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Have you confirmed your flight booking on Volaris Airlines and want to change it now? Then, without delay, use the “Volaris Airlines Manage Booking” option to easily modify your existing booking. Volaris knows that changes are normal, which is why it provides this manage booking function to make certain changes to your booking. Allows you to make any type of changes without extra effort.


Volaris is one of the leaders in the aviation industry, and it provides a large number of services to make your journey easy and worry-free. One such facility is the “Volaris Manage Booking” facility, which passengers can use to change their current reservations. Choose the My Trip option to modify your booking without any extra effort.

Volaris airlines manage booking

Guide for Using Volaris Airlines Manage Booking option

Basically, making changes to the current booking is called managing the booking, and you can use this modification to change the booking according to your preferences. Passengers can efficiently manage their Volaris bookings through various options provided by the airline. On the official website, you only need to click on the My Trips tab and enter your details on the Volaris Airlines Manage my booking section to access your existing purchase history. Here are the steps to manage your booking online.

How to use the manage Booking process?

  • Visit the official website for Volaris Airlines and access their My Trips Tab.
  • After you enter the manage booking section, submit the details such as your booking ID and last name in the relevant fields.
  • Click on the Manage your flight button and proceed to view the available manage booking options.
  • Choose one of the available services and follow the on-screen instructions to make the desired changes.
  • Pay for the service if required and confirm

Once you complete the Volaris Airlines Manage booking online process, the airline will send you a confirmation email with your updated details on it.

Check-in for your Volaris Airlines flight booking online

Volaris Airline online also allows online check-in 24 hours before departure. You can check in for your Volaris Airlines booking online and obtain a boarding pass  by following some rules and guidelines that may vary by airport and country/region.


Volaris Airlines allows passengers to check in online 24 hours before departure. You can use Volaris Airline’s simple process to print boarding passes and e-tickets. Use your Volaris airlines booking reference or ticket code number and first and last name (as per your e-ticket) or use your frequent flyer account on Volaris airline to find your flight itinerary. Volaris airline online check-in is the easiest and fastest way to check in for your Volaris airline flight, whether domestic or foreign. You can now check in via the Internet on the official website of Volaris Airlines and directly check in for Volaris Airlines. Passengers can directly call the airline customer service number. You can use the special features of Volaris Airlines to speed up the regular check-in process.

You can easily print your boarding pass at the airport self-service check-in counter of Volaris Airlines. Just call Volaris Air’s toll-free number to manage your Volaris Airline flight bookings and Volaris Airline flight itineraries. The airline will also send your electronic boarding pass to your registered email ID.

Services and benefits of Volaris Manage Booking Helpdesk

Know the baggage policies

With the help of this fantastic service of Volaris Manage booking, passengers can know about the airlines’ baggage policies. They can obtain all the required luggage information with the excess luggage restrictions and sports equipment rules. They just need to visit the official website for Volaris airlines and request the baggage information for their respective travel class. 

Add special dietary meals to the itinerary.

Volaris airlines have a brilliant choice of meals and other dining options on their flights with drinks and beverages. But they are not always complimentary. Passengers can choose their own type of meal from the available flight menu and add it easily to their itinerary with the help of the Volaris flight manage booking service. The airline offers you various choices at a very minimum fare. So eating your favorite dish onboard will not be an issue.

Get the payment options and details.

Volaris Airlines is a big name in the airline business. Thus it offers various facilities to the passengers. With various online services, it also allows a passenger to choose from multiple available options of payment. They can simply use the Volairs Airlines Booking website to open the necessary payment information and check which one they can use.

Change your itinerary and schedules.

Change in plans? Change your flight then! You can simply use the  Volaris Airlines Manage booking facility to change your flight schedule. You just need to visit the official website of Volaris airlines to access your flight booking. After accessing, you can submit new details and pay a fare difference and a change fee if required. On completing this service, you’ll receive a confirmation email at your given address from Volaris airlines stating your new itinerary.

Volaris Name Change Service

With this Volaris Airlines Manage Booking service, you can choose to change the name of the ticket 4 hours before the flight departure. To get it, you must call the call center and pay the corresponding fee, and then the agent will change the requested name. After purchasing the ticket, please confirm that your details are correct. Please ensure that the appearance is the same as that shown on the travel document for international flights.

 For international flights

The service is not available in the following situations:

    • You have signed in.
    • You have purchased a flight using Volaris electronic points.
    • Your flight has started, but part of it has not appeared.
    • You want to change an adult ticket to a minor or unaccompanied senior ticket.