Make a Flight Change, Reschedule, or Rebook: Use Westjet Manage Booking

Did you just make a booking with WestJet? Are you having trouble accessing the booking details? Westjet has been committed to low-cost carriers unit since its establishment, and till now, it hasn’t been any different. Being an airline that serves over 100 destinations across the globe, Westjet always ensures that the passengers are never in disappointment. Therefore, to solve the issues faced by passengers, the airline has introduced the Westjet manage booking service. This option helps the passengers to make the necessary changes to their flight bookings without compromising their whole wallet balance. 

Moreover, if a passenger needs to make changes in their schedule or request an extra seat onboard, they can simply do it online. Besides, WestJet manage booking online function will help you even to obtain boarding passes before the departure date. Read more and find out the basic benefits that this service offers and know more about the manage booking process.

How to manage flights with the Westjet Manage Booking service?

Once you have used the WestJet book a flight feature, you are ready to go through the rest of the booking procedures. The very next step is to review the airline’s baggage policy and check-in to receive an e-boarding pass. There are two ways to perform this action: Contact an Airline representative or visit the website’s manage booking section. And if you don’t know how you can manage your flights yet! Let us explain the procedure in detail:

Westjet Manage Booking Online

To initiate the online manage booking process, 

  • Firstly, open your preferred web browser and locate the official website of WestJet booking to review your flight reservations.
  • Now find the airline’s My Trips/ Manage Booking option and log in to view your existing flights. You can log in using your Westjet account or flight ticket number and name(booking passenger information).
  • Now select the flight by matching the code on your tucket and choose one of the manage booking options available on the list.
  • Now click on the policy to review the action you will be making and continue to follow the on-screen instructions, and complete the change you are trying to make.
  • Note that some changes may include a certain charge or fee that you have to clear before confirming the flight modification. Also, before proceeding, you must know that only the eligible passengers can make changes to their reservations. So they must check the eligibility for change.
  • After the payment is complete, you will receive a confirmation email stating your changes to your email address on the ticket.

Thus, you can manage WestJet booking without any hassles online. But this is not the only way. You can also get in touch with the airline representatives to manage your flight booking. Read on and find out how to manage WestJet bookings via call.

Manage Westjet Booking over the Call

If you do not have a clear idea of using the online methods to modify your flights, don’t worry. The airline allows you to even perform basic modifications offline. In that case, you do not need to use the Westjet airlines manage my booking service from the website. However, you can simply find the contact number of their customer service team and speak to an airline professional. The airline agents will provide you with support for every issue. 

Furthermore, you only need to provide the agent with your basic booking information, and they will offer you assistance throughout the process. The agents will change your flight for you, make your seat booking, inform you about the baggage policies, and much more. Besides, you can also check more services that the Westjet manage booking options offer to the passengers.

How does Westjet manage booking service helps?

What do you need help with? Do you want a new seat or wish to change your flight date? Or did you enter your name incorrectly and now wish to make changes? Do not worry about anything since Westjet manage booking service will be of great help. You can make almost all desired changes to your flight using this service. However, you have to confirm your eligibility before initiating the change. Here are some of the major facilities or services offered by the manage booking department of Westjet.

  • Reserve, select, or change your seats, also request seat upgrades.
  • Book, reschedule, change, rebook or cancel your flights.
  • View, update, or delete your booking itinerary.
  • Change the date or name on the ticket.
  • Add meals, drinks, or other beverages to your booking.
  • Review the details and booking history, also check the booking receipt for the current flight reservation.

Where can I find my Ticket number on Westjet?

Firstly, you should know that a ticket number is a 13-digit number which helps the airline to identify that you were the one who bought this flight ticket. The simplest way to locate your flight ticket number is via your e-ticket receipt or boarding pass. If you have a boarding pass after the web check-in process, you can simply look in the middle of the boarding pass. The number is printed beneath the “ELECTRONIC/ ELECTRONIQUE” option on this E-pass.

However, if you have an e-ticket receipt, you can find the ticket number on it directly. If you book online, you must know that WestJet issues electronic trip information with attached receipts. And, you can see this in the email from Westjet after you complete your flight booking. If you did not receive an email, you could review your flight booking by calling the Westjet manage booking number. The agents will be available over the call regardless of the time and help make certain changes to your flights if necessary.

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