Use Qatar Airways Booking to Manage Your Itineraries easily.

Do you want to alter your itinerary? Are you having a flight booking with Qatar Airways and now wish to enhance your experience? Get all your answers with Qatar Airways Booking and improve your air travel. Qatar Airways is regarded as one of the leading air carriers in Qatar and preferred by most travelers. It is generally known for its world-class customer services and luxurious facilities. 

After processing their Qatar Airways booking, if the passengers wish for any modification to their travel plan, they can easily do it with the help of the manage booking section available on the Qatar Airways Official website.

Qatar airways manage booking

How can I Manage my Qatar Airways Booking ?

After you book your flight online or offline, Qatar Airways Booking is usually a vital flight service that gives you the chance to grab the most exciting offers and easily manage your flights. Here are the steps which you can follow to manage your flight booking with Qatar Airways.

Steps to manage your booking with Qatar

  • Firstly visit the official booking website for Qatar Airways and login into your account with the correct credentials.
  • Go to the Qatar Airways Manage my Booking tab and enter your booking reference number with the last name on the ticket to retrieve your booked flights.
  • Now select the flight which you wish to manage and click on the modify button.
  • Choose from one of these available options
    • Add excess baggage
    • Change/cancel your flights
    • Seat selection
    • Request extra seat
    • Add meals
    • Make special service requests
    • Request refunds
    • Add more passengers to the booking
    • Change the date, name, or contact information on the flight.
  • Now enter all the relevant booking information and manage your flight booking comfortably.
  • After you complete this task, you’ll receive a confirmation message on your given contact information.

Various Qatar Airways with Qatar Airways?

There are times when we need to make some changes to our flights or add something to our itinerary to improve the overall flight experience. If you also have some issues or entered any wrong information during the booking process, you can simply browse the Qatar Airways online booking section and make some alterations. Here is a list of various services offered on the manage booking page.

Review your flight and itinerary plan

The very first and essential benefit of the Qatar Airways manage booking section is that you can review your flight plan and view the details included in your itinerary. To accomplish this task, all you have to do is visit the official website, go to the My trips/check-in section, and view their flight details by logging in with correct information. They can even print out an e-ticket.

Change your flights with Qatar Airways manage booking.

Unexpected situations lead us to take comprehensive measures. That’s why in case of emergencies or unavoidable conditions we need to change our already made booking. You can change your flights easily with the Qatar Airways manage My booking option. You just have to submit your relevant details and follow the instructions to make specific changes. You can change the date, time, and day of your flight by visiting the official Qatar Airways website.

Steps to change your flight with Qatar Airways

  • Visit the official website for Qatar Airways and look for the manage booking option.
  • Enter the My trips section and submit your e-ticket confirmation number with your last name to access your flight details.
  • Now choose the change or cancel flight option and continue with the change flight procedure.
  • Follow the instructions given on the screen and change your flight booking.
  • Specific flight changes incur a change fee that you have to clear before confirming your itinerary changes.
  • After the payment is clear, make sure you receive a confirmation message on the given contact information.

Select a seat in advance

The airline allows its passengers to choose their seats before boarding. Passengers can choose a seat while they Manage Qatar Airways Booking or during the time of check-in. They just need to follow the same manage booking procedure mentioned above and choose the “Select your seats” option once they hit the modify button. After that, they can select a preferred seat for their next Qatar Airways flight by following the screen’s instructions.

Request for Special Services

If passengers want to request meals and assistance for passengers with disabilities, they can use the Qatar Airways booking section. They can even choose to contact their phone number and talk to an agent requesting these services. 

Passengers can use any of the above options to manage their flights with Qatar. The Manage Booking section of the Qatar Airways website also includes many other services, such as renting a car or booking a hotel, buying luggage, using lounges, etc.

Experience unprecedented luxury with Qatar Airways?

Change your onboard flight and experience the luxurious range of Qatar Airways booking Business or First Class. You can sit back and relax and enjoy a completely flat bed, award-winning service, delicious food on demand, and a wealth of entertainment options. Upgrade your journey from economy class to premium class and make your travel experience on Qatar Airways unforgettable.

