes.

The change flight fee on Emirates booking depends on the passenger’s travel class, flight route, and fare type. Generally, passengers need to pay USD 75 to USD 200 for changing an Economy class flight. However, Business Class passengers need to pay between 300 USD – 400 USD fees. In contrast, the First Class passengers have to pay within a fee ranging between 350 USD to 450 USD for changing. Only Flex fare. passengers can make changes without a charge.

Emirates Airlines allows you to check-in for a maximum of 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure of your flight. The check-in window opens at that time and closes 90 minutes before the flight’s departure. Therefore, each passenger having an e-ticket can check-in online using this service. However, the airline won’t allow you online check-in if your first flight is with another airline instead of Emirates.

Emirates airlines always try to keep you and your families together and therefore ensure to provide adjacent seats onboard. However, to confirm that you will be sitting together, you can select seats before the check-in time.  Furthermore, when the children traveling together with adults want to choose seats, they can do so prior to the check-in time window opening. Besides, the airline will allow them a 50 percent discount on the seat selection.

If you are a Skywards member on Emirates traveling on First Class seats, you can enjoy free Wi-Fi onboard. Besides, Platinum members traveling in Emirates Busines cabin can also use this free Wi_fi service. But to ensure you enjoy this free Wi-fi, you must add your Skywards membership number with your booking at least 24 hours prior to the departure.

The Emirates Flex fares authorize travelers to get refunds or flight changes at 200 USD each. Furthermore, their refunds are 400 USD for their Business Flex fare before the flight’s departure. Also, they charge $1,000 after departure. This means if you make any changes to Business Flex or First Flex tickets, you must pay 400 USD each.

Passengers can create their own playlist of movies, podcasts, TV shows, etc., on the Emirates app. They have over 1000s choices for each of them. Besides, once you board the flight, you can sync your playlist with your seatback TV. Resultantly, you enjoy multiple hours of laughter, excitement, and thrills. Also, you can cherish the onboard entertainment with ease.

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