Book a Qatar Airways Seat Upgrade

Explore the many ways you can book upgrades through us. Upgrades can be reserved a few days before departure, subject to availability. When you manage your booking or check-in online (if applicable to your journey), upgrade offers will be displayed.

Use Mobile Apps for a seat upgrade.

Download the mobile app of Qatar Airways and use “My Trip” to include your upcoming journey on your personalized dashboard. This will ensure that you receive any upgrade offers from Qatar Airways that apply to your journey

Use QMiles for a better option

Redeem the Qmiles or Qcredits you deserve when you upgrade to Business Class or First Class. You can either speak to an Airline agent or use the Qcalculator for checking the number of Qmiles needed for redeeming the available seat upgrade for your next trip.

If you still have issues contact the Qatar Airways booking department and obtain the necessary information with the help of their manage booking helpdesk.

Qatar Airways FAQs

Yes absolutely. You can change your return date on Qatar Airways without any hassles. This is possible using the Qatar Airways Manage booking service in the manage my booking section online. You can make all the necessary alterations to your flight booking without moving a inch at your homes. Furthermore, you will evenm receive a confirmation from the airline end.

If you wish to make a flight change or modify the date of your booking, you can do it for free within 24 hours of initial booking time. Else, the airline will charge you around 100 USD to 125 USD on making the change without any solid reasons. However, they have waived off this flight change fee for everyone during COVID-19 pandemic. Henceforth, the flight change is absolyutely free for the Qatar Airliways passengers.

If you wish to connect with an airline expert at Qatar Airways customer service, you can dial 877-777-2827 or . on the phone and wait. The phone line will connect you to a live agent who will guide you with anything you need without any second thoughts.

Suppose Qatar Airways Booking is canceled by the airline, you are eligible for a full refund without any penalty or charges. And to claim this refund, you can fill the refund request form. For this open the manage booking section and select refund. After that, fill in your details. Resultingly the airline will process the refund amount to your original payment form. 

yes the airline will provide blankets to every of the passenger onboard with them. Besides this, the Qatar Airways attendant will also offer a pillow to each of the member. Henceforth, you can be comfortable onboard and also don’t need to carry a blanket or a pillow with them for travel related purpose.

To confirm your flight,

  • Enter the Manage Flight Booking menu and select the Seat Selection option.
  • After that, click on Modify seat selection and modify your seats.
  • Otherwise, review the seats you selected and continue.


You can also select your seat while performing the online check-in. This method is available starting 72 hours prior to the flight’s departure. And the window will close 90 minutes earlier from the scheduled departure.

The maximum baggage weight permitted by Qatar Airways is 32 Kg. Therefore, the baggage requirement can not exceed this amount. Suppose your luggage exceeds this limit as you can not change your luggage size. In that case, you need to pay the excess baggage charges to ensure you take the luggage with you.

There are three choices of main course meals on Qatar Airways booking in economy class. You can choose any of them as per your choice. You can get infused focaccia bread, a side salad, fresh fruits and a dessert option. Furthermore, there is also a vegan meal choice where you can get vegetarian bean croquet which they seve with tomato sauce and rice.

Superb Flight with Qatar

Rated 5 out of 5
May 6, 2022

The flight from Bangkok was perfect with Qatar Airlines Booking, with the airline stewards looking after me with the utmost care. For starters, they offered me alternative seats that provided extra legroom when they saw my agony due to my long legs, It was an 8-hour layover in Doha, which I requested, so I could sleep in the airport, and get breakfast in the air lounge. I was very pleased with the service provided during my flight. It was my very first flight with Qatar Airways and hopefully a beginning to a new preferential choice while flying.

Bailee Denton

Manage Airlines Booking is the BEST!!

Rated 5 out of 5
March 9, 2022

I was scrolling the internet around and searching for options to book and Qatar airways booking. And I landed on this amazing website This was my first time using the Manage Airlines Booking service but I enjoyed the flight booking that I had made with them. They offered me all the options to relish my journey and the flight crew was as good as my airline was. So, I recommend everyone must book flights with them. Their on-call agent may guide you about everything you need to know. Hence, you can ensure a perfect vacation.

Serena Williams
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